7 Simple Steps to Discover your deepest passion


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7 Simple Steps to Discover Your Deepest Passion and Build a Global Brand

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7 Simple Steps to Discover your deepest passion

  1. 1. 7 Simple Steps toDiscover Your Deepest Passion Dr Amit Nagpal Global Success Coach and India’s Personal Branding Pioneer www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  2. 2. "Youve got to find what you love. And that isas true for your work as it is for your lovers.Your work is going to fill a large part of yourlife, and the only way to be truly satisfied isto do what you believe is great work. And theonly way to do great work is to love what youdo. If you havent found it yet, keep looking.Dont settle. As with all matters of the heart, youll knowwhen you find it. And, like any greatrelationship, it just gets better and better asthe years roll on. So keep looking until youfind it. Dont settle." Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer
  3. 3.  The Hindi film „3 Idiots‟ has introduced Indian masses to the concept of passion and its correlation with success. In fact once I jokingly wrote on Facebook, “Times change and so do meanings. After the release of the film 3 Idiots in India, my students are proudly claiming "Yes, I am an Idiot, Proud to be....“www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  4. 4.  Make a list of all the hobbies and activities, you feel passionate about or you enjoy doing. Write all the activities without evaluation.Step 1www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  5. 5.  Shortlist these activities and separate the 3-5 activities which make you really immersed and make you forget everything.Step 2www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  6. 6.  Take a personality/career test, if possible. A popular example is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test.Step 3www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  7. 7. Ask yourself these questions. Have you won any awards, contests, competitions etc in any of the shortlisted activities? Do you love to read and find out more and more about a particular subject? What makes you curious?Step 4www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  8. 8.  Do your SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) Analysis. Ask people for your strengths and take suggestions from them. Match the strengths which you have (in your opinion) with the strengths suggested by close friends and family members. Shortlist which are common to both.Step 5www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  9. 9.  Match the shortlisted activities with shortlisted strengths. Which are the activities where you can apply your core strengths?Step 6www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  10. 10.  Remember the magic formula PPP or Triple P viz. Passion, Persistence and Patience. Remember to enjoy the journey and don‟t focus too much on reaching the destination. Be persistent and have patience, results will surely come.Step 7www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  11. 11. When you have found your true passion, you will feel amazing excitement feel as if you are bursting with energy you will get fully immersed in work, lose track of the world and time and your output shall be world class or outstanding In case of obstacles take the assistance of a coach to learn how to use your sub- conscious mind www.dramitnagpal.co.in
  12. 12.  “Those who wake up each morning with work to accomplish and a mission to fulfill are the happiest people of all. Please exert yourselves vigorously with the determination to live each day to the fullest so that you may compose a golden diary of life.” Dr Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhist Teacher “For living a life of worthiness, one doesnt need to know what the world needs. . . One needs to know what is that one thing which makes you come alive and you just go do it. You will find the answer to what world needs i.e. it needs people who have come alive.” Nauman SheikhAre You Ready?www.dramitnagpal.co.in