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Social media monitoring

  1. 1. Social Media Monitoring- An Overview What is Social Media Monitoring? Social Media Monitoring is one of the newest tools that is considered to be tailor made for brand managers who use it thoroughly for more than one purposes. Social Media Monitoring is a simple concept that can be widely used by brands around nations to monitor their online activities and track their mentions on the web. Monitoring is all about knowing what your users are talking about you and what their view point is with respect to you. SocialAppsHQ is one such Social Media platform that provides a comprehensive monitoring tool to keep a track of your audience as well as your competitors. What can you do with Social Media Monitoring? Social Media Monitoring provides you with many useful features that can be easily integrated and assessed. There is a lot that can be done in lieu of a brand with this concept. In times to come it can be considered as an essential weapon to understand the status of a brand and its future prospects as well. Things that social media monitoring allows you to do are; 1. Tab on Competitors Every brand manager’s dream is to be able to keep a check on the growth pattern and rate of its competitors, to be able to know what strategies they are using and what effect do they have on their audience. Monitoring tool incorporates such features wherein you can now keep a tab on your competitors and their activities. By inserting proper and appropriate keywords one can get valuable insights on their competitors and also what the users have to say about them. It helps a brand manager to take advantage of all negative comments and think strategically for all the positive ones. It is easy to study and analyse a competitor and keep a check on him thoroughly.
  2. 2. 2. Sentiments Analysing comments and posts on the web using monitoring tools is easy but at the same time it requires a lot of patience to go through each and every mention. For this very reason many tools have provided an option of sentiments incorporated within the detailed search based on the keywords put into it. These tools demarcate all the comments as positive, negative or neutral depending on the comments, this makes it comfortable for brand managers to analyse the statements and derive useful information from them. 3. Analysis Measurement of all the activities that a brand manager does, to ensure that his brand is able to garner more views on social media can be gauged and analysed using the monitoring tools. Analysis is achieved in the form of Sentiments, Alerts, Chatter graphs, mentions by streams, geography and an overall view of every campaign that you run.
  3. 3. Inserting effective and correct keyword(s) will generate a full detailed analysis on the brand across the web, with sentiments and graphs that will provide manager insights that will help him to a varied extent.
  4. 4. The analysis is provided in textual and graphical format that will ensure a better understanding of the entire scenario. 4. Performance Measure How exciting it will be if a brand is able to actually see its success rate climb up with every social media campaign and more people talking about your brand. Using social media monitoring a brand manager can measure the performance of the campaign effectively which can be displayed graphically. A manager can easily understand the days when his marketing activities on the social media platform caused the graph to rise and days when they were low. Performance measuring allows a manager to be assess his own
  5. 5. activities and bring out better ideas for the brand. Monitoring can actually provide insights on the growth pattern in different social media platforms. 5. Alerts Social Media Monitoring provides very useful alerts about a brand’s increase or decrease in social media chatter. Alerts are in the form of e-mail alerts. A manager needs to set up particular points when he wants to be notified about any noteworthy changes in his brand profile, social media monitoring tools send mails which are for the use of managers to derive information that is of great use. What benefits can be derived from Social Media Monitoring? As stated above Social Media Monitoring is used for a number of purposes and has enhanced the usability factor of the social media. Social monitoring provides much benefits that can be enjoyed by its users largely. 1. Pace with competitors Keeping a check on the competitors is a merit that no other concept on the social media provides. Not only an analysis on your own brand but monitoring allows you to analyse your competition. This helps to brands to walk along with the competitors or at times
  6. 6. ahead of them. It enables brands to maintain a pace with its counterparts and look out for strategies to surpass them. 2. Better insights The monitoring tool aims at providing valuable insights to brands as discussed above. These are not only useful but also provide managers with ideas and a more detailed and planned course of action for the next few months. 3. Manage customers When a brand manager gets to know that there are users who are not happy with the services that their brand is offering, (by analysing the sentiments) they can directly approach them and try to solve their issues. Also, loyal users can be maintained and ensured that they do not leave the brand and always have something good to say about it. 4. Crisis Management Analysing the comments and posts thoroughly, chances of any issues arising with respect to the brand can be easily detected and solved at the very first instant. Managers can easily prevent any kind of crisis and ensure a smooth functioning of the brand. What overall impact does Social Media Monitoring have? A boon for every brand, social media monitoring allows a brand to assess their success rates as well as their competitor’s success rates. Every dream a brand manager has ever seen for its brand can be fulfilled by the efficient and effective use of practices and techniques of online monitoring. It is a concept that defines the future of social media and is a must have for all growing and established brands. source : an-overview/