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  1. Envisage Infinitive The Futuristic Business &Integrated Marketing Model offers tangible intangible Products, one of the product is futuristic marcom tool ever Out dates, beats Block Chain, Crypto Beats Boston Matrix
  2. Mission& Vision Statement Envisage infinitive is a futuristic marketing, business model, when applied will offer quite a few promising futuristic tangible and intangible products that are in its product line ,all ready to be manufactured and produced, wrapped in unbeatable strategies and ace marcom plans making it robust yet transparent, offers a very cost effective problem solving solutions in the form of products and models to rejuvenate the dying trade i.e. Marketing ,stimulates sales process. As competitors may start either joining our integrated business, marketing or else competing with us, One of its features is a twister like tangible marketing and e credit tool that will suck the finance , funds , data ,acquire clientele, customers enable effective tailored individual consumer research and consumer behavior for its integrated business in the global market, will out date and sweep any competition like block chain, crypto, organic food, offers slice that will beat the debentures, bonds, bit coin, shares and stocks, creating value and a win-win B2B,B2C,C2C situation ,finally developing in to a worlds largest Integrated business magnet, generating the worlds “highest revenue” yielding business in only a decades time. Envisage infinitive has a promising cutting edge over its competition and its tool “Bestie”has no competition globally.
  3. Market & Industry Environment My market research says after 2007 the world experienced the worst economic recession, couldn’t recover ,ever since, on USA pumped in trillions of dollars in to the market yet failed to recover ,on top of that the pandemic crashed the market again. Current war situation in Ukraine and the shortage of coal in India, coal imp[orts from Indonesia are two factors which are going to increase the over heads in all industries and sectors. Only a few cash cows i.e. Fmcg and semi durables are doing well and have a scope, The rest of the business, companies are either question marks or plough Horse. According to Microsoft's survey there are 749 million Internet users in India making it the second largest internet using country in the world,744million people access internet through mobile phones. China is the biggest, Europe after Asia has second largest mobile internet users. Americans can’t think of a life without mobile phone and internet after 15 years of age. This post pandemic period is going to be really a fierce rat race as we all been scavenging, sales forces going to be like hungry sharks and the job seekers like piranas, as life goes back to normal, creating a huge push like a Tsunami but only for cash cows as stars for now are out of question. Too much of sales and marketing all mostly unwanted products &services is a turnoff for the people therefore there is a dare need for this tool designed and based upon”Marcom &sales at customers anticipation”
  4. Them Industries and sectors. Three years down the line Fmcg and semi durable market is going to double, Ten years down the line Robotics, Electric cars and Ai going to be next big thing and the companies will be launching there Incrementally innovative products. Our company 7 years down the line will be the largest and will be Generating the highest revenue, which we can Leverage in to any of the products from our wide unbeatable tangible and intangible incrementally innovative product Line. Our Incrimentally intangible Product has no Competitor's how ever closest competition would be,, flip cart face book e money transfer aps like paypal, Deliveroo, zomato, grofers,blinit,borzo Paytm, apple pay, Google pay, yono but because
  5. Product Insight and composition Based on my research, Contemporary marketing isn’t working at all reason behind it is incremental and denomination marketing, besides targeted segments complain about too much of marketing and have gone immune to it. Therefore I came up with Envisage Infinitive’s “Bestie” a marcom app that will revolutionize marketing and advertising for ever, making it Efficacious, cost effective. We are targeting 5 billion Internet users globally ,offering them best Deals , sales, Discounts , cash backs , integrated gift vouchers, Win a prize offers, introductory sales, Clearance sales and many more at their own online and offline anticipation in their selected demography globally and we are going to offer both online ,offline businesses and companies Free advertising on our app, only charging them a dollar at point of sales . we will also offer full fledged marketing to those businesses for very minimal charge and push our marketing plans, Once launched in the clusters markets, we will then add more features to our app such as book keeping feature,final accounts,fund flow cash flow,money transfer etc beating the block Chain.
  6. Bestie is a marcom app idea that is based on envisage infinitive the business and marketing model that out dates and beats block chain, crypto, Block chain is a decentralized ledger in the net that allows you come up with auditing,b2b 2c database and finance where as we have it all in our Marcom app and will have no bills or liabilities , and will build a global data base beating the block chain very limited advertizing supply chain, inventories etc, doesn't have any b2c element and relies on crypto to build a b2 c data base and generate revenue, what if I told you face book uses more complex technology than block chain ,would you believe that, well that’s what it is ”Bestie” is going to provide you all with full fledged marketing, advertising, in later stage auditing, inventories supply chain and all and completely wipe out any other competition like web 3,saas marketing, block chain and crypto
  7. Value Preposition& key products/service and Differentiation The differentiation we been using none of the mentioned competitors have the intangible products i.e. the service we intend to provide as we are a marcom tool with incremental innovation and radical differentiation none of the above are even close. Initially our incrementally intangible product is going to be the highest grossor,we therefore will leverage the finances it will raise towards implementing Envisage infinitive model And continue launching our incrementally innovative products till we grow to the largest in the world level.
  8. There are no such tools in the global market yet providing a maximum free strategically and intricately Designed and compiled lucrative marcom solutions through our tool and very cost effective marcom Plans to promote their products service and help create a brand, this service comes with radical and Incrementally innovative differentiation. Our product idea and the model beats Boston matrix as it only requires a cash cow investment and will give incredibly high returns in a fast moving market. Distribution: its going be a direct distribution as well as indirect distribution the tool can be downloaded through our service providing portals and partners if any.
  9. Business Strategy •Customer, client acquisition, revenue generation through our marcom tool. Continuous incremental, radical innovation to beat the competition. •Leveraging it to launch other products in the pipe line. •Competing, outdating exhausting our competitors and Acquiring them. •Coming up with joint ventures, mergers for our integrated business. •Finally leveraging part of the revenue generated towards our business and marketing model Envisage Infinitive ,adopting franchising and licensing strategies to further expand and convert our business in to worlds highest revenue generating business in a decade.
  10. Marketing Plan Direct marketing: Digital marketing,FB live,not FB adverts,google, yahoo adverts other portal such as Assign MBA ,BBA,BBM students to do the direct marketing one on one and groups in popular Public places and businesses, help us acquire clients, b2b,b2c,c2c. Atl once we successfully launch our btl campaign, when its in the middle we do the BTL We got to do it all before the other substitutes and digital platforms start coping us, we want market advantage of being first in the market, we will keep using incremental and Radical innovation to beat the competitions differentiation each and every time. We let our service be free to all our clients and customers we acquire. Yearly Lucky in all demography draw for the users, university scholarships all over cash back, cash prize, gift hamper cards, free air tickets and hotel room for 2 lucky customers to Goa, Rome, Switzerland, UK, Paris, Montnigro,Turkey,Greece,Cyprus British Columbia, Australia, Shimla. keeping it a secret where and how we make money…the answer is at the point of sales… that’s only a hint.
  11. Competition Initially there is no competition to our incrementally innovative differentiation Soon after our launch our substitutes and the digital marketing platforms will try and copy us WE being the first and our strength is our strategies will always out date any competition and Come out as a winner !
  12. Yearly Re Occurring, operational ,maintenance, tech backhands and sales force And Estimated re occurring expenses or costs 100,000$ total sum of initial cost =45,00,00 USD Estimated financials Developing a marcom tool app would cost approximately : 100,000 USD Global BTL plan ,i.e. direct marketing & sales plan would cost : 100,000 USD Global ATL plan would cost approximately : 150,000 USD
  13. Bailing out Strategies Just incase Investors feel like bailing out any time after an year with a profit as after traction The tool sales would generate profits making diversification profitable at all them stages even During developing our marcom and credit tool. Its A scalable business and a model which will revolutionize Marcom &Marketing for ever. Management team So far been one man army Proposed President Amit kapoor Email : Phone : +918894569555

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  1. Deliveroo,zomato,grofers,blinit,borzo