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About Shared Value Initiative India


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Shared Value Initiative India connects the business and community leaders towards defining the practice of shared value in India. This initiative is committed to bringing forward the realization, understanding, adoption and implementation of the best practices for creating shared value among the companies, civil society and government organizations in India, thereby accelerating the economic and social progress towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

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About Shared Value Initiative India

  1. 1. Shared Value Initiative India
  2. 2. Shared Value Initiative India Shared Value Initiative India is the regional partner of the Shared Value Initiative Institute for Competitiveness, India • An independent, international initiative centred in India, dedicated to enlarging and disseminating the body of research and knowledge on competition and strategy, pioneered over the last 25 years by Professor M.E. Porter of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School (ISC, HBS), USA • Conducts and supports indigenous research, offers academic and executive courses, and provides advisory services to the corporate set-ups and the governments • Studies competition and its implications for company strategy; the competitiveness of nations, regions & cities Shared Value Initiative (SVI) • A global community of leaders who find business opportunities in societal challenges. • The Initiative was announced as a Commitment to Action for the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in 2012. • Connects practitioners in search of the most effective ways to implement shared value using the shared value framework pioneered by Professor Michael Porter and Mr. Mark Kramer • Enables a platform for the companies, civil society organizations, and governments to redefine capitalism by leveraging the power of market-based competition in addressing social problems. Objective To bring the realization, understanding, adoption and implementation of the best practices for creating shared value among the organizations operating in India, thereby accelerating the economic and social progress towards a more equitable and sustainable India.
  3. 3. Shared Value Initiative India • A non-profit undertaking that aims to influence the change in focus and approach of the organizations & institutions in India towards responsible business practices • The initiative intends to be a non-partisan, non-governmental organization and is not intended to be a lobbying group • Embraces shift towards a legitimate way of making profits by creating awareness among companies, civil society, and government organizations to leverage the power of market based competition in addressing social problems • Community of corporate CXOs, government, media, investors, academic communities and civil society leaders committed to the redefinition of capitalism towards finding business opportunities in societal challenges thereby leading to future prosperity of all Indians Sustainable Growth Serve Survive
  4. 4. Activities & Engagements Workshops & Programs Summits & Events Shared Value Index Shared Value Enterprise Shared Value Professional Certification • Organizing Summit and Events to bring together business thinkers and leaders across industries to put forward the adoption of the shared value concept • Organizing programs & workshops on shared value. • The award recognizes companies contributing to the society by incorporating shared value initiatives in their business models. The best ones get awarded via Porter Prize for creating shared value • Endorsing companies who createa large scale impact on society through shared value enterprise • Professionals & firms from across the world that are trained to provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments and civil society organizations through shared value professional certification • Shared value index will measure financial performance of companies relative to the social progress created by their activities Porter Prize on CSV
  5. 5. • Shared Value Initiative India recognizes the organisations that are using shared value activities in their business models and bringing a positive change in society • Organizations are awarded Porter Prize on Creating Shared Value • Winners of Porter Prize on CSV for the year 2015 • JSW Group • Jain Irrigation • Previous year winners • Hindustan Unilever Limited (2014) • Rallis India Limited (2013) • Godrej Group (2013) • Mother Dairy (2012) • ICICI Lombard (2012) Porter Prize on CSV
  6. 6. • Shared Value Enterprise (SVE) recognize companies that are creating economic and social impact through a profitable business model • An endorsement for companies that will highlight their corporate credibility in creating a positive impact on society • A shared value enterprise would be looked upon as change maker that many companies will look up to. • The endorsement will bring to fore that a company is acting as a force for good in society • The enterprises will be celebrated at the yearly Shared Value Summit in India • Companies will be accessed across the following parameters Business Inputs Social Outputs Social Outcomes Business Value Created • Business Inputs–Time devoted, Investments • Social Output – No. of people reached • Social Outcomes – Increase in economic stability of • Business Value Created – Revenue generated through activities, increase in market share. Shared Value Enterprise
  7. 7. How will we do it? Defining Shared Value for a organization Identification of Parameters Designing Questionnaires Assessing Questionnaires Recognizing Organization Stage 1 •Identification of companies creating a positive impact on the society Stage 2 •Eligible companies will be assessed across various parameters Stage 3 •Assessment of companies done by shared value experts at SVII Stage 4 •Based on the outcome of assessment, a company would be recognized as a Shared Value Enterprise • A well established approach will be used for recognition of enterprises as a shared value enterprise • There is a detailed process of assessment, and it begins once the company applies to become a shared value enterprise. The process will have various stages SVE - Methodology
  8. 8. Shared Value Professional Course • A consortium of professionals & independent consulting firms around the world will be trained to provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments and civil society organizations. • Professionals from companies would be selected, trained & certified in shared value by Shared Value Initiative India & Shared Value Initiative • The training program comprises of modules on shared value across industries and geographies , the client landscape, identification of shared value opportunities, initiative design, shared value measurement, and enterprise-level components of shared value strategy. • Aim is to advance the adoption and implementation of shared value strategy by Indian companies • Shared Value Professional Course will become an essential knowledge tool for professionals and firms in India to create and implement shared value strategies • The key focus areas of the course will be: • Fundamentals of shared value • Ways to create shared value • Developing and Implementing a successful shared value strategy • Measuring the return on investments • Measuring the positive outcomes Shared Value Professional Certification
  9. 9. Shared Value Index • Shared Value Index will measure the shared value performance of companies • Evaluate companies on parameters that reflects the creation of shared value. Each company listed on the index will be assessed based on the parameters representing their shared value approaches • The index will consist of companies who have been making a positive change in society and measure their performance • Companies on the index will be evaluated on yearly basis and those who fail to show consistent progress may be removed. • The idea is that companies listed will outperform the index Step 1 Identification of Parameters Step 2 Data Collection Step 3 Measuring the Index Step 4 Analysing the Index Assessment Process for SV Index • Revenue Attributed • Geographical Coverage • Social Impact • Environmental Impact Assessment Parameters Shared Value Index
  10. 10. Partners Day • Shared Value Initiative India organized Partners Day on 19 November 2015 for its distinguished members and eminent advisors on the board • Top executives from member companies – Abbott, SealedAir, ReachScale, Mother Dairy, et al. participated for the partners day • Business thinkers and leaders like Justin Bakule, Executive Director – Shared Value Initiative, Rishi Agarwal, Director – Consulting Team at FSG, David Wilcox , Founder – ReachScale, Shelly Batra, Founder – Operation Asha, Jasraj Virdi, Associate Director - Corporate Citizenship at Abbott India Limited among others were present on the day • The key learning outcomes for the day were – • Tangible models of measurement are required to make shared value adoption a widespread phenomenon • There are different ways to create shared value across industries • Partnership with government and right kind of NGOs play a crucial role in effective implementation of shared value strategies • Shared value is about social and economic objectives going in tandem towards nation’s inclusive development • Technology & innovations are essential in development of non-exploitative business models that create a positive impact on society
  11. 11. The Shared Value Summit is the annual event for shared value practitioners and leaders who are looking at making a difference to the world through positive capitalistic business models. The event convenes the foremost thinkers from the field of shared value to discuss, deliberate and formulate action strategies. • The summit brought to fore the importance of shared value in India through extensive panel discussions and keynotes • Mark R. Kramer delivered the inaugural keynote throwing reflection on the shared value concept and different ways to create shared value • The chief guest, Shri Suresh Prabhu, Honourable Union Minister of Railways, Government of India, delivered a keynote relating the role of government and role of businesses in society • Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati blessed the summit that was followed by the keynote from Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati who linked spirituality & shared value • The event saw the presence of eminent business leaders and thinkers like Naina Lal Kidwai of HSBC, Suresh Narayan of Nestle, Geetu Verma of HUL, Siraj A Chaudhry of Cargill India, Himanshu Jain of Sealed Air, Justin Bakule of Shared Value Initiative, Sumantra Sen of JSW Foundation, Richie Ahuja of Environmental Defense Fund, Shelly Batra of Operation Asha, Susan Beverly of Abbott et al. Shared Value Summit 2015
  12. 12. Shared Value Summit 2015
  13. 13. • SVII will be launching two reports in the upcoming weeks • List of Enterprises creating a impact on society • State of Shared Value in India • The reports list the businesses that have creating a positive impact on society and discusses the state of shared value in India respectively • The launch of reports was announced at the Shared Value Summit 2015 • List of businesses creating a positive impact on society illustrates 21 organizations that are changing the way businesses looks at society and are addressing some of the most pressing challenges of the country. The list has been done in collaboration with The Hindu Business Line • The report on the state of shared value in India discusses the concept of shared value and different way in which it can be created • The report highlights examples of businesses in India that have found economic success by addressing needs of society Reports by SVII
  14. 14. Shared Value Initiative India email: