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  1. 1. Believe! Achieve! ExceedMonday AM Registration 5 Expectations
  2. 2. Believe! Achieve! Exceed• Welcome to your New Form Sit where your tutor asks you to.Have your equipment on your desk including your planner.Sit quietly while your tutor takes the register
  3. 3. Believe! Achieve! Exceed• We are looking for this from you:• Excellent attendance in school• Great time-keeping to school• Being in the right place at the right time• Having the correct uniform• Having the right equipment to be ready to learn
  4. 4. Believe! Achieve! Exceed• Plus these:• Using the planner to record homework and also communicate successes and concerns with home• Celebrating the success of all students• Respect amongst all students for each other and their needs• Creating a community amongst the you which is striving for excellence.
  5. 5. Believe! Achieve! Exceed• All of these things will help you: Believe! Achieve! Exceed!
  6. 6. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • Five expectationsDraw round each of your hands (you may need to get a friend to help with one of them depending on whether youre right or left handed).
  7. 7. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • Five Expectations• Write down all the things that Barclay school expect of you over the next 4 years on the fingers of one hand.• On the fingers of the other hand write down they expect from a Form Tutor, Head of Year and the School.
  8. 8. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • Are these right to expect from your tutor?• My form tutor should have nice nails.• My form tutor should let me off my red flags• My form tutor should lend me a pen each morning.• My form tutor should sign my planner each week.• My form tutor will tell me where to sit in tutor time.
  9. 9. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • Are these what we expect from you?• Be on time to school• Have a day off a week because you feel like it• Use my planner correctly and not graffiti it.• Make inappropriate comments to teachers and students.• Keep our hands and feet to myself.
  10. 10. Believe! Achieve! Exceed Monday PM RegistrationIntroduce a Friend – Circle Time Place the emphasis on turn-taking and listening to others.
  11. 11. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • Introduce a Friend• Talk to the person on your left for 1 minute. • You need to find out the following: • Their name, • Something about them • Something their good at.
  12. 12. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • Introduce a Friend • Go around the class• Each student shares what they have found out about the other person with the class.
  13. 13. Believe! Achieve! Exceed Tuesday PM Registration 3 ‘Facts’ - Building on yesterday’s activity of introducing each other.Focus on listening and turn- taking.
  14. 14. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • 3 ‘Facts’• You have 2 minutes to write down 3 facts about yourself. • One of these have to made-up.
  15. 15. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • 3 ‘Facts’ • Share your facts with the rest of the class.• In silence vote for fact you think is made-up by each person. If you make noise you will lose your points! • Keep a tally of how many you guess right!
  16. 16. Believe! Achieve! Exceed • 3 ‘Facts’ • Figure out who got the most right in your form.• Your tutor will email Mr. Fuller the 3 students who identified the most wrong facts.• Also they will email Mr. Fuller the student who came up with the most creative made-up fact.
  17. 17. Believe! Achieve! Exceed Wednesday PM RegistrationQuiet Reading – Students bring a book/magazine from home. Sign planners any add anyconcerns or positive for parents.
  18. 18. Believe! Achieve! Exceed Thursday PM Registration Assembly Bring to the hall and sit inalphabetical order in the correct place.
  19. 19. Believe! Achieve! Exceed Friday PM Registration QuizReturned by SFU by 3:00 to be considered. First come first served!
  20. 20. Believe! Achieve! Exceed

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