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Infra systems 14


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infra systems catalog

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Infra systems 14

  1. 1. Anti Crane Collision System Is Infra Systems Infra - red Photoelectric Sensors Infra systems Offers Anti Crane Collision system for two over head cranes on the same rail. With these units, the two cranes on the same rail will never collide with each other & thus the damage caused due to collision can be saved. Laser alignment tool is provided for perfect alignment of Sensor unit and reflector. The reflected beam will be picked up by the receiver when both the cranes come closer. When the two cranes come within the range, the moving crane will be stopped immediately. This range can be adjusted for single set point, as required. For two set points, one can be adjusted to get an alarm at required distance and another can be set stop the crane at required distance. Model : 03 03 mtr. With single set point. Diffuse Scan Sensor: Range - 100 / 300 / 500 / 1000 / 2000mm.Housings available in cylindrical metal and rectangle type plastic. Model : 10 10 mtr With single set point. Through Beam Sensor: Range - 3 / 10 / 20 meters. Higher Range also available. Housings in cylindrical metal and rectangle type plastic. Retro reflective Sensor: Set Consists-Sensor and Reflector. Range 300mm / 1mtr / 3mtr. Housings available in cylindrical metal and Square Model : 102 10 mtr With Two set points. type plastic. Supply : 230VAC / 110V AC (User Selectable) Fork / Slot Sensor: Slot sensors are available in 3 / 5 / 20 / 50 / 100mm slot width and 45mm slot depth. Housings available in ABS Plastic. With Laser Alignment Tool Mark Sensor: Mark Sensor senses the dark mark on light background or light mark on dark background on sticker / paper. It is used in Dimension : 180 X 145 X 55mm. various types of packaging machines and are available in NPN or PNP output. Laser Sensor: Laser sensor is available in Diffuse & Through Beam Type. Laser Diffuse is available for 300mm range Laser Through beam is available in 3meters range. Power Pack: Various types of power packs are available for different applications. Units available for single, Dual, Four, Six sensors, ON delay and OFF delay facility, Bi-stable, Mono-stable, AND Logic, OR Logic, & for Hopper Level control. These are available for Single Level Sensing and two Level Sensing. As per the Specifications:level of liquid, float position changes and corresponding output is used for automation. Supply - 10…30V DC.Control Unit is also available for automatic functioning of pump or Feeder. It is used for Output - PNP/NPN and NO/NC.sensing the level of liquid in storage tanks, reservoirs, and hoppers. With Sensitivity Adjustment Provided. Products for Automation Infra red photoelectric Sensors Speed Indicators Inductive & Capacitive Proximity sensors Production Data Logging Systems Inductive Proximity Switches: There are used for sensing ferrous material. Safety Light Curtains Level Sensors They are available in 6, 8, 12, 18, 30, 36mm diameter with DC / AC Type. Ranges Available for Big Display Counters Moving Display the inductive are 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20mm respectively in flush and non flush type. Digital Counters Automatic Light Controllers Capacitive Proximity Switches: There are used to sense non-metal material such as plastic, Digital Timers Safety & Security Products Paper etc. It is available in 18, 30 diameter with DC / AC type. Ranges available are 6, 15 mm respectively in Non flush type. It has a range adjustment pot. Custom built Systems as per requirement Specification: Office: Infra Systems, No. 4/55, Vishwas Nager, Ashok Nager, Supply : DC Type - 10-30V DC Output : NPN / PNP. Near MIDC, Satpur Nashik, Maharashtra - 422 007 AC Type - 90-230V AC Output : Solid State. Phone No : 0253-6520111, Mobile / Cell Phone: +(91) - 9960635183 Email - Website:
  2. 2. Safety Light Curtain for Power Presses Home / Building Automation Products Infra Systems offers a range of products for Home / Building Automation. These products are used for Safety light Curtain is suitable for protection of various applications in day to day life. Using these products, life can be made safe, relaxed and comfortable. These products also save electricity or water to a great extent. Which results in lots of 1. Hand protection saving in your electricity and water bills? 2. Finger protection Use of Infra systems Home / Building Automation Products enriches your life and makes daily life more enjoyable. 3. Body protection / Part of Body. Models are available in parallel and cross beam types form 90 mm height to 1600mm height and also as per the customer requirement. Supply of the sensor is 24V DC and it can be directly connected to PLC. Controllers are Automatic Water Level Controller available with supply voltage 230VAC and it is available in Wall mounting. Usually pump is operated manually at a predetermined level. Little negligence or human error Panel mounting & DIN Rail mounting. These are used on power presses, can cause overflow of the tanks or dry running of the motor, which in turn damages the pump sets. Molding, Robots, welding presses, bending machines and many SPMs for operators safety while working. Application : suitable for Houses, Residences, Banglows, hotels, hospitals, Factories etc. SPECIFICATIONS : Supply : 24V DC Output : PNP Auto Flush No. Of Beam : 8, 10, 16, 24, 32Nos And as per requirement. In all highly frequently used washrooms such as industrial corporations, buildings, bars, Pitched Offered : 30, 40, 50, 90 mm. restaurants, hospitals, have great demands for continuous flushing of the water in order to Adjustable Range : Up to 3mtrs. maintain cleanliness, which in turn keeps the water flowing even when it is not in use. Auto Flush offers you the facility of self closing elves. Application : Suitable for Toilets with concealed or outside plumbing. For use in Factories, Schools, Colleges, Offices, Malls, Hotels, Institutions, Picture hall etc. Twilight Switch Timer This model is combination of Twilight Switch and Timer. At many places, few lights are required to be ON during whole night and few lights can be put off at midnight. This product is most suitable for this product. It offers two outputs. Both the outputs get ON in the evening. One output gets OFF after preset time is over and other output gets OFF in the morning. This works on 220V AC and offers potential free relay contacts for further interlock. Sensor is to be placed outside the box. Sensitivity adjustment is provided. Application : Suitable for commercial establishments, Factories, societies, schools, colleges, petrol pumps, Hospitals, Gardens, Hotels, Hostels, Offices etc. Auto Tap Enormous increase in water consumption, wastage and scarcity of water in particular season. With the Photons Auto Tap you can miraculously save the water and its fully automatic operationEvent / Stroke / Production Counter : It is used for object counting and available in 19mm display height & 6 digits. ensures total hygienic conditions.Accepts input from Proximity / photoelectric Sensor or limit switch or through any potential free contacts. Provides Application : Suitable for factores, Schools, Colleges, Offices, Malls, Hotels, Institations, Picturesupply for sensors. halls.Preset Counter : Offers relay output when set value is reached. Auto / Manual reset is available with time setting on autoreset.Available in 6 digits. Set value can be entered easily. Accepts input from proximity / Photoelectric Sensor or limit Switch PIR AC Controlleror through any potential free contacts. PIR Controller is mainly suitable for executive cabins. It keeps Room Lights and AC working onlySpeed Switch / Zero Speed Switch : Continuously monitors RPM of Rotating shaft or object. Facility to set upper and when a person is present in the cabin. PIR sensor is placed at such a place so it could sense movementslower speed limits. Display indicates RPM and output is offered through relay contacts. Accepts input from proximity / of host and gusts in cabin. If there is no movement, it waits for some present time. AC and lights areIR sensor or Limit Switch or any potential free contacts. switched OFF. As soon as person enters the cabin, AC and lights are again switched ON automatically. Programmable Timer: This is 3 digits timer in 72 X 72 housing. This timer had four models ON delay, OFF Delay, This works on 220 V AC supply and operate load up to 2200 watts. Application : Suitable for Room - Air - Conditioners for comfortable room temperature and for RoomCyclic ON First, and Cyclic OFF First. Time is selected by user. Output offered is through 2 changeover relay contacts. lighting etc.Time Totaliser / Hour Meter : Used for time management. Count and Displays time in either on Hours : Minutes orHours : Minutes : Sec. and is offered in 6 digits. PIR Light Controller PIR Light Controller senses human motion within its coverage area and make the lights ON. So lights getSPECIFICATIONS : ON only when they are actually required. There is built-in-timer. So once the lights gets ON. They are kept ONSupply : 230VAC for required preset time Unit has night sensing facility so lights gets ON only when it is dark. You can also setOutput : Potential Free contact (NC-C-NO) sensitivity level for darkness. This works on 220V AC and operate load up to 800 Watts. It has range of aroundInput from NPN / PNP sensors, Limit switch. 8-10 meters with 110 degree sensing angle.Memory back up : Provided through EPROM. Application : Suitable at public Toilet, Toilet Blocks at factories or offices, Public urinals, Hotel Lobbies, Passages, Corridors, Stores. Record / Locker Rooms, Museums, for controlling air curtains, sliding doors, etc.