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Infra systems

  1. 1. Infra systems is the Manufacturers of various types of Automation Sensors andproducts.Infra system offers very wide ranges of Digital counters / Timers with variousapplications & Products for Home / Building Automation. These products are used forvarious applications in day to day life. Using these products, life can be made safe,relaxed and comfortable. These products also saves electricity or water to a great extent.Which results in lots of saving in your electricity and water bills.Use of Infra systems Home / Building Automation Products enrich your life and makesdaily life more enjoyable.We also manufacturer of Safety Guards instruments works on modulated infraredbeams and utilizes latest technique of "SYNCHRONISED CYCLIC SCANNING". Thesafety guards are designed for providing maximum safety for the people working indanger zone such as power presses, shearing, bending, guillotine machines.
  2. 2. Infra systems Offers anti crane collision switch for two over head cranes on thesame rail. These units are installed on two cranes on the same rail approaching each other.With these units, the two cranes on the same rail will never collide with each other & thus thedamage caused due to collision can be saved. The minimum distance in between two craneswill always be maintained, and the cranes will be able to move away from each other but notcloser. Unit has inbuilt infra red transmitter & receiver along with other processing circuit andpower supply. It works on 220 volts ac supply and offers potential free relay contacts. Thesecontacts are interlocked with the contactor for direction of motion towards each other. Setconsists of a control unit and a reflector. Control unit is fixed on one crane and the reflector onthe other crane opposite to the control unit. Same way another control unit should be fixed onsecond crane and its reflector on first crane, opposite to each other. Make sure that both thecontrol unit should not be placed opposite to each other. Alignment of both the units isnecessary, as the rays transmitted by the transmitter will be reflected back by the reflector. Alaser alignment tool is provided for perfect alignment of control unit and reflector. The reflectedbeam will be picked up by the receiver when both the cranes come closer. When the twocranes come within the range, the moving crane will be stopped immediately. This range canbe adjusted as required.
  3. 3. These guards work on infra-red beam techniqueare designed to ensure maximum safety in dangerousoperating area on automatic machine plants, powerpresses, shears, bending machines, injection moldingmachines. In continuous operation. Using these invisiblebarriers, perfect plant or machine safety is ensured with noloss of productivity. Models are also available foe elevatoror lifts for door safety applications. Cross beam safetyguard. Infra Systems also offers safety guard with crossbeam t Techniques. This technique makes safety guardmore sensitive which offers better safety to operator.These are mainly used on small pusses.
  4. 4. FeaturesEasy to install Modulated infrared beamsSynchronized Cyclic Scanning techniqueSolid State DesignCompact Control UnitPlug-in connectors design for easy wiringNon critical alignment status indicators on sensors
  5. 5. Programmable TimerProgrammable Counter Counter Rate Counter
  6. 6. Programmable Digital Counter /Rate Counter/Timer6 Digit programmable event counterDimensions - 72 X 72 X 110Modes - Auto/Manual ResetOn/Off Delay AdjustableOutput : Potential free contactsScale Factor : Multiply or Divide selectable Front Panel Programming Digital counters/Programmable Counters 6 Digit Event Counter (48X96x110) 6 Digit Preset Counter (48x96x110) 4,6,DigitThumb wheel counter (72x72x110,96x96x110) Programmable Timer (72x72x110) Digital Temperature Indicator 4 Digit RPM Indicator (48X96X110)
  7. 7. Applications:Event Counter/TotalizerShift Production CounterDigital Preset CounterProduction Rate CounterPreset Batch CounterRPM IndicatorLine Speed CounterSpeed Switch
  8. 8. Automatic Water Level Twilight Light Auto Tap Controller Auto Flush
  9. 9. Automatic Water Level Controller Usually pump is operated manually at a predetermined level. Littlenegligence or human error can cause overflow of the tanks or dry running ofthe motor, which in turn damages the pump sets. This means loss ofmoney, time and energy. For trouble free pump operations use highlyefficient digital technology based water level controller.Highlights : Optically isolated sensors for greater reliability. Solid statedesign. RCT technique introduced to avoid scaling of the sensors. Autosensitivity adjustment as per the quality of the water. Single phase/threephase & 100% shock free. Bore-well models available. Starter switch notrequired for single phase model.
  10. 10. Twilight Light Normally it is observed that peripheral lights, domestic or industrial,are ON even when there is sufficient light i.e. dusring early morning whenthere is sufficient visibility or early evening hours before visibility drops. Insuch cases lot of electrical energy is wasted. With Twilight Switches youcan atomize the task of switching on and off the peripheral lights and reduceelectricity bills. Comprehensive range of models offers the users widechoice to select between different applications like indoor/out door or clubthe load
  11. 11. Auto Tap Enormous increase in water consumption, wastage and scarcity of water inparticular season. With the Photons Auto Tap you can miraculously save the water and itsfully automatic operation ensures total hygienic conditions.Advantages :* No loss of water when the tap is not in us.* Total automatic operation hence no wear and tear* No fear of half closed or leak of tap* Maximum saving of water* Various models for different applications like Auto Shower, Eye Cleaners &Rescue Rooms* Low Cost of maintenance* Cost of automation recovered within six months of operations
  12. 12. Auto Flush In all highly frequently used washrooms such as industrial corporations,buildings, bars, restaurants, hospitals, have great demands for continuousflushing of the water in order to maintain cleanliness, which in turn keeps thewater flowing even when it is not in use. Auto Flush offers you the facility of selfclosing elves.Advantages :* No loss of water even user does not close valves and flushing ensured afterevery use* Wide and variable flush time setting* Various models available to match the design of the toilet* No stinking toilets/improvement in hygiene* Less cost of maintenance and problem* Easy installation, maximum comfort and user friendly
  13. 13. Human Body Motion Sensor
  14. 14. Human Body Motion Sensor Infra systems has developed Human Body Motion Sensor based onPassive Infra-Red techniques. This unit senses presence of moving person in thespecified area and operates a Relay output. This sensor can be used in variety ofapplications for Safety, Security, Automation, Energy Saving, Convenience etc. Sensor is normally mounted on the wall at the corner. It covers anangular area of approximately 100 degrees and has a range of up to 9 to 10 mtr.It works on 220 V AC supply and has a built in output relay and time delayadjustment. Time delay setting keeps the output relay ON for desired time afterdetecting presence of human body. Sensor has Day-Night selectable switch,which make the sensor work at nights only or during day and night. Sensor hasfixing arrangement such that it can be adjusted in any required angle.
  15. 15. Operation Principle: Inductive sensors are used to sense ferrous material. As soonas a metal part comes in the range of these sensors (without anyphysical contact), it gives output, which can be used for controllingfurther processes. These have wide applications in all types of automaticmachines, CNC machines etc. DC TYPE AC TYPE Type THREE wire sensor Type Two wire sensor Supply 5-30 V DC Supply 90–240 V AC NPN or PNP Transistor, NO or 90–240 V AC : NO or NC Output NC Output Output through Triac. Current 200mA Drop Across Sensor 6–8 volts approximately Indication LED Current 200mA Wire Length 2 meters Indication LED Protection Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit Wire Length 2 meters
  16. 16. Diffused Scan Switches Retro reflectiveThru Beam Sensors / Sensors/SwitchesSwitches
  17. 17. These are based on Modulated infrared beam principle used in non-contact switching. It can detect non-metallic, plastic, paper, transparent as wellas opaque objects.Common Specifications :Power Supply - 10 to 30 VDC in case of sensors.Output - NPN or PNP type in case of sensors.For 230 VAC operations power pack relay unit is required and output is availablethrough potential free relay contacts.
  18. 18. Thru Beam Sensors / Switches These are widely known as Through Beam Sensors consistingof Transmitter and Receiver. They are mainly used to monitor positionof the object. Sensors have built-in amplifier working on 5-30V DC supply.Unit consists of separate transmitter and receiver in separate housingand placed across where object is to be sensed. The advantage incase of switches is amplifier is in separate box and sensor can beminiatures as per the requirement. built-in amplifier working on DCsupply. The advantage in case of switches is amplifier is in separatebox and sensor can be miniatures as per the requirement.Sensing Range available - 200 mm to 100 meters.
  19. 19. Retro reflective Sensors/Switches These are infrared switches used to detect edge or edge guidinglimit switching etc applications. Unit consists of transmitter and receiver in same housing andbeam is reflected via reflector from transmitter to receiver. Any objectpassing through this arrangement can be detected. Sensors have built-inamplifier working on DC supply.Sensing Range available - 200 mm to 10 meters.
  20. 20. Diffused Scan Switches Unit consists of transmitter and receiver in same housing andwhen object comes in to proximity, beam is diverted from transmitter toreceiver. Basic advantage of this sensing method is one side wiring. Sensing range available - 100mm to 1.5 meters. Optionally canbe supplied with 4 pin connector.Sensing Range available - 100mm to 1.5 meters. Optionally can besupplied with 4 pin connector.
  21. 21. Applications: For process Automation in various industries such asPharmaceutical, Packaging, Food Processing, Textiles,Material Handling Systems, Automobile, Engineering,Film/Paper, Chemical/Paint, Ceramic Floor Tiles, Storagesystems, Safety and Security and many other applications.
  22. 22. Office : Infra SystemsMr. Nishant Koli (Manager)No. 4/55, Vishwas Nager, Ashok Nager, Near MIDC, SatpurNashik, Maharashtra, India - 422 007Mobile / Cell Phone: +(91)-9960635183 / 9822635183Email - nishant.infrasystems@yahoo.comWebsite: Works : Infra Systems Rajah Karamchari Socety B 57 Ashok Nagaer Near MIDC, Satpur Nashik, Maharashtra, India - 422 007 Mobile / Cell Phone: +(91)-9960635183 / 9822635183 Email - Website: