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Professional Business Plan Writer for startups and small businesses looking for funding.

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AJC- Professional Business Plan Writer

  1. 1. AMIT JAIN CONSULTINGProfessional Business Plan Writer Business Planning Financial Modeling Strategic Mapping
  2. 2. CREDENTIALS Amit Jain is a serial entrepreneur and small business owner with successful business acumen in multiple industries. He has a diverse background with ability to be versatile for various business scenarios and industries for consulting and business planning. • Independent Contractor for multiple boutique consulting firms and organizations • Written of hundreds business plans, several of which received funding from VC firms. Plans are constructed for: • seed capital and multiple rounds of funding • business concept development • business process improvement • strategy development • Creation of supplementary marketing implementation plans, executive summaries, strategy maps, operations budgets, prospectus and marketing collateral •UCLA Extension (2011-Present) •Los Angeles Community College District (2010-Present) •Artilient (2008-09) •IRA Network (2008) •cpSphere (2007) • MBA Plans, LLC (2007) •2005 Graduate Student of the Year (MBA – Loyola Marymount University) • Amit Jain Consulting (AJC) has been working with entrepreneurs and small businesses since 2005.
  3. 3. AFFILIATIONS Extensive network consisting of trusted professional service providers, executives, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, business leaders, public figures, and professors where expertise has been mutually shared. The Indus Entrepreneurs Los Angeles South Asian Business Alliance Network Los Angeles Venture Association L.A. Bankers Socaltech.com California’s Green Workforce Coalition Green W.E.S.T. Alliance United States Green Building Council – Los Angeles (USGBC-LA) West Coast Motion EcoTuesday Green Drinks LMU-MBA Alumni Association Young Jain Professionals Southern California Venture Network SCORE
  4. 4. BUSINESS PLANNING INTRO A business plan consists of a set of detailed elements that describe what a business does, or will do to be profitable, including the detailed financial outlook. A business plan is designed to map out the course of a company usually between 3 to 5 years. The purpose of a business plan is to: • Raise capital • Improve current operations • Strategically plan goals, objectives, and allocate resources • Forecast future business and evaluate risk • Align stakeholders with all aspects of the business uniformly
  5. 5. AJC BUSINESS PLANNING PROCESS Services are beneficial for pre-startups, startups, small businesses looking for capital, and looking to realign strategy with growth. Market Research Develop a theory for the • Market pricing analysis marketplace where assumptions • Performance-led • Cost and expense analysis can be made for financial model. marketing • Balance Scorecard • Market research • Industry and product analysis Strategy Financial Development & Modeling & Enhancement Planning Startups will know gaps in the Realistic market assumptions are marketplace what potential margins and used to create financial projections costs will be for a precise potential value. along with all financial documents. • Identify potential partners, • Financial models for suppliers, joint ventures, etc. • Long-term asset planning investors • Proof of Concept • Balanced Scorecard • Valuation for bridge • Feasibility Study • ROI (Return On Investment) financing, turnaround, and inventory factoring
  6. 6. DELIVERABLES AND PRODUCTS PROVIDED Business Planning Strategy Marketing Financials Feasibility Study Marketing Strategy Dynamic Financial Strategy Map Marketing Model for forecasting Balanced Scorecard Implementation Plan Pro-Forma Financials Business Realignment Marketing Budget Term Sheets • Pinpoint potential • Competitive analysis • Prepare and verify partners, suppliers, to uncover competitive financial documents to alliances, and joint advantage and gaps in instill confidence in ventures for stability. the marketplace. investors. • Focused marketing • Risk analysis to gauge possible • Provide analysis and resources for maximized threats and weaknesses in implementation plan to ROI. client’s approach. improve and allocating cash and resources appropriately. • Scalable strategy for growing • Theory-tested business business with an end goal. models. • Valuation for bridge financing, turnaround, and inventory factoring. • Long-term asset planning.
  7. 7. BENEFITS TO YOUR CLIENTS AND YOUR NETWORK • Referral Fee paid to you • Your interests are protected, whether you are a service provider, a prospective investor, or a friend. • A successful client means a grateful client, customer or friend.
  8. 8. Case Study: Software Startup seeks funding Background: Web-based software start-up provides comprehensive business management and operational tools for a nationwide, niche market of martial arts instructors, yoga, dance, and fitness studio owners and operators. Issue : Startup team had invested sweat equity into developing software but had no sales and marketing program to reach target market. Client was in need of immediate funding and required a formalized business plan to pitch to investors. AJC: Performed a thorough competitive analysis to determine software’s place within the market in order to establish a price point. Devised a sales & marketing program that supported software development. Result: Company received funding requirements from the bank and has since been in business over the last 4 years.
  9. 9. Case Study: Clinical Trial Consulting Firm looking for new directionBackground: Client began the company specializing in phase 2 and phase 3clinical trial data management for medical devices. Recently, they developeda user-interface for Oracle Clinical software, which is used by all companiesmonitoring clinical trials.Issue: Client’s main consulting engagements were reliant on one majorsource company hiring the client. Client’s management wanted to grow thebusiness, lessen the dependency on only one source, and therefore neededto add to their core competencies to become a clinical research organizationto gain more clients. To do this, they required a brand identity change.AJC: I created a focused business plan for growth strategy based upon newbrand identity. Important objectives included personnel plan to hire specifictalent, revenue growth strategy, and leveraging Oracle Clinical macro tool asIP to market to new clients.Result: Company grew remarkably in 3 years. In first year afterimplementation, revenues grew by 80%.
  10. 10. Industries Serviced Included but not limited to: • Entertainment • Real Estate • E-Commerce • Insurance • Retail Products & • Social Media Services • Construction • Food & Beverages • Fitness and Wellness • Clothing & Apparel • Assisted Living • Non-Profit • Nursing • Software • Automotive • Fitness • Financial Services • Healthcare • Restaurant & Coffee • Clean Technology
  11. 11. REFERRAL PROCESS AND BENEFITS For all referrals, at least 10% commission on all fees collected from client to the referral source. YOU: AJC: AJC and Client: Refer potential client Complete FREE to Amit Jain Set project plan and business assessment proposal Consulting (AJC) with potential client YOU: Client: AJC: Referral Fee* is sent Best positioned to Complete to you succeed. deliverables Fees Range typically from $1,500 - $5,000 depending on existing documents, scope of the project, and amount of time to finish. The general process takes 1 week to 3 months.
  12. 12. MY VALUE PROPOSITION Expertise Proven track-record in supporting startups and small businesses build, present ,and receive funding for well-thought, scalable business models and strategies from small to large investors. One-on-One Consulting Collaborating with clients throughout the business planning process to develop business models that align client’s vision and core competency with market needs. Knowledge in Fundraising Developed financial packages for investors for the purposes of bridge-financing, microloans, seed funding, in multiple rounds. Funding ranging from $2.5K to $10M. Custom Deliverables Deliverables are created from scratch in whatever format is deemed necessary to exceed expectations of the client. Fastest Turnaround Team can take existing documents and notes from teleconferences and in-person meetings and turnaround a business plan within 1 week. Virtual Collaboration Team can work remotely and be accessible at anytime via email, phone, and webconferencing to discuss and collaborate.
  13. 13. THANK YOU For any questions, samples of deliverables, and references, please contact: Amit Jain (310) 901-0709 amitjain310@gmail.com