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The Super-Powered Feedweb Plugin

Do you use WordPress to show off your content? If so, try the Feedweb plugin in order to create more interactions with readers.

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The Super-Powered Feedweb Plugin

  1. 1. Feedweb for WordPress More than your average plugin...
  2. 2. What is Feedweb? ● Custom widgets that a publisher can insert into each post to get posts rated, and ask readers binary questions. ● Audience monitor that is used to track traffic and feedback from the widgets. ● Content Aggregator for all posts.
  3. 3. Feedweb Widgets The Feedweb widget is an attractive visual element built on HTML. With the widgets, you can... ● By default get a 1-5 rating of your post ● Ask your own yes/no questions. Why do you want that? ● “Content is king” - know what your readers think and then deliver better content
  4. 4. Not mine:
  5. 5. Feedweb Audience Monitor Audience monitor that will, among other things, track your traffic results and at the same time report back voting results. ● You’ve asked questions. Now go back to the drawing board. See what works and what doesn’t. {Listen to readers}
  6. 6. Feedweb Content Aggregator You put so much time and effort into promoting your content. ● Simply a free platform to share your awesome content into channels.
  7. 7. The End... Although it is just the beginning! Join us!