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CAREER PLANNING MADE EASY: New Online Resource Launched


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Loads of websites are there to help you. They offer ever attracting offers and options to guide you but alas! When you visit them you ultimately land on some page that is well crafted to suite just the promotional needs of webmaster and web team and has no relation with your requirements! What is the solution then?
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CAREER PLANNING MADE EASY: New Online Resource Launched

  1. 1. CAREER PLANNING MADE EASY New Online Resource Launched
  2. 2. What is Career Planning?The cognitive process ofthinking about and deciding howone’s working or professional lifewill progress generally is calledCareer Planning.
  3. 3. Why Career Planning?Often it is seen that youngsters face trouble choosing acareer or taking a decision regarding their jobs.With everyday newspapers full of recession news everyyoungster is depressed whether he/she will be able tocarry out his job in a growing environment or not? Thequestion of learning plus earning environment alwaysdisturbs the youngsters. Therefore it can be said that proactive career management and development is moreimportant in times of economic uncertainty than ever.
  4. 4. When people think about changing job and lookingfor better opportunities, following questions comestypically come in their mind…..
  5. 5. What Is Dhung Dhung promoting itself as “We believe in growing bysharing” is a community of active career seekers who wantto make the best career decisions in life. Dhung providesthese users with tools, information and analytics that helpthem in making the right career decision. The entire Dhungcommunity can take advantage of the information sharedanonymously by other users in the community. Thecommunity also needs new information, so the Dhung teamrequests users to share their information anonymously sothat others can take advantage of that information.
  6. 6. What members can use www.dhung.comfor:i. Data Access - Unlimitedii. Create a professional profileiii. Join your friendsiv. Invite friends to join your Networkv. Add survey according to your past experiencevi. Add Post, Videos, Picturesvii. Share posts on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile directly from the site
  7. 7. Features of Dhung• The website is owned and maintained by the company Dhung Private Limited.• The website offers advice on various topics including personality testing, skill identification, career options, decision-making, and career development.• It features basically Company Reviews, Interview Questions, Salary Reviews, Skills, Job Roles.• Dhung has everything you need for career planning: profiles, counselling, and assessments plus you get access to create their own social network.
  8. 8. Other features of Dhung:1.) Dhung also help employers, because if employees make the rightcareer decisions about the company and the role, then they will bemore satisfied and this will have a positive impact on employeeslong term loyalty to the company and lead to enhanced productivity.2.) There are a lot of video lectures and inspirational videos arepresent which is certainly a nice collection aimed to develop a senseof confidence in young interviewers.3.) Some humorous comic strips are also available and they are oftenliked and shared on Facebook too. contd.……
  9. 9. 4.)The website offers the facility to create an account on thewebsite or directly login through Facebook or Twitter.5.)Creating an account enables the visitor to use the mailboxservice too available on the website.6.)Dhung has created a Facebook page which is visited in hugecounts by enthusiastic job seekers.7.)It has marked a great presence on Twitter too with dailytweets being liked by many people.8.)The work of creating an official You Tube channel is on theway.
  10. 10. What’s Going oncurrently….Currently Dhung is organising Dhung Guru Contest.Every member of Dhung community is eligible toparticipate in the Dhung Guru contest. Membershave to participate in the interview section and theycan share answers of the questions to get points.Points earned by the member will help it to win amonthly Kindle or Steve Jobs autobiography.
  11. 11. What Is The Need Of ANew WebsiteLoads of websites are there to help you. But they allaim basically to increase their profit and webpresence. Layoffs, downsizing and rightsizing:Whatever term you use, these are uncertain times forany employee. In the world of intense competition inall fields, this new website aims to guide theyoungsters and job seekers in a more efficient way.This website is far different and better than others
  12. 12. How Dhung Is Different FromOther Websites…. Dhung is different from other websites in the sensethat it provides information on not only a vast varietyof career options but also equips the visitors withdaily market news. Apart from this, it publishesregular articles offering advice to academicjobseekers as well as blogs, quizzes and top tips tohelp you think about your future career direction.These sections are laid out in a clear, easy to useformat and the latest posts are prominently displayedon the careers home page.
  13. 13. Thank YouPlease visit: