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Alpen biz case


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Alpn biz case

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Alpen biz case

  1. 1. Company: Jagriti System Brand- Alpen First Product- E-Tab
  2. 2. Indian Education market potential •  US$40bn with 16% five-year CAGR. •  K-12: $20b, Professional: $7b, Tutoring: $5b •  33% of the monthly household income of Indian middle class is spent on the education –  1/3rd on school fees and 2/3rd on private tutoring •  Total 12.6 lakhs school –  20k Higher education institutes •  22 crore students –  2.5 crore 9/10th std students –  1.3 crore 11/12th std students –  1.4 crore students in higher education
  3. 3. Alpen E-Tab- Few words about the product? •  E-Tab stands for Educational Tablet. A single solution for any student's needs –  Big Shop: World biggest library or Chapter/Tutorial market place- •  Buy chapters instead of books •  Buy experts' tutorials/notes by topic/chapter –  STUTOR Share your "Notes" and earn money- Be a STUTOR -Student becomes Tutors •  Publish your notes for a topic and make money –  My Study Group: Study and collaborate with Friends •  Discuss problems with your friends sitting at home- Just like SMS –  My Study: Carry your library of books and notes in your bag •  All the chapters and notes that you wrote, bought, discussed --- ever will be in your bag always.
  4. 4. E-Tab Experience Big Shop STUTOR My Study Group My Study è Buy and Sell for fixed price è Chapters along with Books è Tutorials è Notes è Hundreds of subjects, thousands of topics and millions of notes, chapter, tutorials and books è Reputation management è Read/post Reviews è Sell your expertise to others è Create Notes using any document processor on PC or using E-Tab's. è Submit your notes to big shop for editorial review è Students buy notes for 5/- and review the content è You earn 3/- per sale è You receive monthly earning check from Alpen è Share problems with your friends è Select part of notes/chapter/ tutorial, annotate it and send it you your friends and experts- just like sms è Receive and answer your friends and others problems in same fashion è Read like text book è Your notes, books, tutorials, responses from study group è Buy and download chapters, notes, tutorials for fixed price from and on the E-Tab. è Take Notes è Like regular notebook è Connect to è TV for passive viewing è External keyboard/ mouse for easy editing
  5. 5. E-Tab: A Triadic Equation on "Education content" Friends Stutor Professor Book author Student Notes Feedback BuyNotes "Flaunt your expertise and Make GOOD Money" "Go Beyond your Geographical limits and target whole world" " Build Study group beyond your known acquaintances" Biggest and the Cheapest Market  Place of Books, Chapters, Tutorial,  Notes for Any subject Matter 
  6. 6. E-Tab is INR 9999 device 8'' 11'' 1/2'' 1/2'' 8'' Composite out Power USB/ docking point SIM slot Bottom view'' Top view'' Multi Touch Screen Display- pixelQi type Stylus controlled writing
  7. 7. Alpen E-Tab- Specs and Accessories •  Specs –  CPU Processor type/Speed –  Touch Screen: Size/Type/Resolution –  Touch Sensitivity, precision and type –  Multimedia Codes: Audio/video formats (Optional), Image formats Document formats –  RAM: Size/Type –  HARD DISK Size/Type (Optional) –  Communication: Ethernet, WIFI, Edge/3G-Wireless Pre-paid cards –  Ports list: SD x 1(support up to 32G HCSD), USB x 2 (for External Mouse and keyboard), Composite TV out x 1, Microphone in x 1 (Audio input annotation), SIM slot x1 (prepaid wireless card) –  Speakers : Stereo output (Optional) –  Battery life: X hours active battery - Y hours standby –  OS: Android or Linux –  Applications: Alpen's BIG Shop, Document Processor (open source LyX), Annotation tool for collaboration –  Cloud storage: To backup all the E-Tab content. (optional) –  SDK: To build more educational apps (Optional) •  Accessories –  Docking Station with Keyboard and mouse- For advanced and heavy duty Editing and annotation –  TV connecting Cable: For Passive reading on big screen –  E-Tab Case : To protect E-Tab –  E-Tab Digital pen/notepad: To translate notes written on regular paper to E-Tab.
  8. 8. Jagriti-ALPEN PDA Platform •  Forms the Base Platform with following features –  10” eInk or Pixel-Qi Display with Stylus –  WiFi connectivity –  Wired capability –  720p30 –  Audio record and playback –  3D Graphics –  e-Keypad and e-Notepad –  3hrs battery backup –  Cortex A8 or equivalent processor –  256MB Flash, 2GB MMC/SD –  Optional 4-8GB MMC/SD, 60GBHD, HDMI –  WiMax capability [Optional]
  9. 9. BOMCostMarketCostwillbegreaterthanthis Time Alpen PDA Platform+ 720p Alpen TV + Pen Tablet + Wired line Alpen LCD + 6” contrast screen + Pen Tablet, + Wired line Alpen LCD + 6” contrast screen + Notepad + Keyboard Alpen LCD + 6” contrast screen + Notepad + Keyboard +3D Graphic support Alpen LCD + 6” contrast screen + Notepad, + Keyboard +3D Graphic support + Video conferencing T0 +1m +2m +6m +9m +1yr +1.2yr +1.8yr +2.5 yr $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 $550 $1500 $450 Alpen PDA + Notepad Attachment + 1080p + 3D Graphic Alpen PDA + Notepad Attachment + 1080p + Videoconferencing + 3D Graphic + interactive display on TV + Remote with Keyboard Alpen Projector $50 $1000 Alpen 3DProjector T09m to 1yr= Product Roadmap and BOM Cost
  10. 10. E-Tab accessories Docking Station Example Digital notepad Example Composite video cable E-Tab/DigiPad Case Price 2k/- Dock, charge and interact with keyboard and mouse Price 4k/- Digital notepad with memory to store anything you write on normal paper. Later connect with E-tab to transfer those notes- via USB Price 200/- To carry E-Tab, Digital notepad, cables and other accessories Cable to Connect E-Tab to any TV E-Tab holder Digital Notepad holder
  11. 11. Accessories Use Cases
  12. 12. E-Tab User Experience-Wire-Frames- Home Screen Settings My Bookshelf BiG SHOP Be a STUTOR Search Touch control Stylus control Home Screen Access My Notes, Chapters, tutorials, books and personal notes Access the problems being discussed in your study groupStudy Group Access market place of Books, Chapters, Tutorials and Notes Access the E-Tab document process to prepare notes that you want to sell Search my bookshelf, notes from study group, and contents at BigShop Account settings, Alpen prepaid a/c settings, friends settings, storage settings etc etc Home screen Button
  13. 13. Settings Lesson name Lesson name Lesson name Search Lesson name E-Tab User Experience-Wire-Frames Lesson list Search Study group Read lesson Select part of lesson to annotate and post it in your study group Search Study group wererwerw erwerwerw e Annotate selected lesson Annotate using touch/ stylus and soft keyboard --- Keyboard is context sensitive- math specific keys for math lesson, bio specific keys for bio chapters ----- One can also hand annotate using stylus and touch
  14. 14. E-Tab User Experience-Wire-Frames Search Study group wererwerw erwerwerw e Study Group screen Search Send My annotate My annotate My annotate Math group bio group Friend Friend Friend Questions and annotations on the selected text/graphic Select study groups and/or friends, who you want to send your problems to Selected text/graphic along with the questions and annotations will be sent to selected group/friends---in an editable document format– as simple as SMS or email Settings Problem Name Problem Name Problem Name Search Problem Name Annotation screen Select to open problem posted in study group or sent by your friend ---- You can respond to the problem either using free hand writing (stylus) or a context sensitive soft keyboard- like annotation screen -- Once completed send it back to friend of study group
  15. 15. E-Tab User Experience-Wire-Frames Notes Name Search Bar Tutorial Name Chapter Name Chapter Name Tutorial Name Notes Name Book Name Book Name Search Bar Search bigShop for Books, notes, tutorials And chapters Read reviews, try sample And buy books, chapter and tutorials Alpen- BigShop Be A Stutor - Using soft keyboard - Using handwritten note - with Stylus/touch Publish E-Tab Document processor Context sensitive soft keyboard
  16. 16. Alpen Architecture- Server side 3G AlpenDeliveryGateway Internet Search BigShop Market Place Framework Delivery Notes Store Chapter Store Book Store Tutorial Store Rights mgmt AAA and content mgmt and Monetization Framework Authentication Authorization Accounting STUTOR Framework My Alpen In Cloud Reputation Management Framework Reporting Framework Publishing Framework Content Editorial Review Framework Community framework Content Store framework Selling view Purchase Feedback Service Framework Delivery Framework Campaign Mgmt Editorial review Ad repository Payment Ad Delivery Ad Framework Personal Service Framework advertiser Agency Ad Creative &Tools Self serve Billing Revenue share Framework Alpen Publishing Gateway Open Source technology choices OpenX- Ad platform, AAA- Radius (optional- needed only for tighter integration with service provider), Service infrastructure Linux, Apache/Tomcat, MySQL, J2EE, Billing- jbilling, Social Networking- elgg
  17. 17. Alpen Architecture- Device side BigShop Client My BookShelf Document Processor Search Manager Sync manager Reader Context Keyboard Annotation manager AndroidStackAlpenApps
  18. 18. Hardware Architecture- Schematic
  19. 19. Hardware Component Suppliers and Prices= BOM Alpen e-TAB BOM / Unit 1-1k 1k-100k 100k-500k 500k-1M >1M ** Chip Cost $70 $50 $23 $12 $9 Memory $70 $50 $30 $15 $10 Display $200 $160 $110 $70 $50 TouchScreen $45 $20 $18 $12 $9 Battery $90 $50 $30 $15 $9 Broadband+Telephone $60 $30 $25 $20 $12 wLAN $50 $30 $20 $15 $9 System BOM $90 $45 $32 $25 $15 Packaging $50 $30 $20 $15 $9 BOM $725 $465 $308 $199 $132 3G Data (Optional) + $100 $70 $65 $58 $28 BOM With 3G $825 $535 $373 $257 $160 R&D Cost $2,000,000 $2,000 $20 $20 $2 Total BOM $2,000,825 $2,535 $393 $277 $162 Market Cost*(50% GPM) $4,001,650 $5,070 $786 $554 $324 *-Market Cost %GPM needs to be arrived depending on what is strategy and PFO expected **-Ballpark no. Depends on negotiations and actual volume arrived. Cost can go up or down
  20. 20. Market Ambitions TAM Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 3 Year 4 E-Tab projected Market .0.1% 0.3% 0.5% 0.8% 1.0% Schools: 1.26 millions 126 378 630 1008 1260 Higher education Institutes: 20k 20 60 100 160 200 9/10th Std Students: 25m 25k 75k 125k 200k 250k 11/12th Std: Students: 13m 13k 39k 65k 104 130k Higher education Students: 14m 14k 42k 70k 112k 140k Total E-Tab in Market 52k 156k 260k 416k 520k Objective: To Reach 1% of the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and higher education students and their institutes --- in FIVE YEARS Rule of Thumb: 1 out of every 10 consumer creates content -- 520k E-Tab means 52k content creators, with each creating one sellable "note" per week, will bring 52k notes in the market place every month= 600k notes per year
  21. 21. Projected Revenues, Cost and Profits In $ Year 1 Year 3 Year 5 E-Tabs in market 52k 260k 520k Revenues Advertising Revenues (50% to 80% fill rate) $10,109 $47,174 $215,654 E-Tab retail revenues ($250 a piece) $13,000,000 $65,000,000 $130,000,000 Content Revenues ($10 per customer per month) $6,240,000 $31,200,000 $62,400,000.0 Total yearly Revenues (Without Box) 6,250,109 31,247,174 62,615,654 Total yearly Revenues 19,250,109 $96,247,174 $192,615,654 Cost Content revenue share (70% to owners) $4,368,000 $21,840,000 $43,680,000 Box OEM cost $10,400,000 $52,000,000 $104,000,000 Infrastructure (CDN/Server/Hosting/Datacenter) $31,200.00 $156,000.00 $312,000.00 Revenue Share with Distribution partner (10% of Content rev.) $625,010.88 $3,124,717.44 $6,261,565.44 HR, Dev and R&D cost (100 ppl- Y1, 150 ppl-Y2, 200ppl-Y3) $3,500,000 $5,250,000 $7,000,000 Total Cost $18,924,211 $82,370,717 $161,253,565 Total Profit $325,897 $13,876,456 $31,362,088 We can be profitable within first year
  22. 22. Detailed Business plan êè Subscribers Years T0+1 Households Assumption s- Year 3 Subscribers Years T0+3 households Assumpti ons- Year 5 Subscribers Years T0+4 households Revenues in m$ Ad inpression/ Eyeballs per device per day: Average reading 12 pages/ hr, 3 hr average reading, one ad per page-36 ads per day 36 52,000 260,000 520,000 Inventory Fill Rate 50.0% 40% 80% E-Tab retail revenues Box retail price in $ $250.0 $13,000,000 $65,000,000 $130,000,000 Advertising Revnues Yearly Ad CPM in $ (More ad model might be needed, similar to that of Newspapers for regional coverage) $3.0 $10,109 $3.5 $47,174 $4 $215,654 Average monthly purchases/deivce Consumer purchases 10 notes (10/- each), 5 tutorials (20/- each), and 5 chapters (25/-) per month= $10.0 $6,240,000 $31,200,000 $62,400,000.0 Subscriber Yearly Revenues Monthly *12 $120.0 $6,240,000 Total Yearly Revenues 19,250,109 $96,247,174 $192,615,654 Total Yearly Revenues without Box revenue $6,250,109 $31,247,174 $62,615,654 Cost STUTOR, Professor and Authors' share Content owner revenue Share with Professors/Lecturers 70% $4,368,000 $21,840,000 $43,680,000 Box OEM Cost paid to OEM partners in $ $200.00 $10,400,000 $52,000,000 $104,000,000 Infrastructure (CDN/Servers/hosting) Per subscriber hosting/CDN cost Subsciber's per month data requirements w ould be either 2GB @ 375kbps encoding or 5GB @1000kbps encoding, Avergae US CDN cost around 1 US cent per GB data, $0.05 $31,200.00 $156,000.00 $312,000.00 Distribution Revenue Share % of revenues that will be given to the distribution channel- Operator, BookShop, Schools 10% $625,010.88 $3,124,717.44 $6,261,565.44 HR cost Development cost 35k/employee/Year: Salary forms 60% of total expense, remaining 40% is operating expense; Average Salary= 1000k INR (20k$), Intial Employee breakup-40 hardw are/Box development, 20 Softw are/Service development, 10 Support, 5 Admin and IT supports, HR, and 5: Executives 100 $3,500,000 150 $5,250,000 200 $7,000,000 Total Cost $18,924,211 $82,370,717 $161,253,565 Profits Revnues- Cost $325,897.92 $13,876,456.96 $31,362,088.96 Assumptions- Year 1
  23. 23. Potential Content Partners and Providers •  TIME: Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. •  Bansal Classes •  FIITJEE •  Aakash Institute •  Gupta Tutorials •  Career Launcher •  Vidya Mandir Classes •  IIT Study Circle •  Allen Career Institute- Kota •  Career Point- Kota •  Resonance- Kota •  Agrawal Classes – Mumbai •  Locus Education- DELHI •  Brilliant Tutorials- Chennai •  Anugraham-Chennai •  Narayana IIT Caoching •  Sri Chaithanya-Hyderabad •  Krishna Murthy Classes •  Ramiah study centre •  MediTECH •  CAREERFORUM •  WinEntrance •  Allen Career Institute, Kota •  CareerPoint, Kota •  Elite Academy •  Mastermind Classes •  Narayana Institute for Medical/Engineering Coaching, Delhi •  Naik Academy, Mumbai •  Oasis Educational Services •  SDK Technologies •  SuccessCDs •  Login4Career •  Aakashdeep Academy •  Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute, Delhi •  Ascent Education •  Career Forum •  Career Launcher (CL) •  IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd •  ------------------------ •  ----------MANY MORE Partnership Motives: 1) Push free content on E-Tab to lure more students for Class room courses 2) Reach more students and sell your correspondence courseswithout fear of piracy, distribution and printing costs
  24. 24. India: Content partnership Strategy •  Content Strategy: Partner with coaching institutes to jump start the Content offering –  Alpen's Proposition: •  Build new revenue stream of Distance learning market –  Offer courses/tutorials through E-Tab and save on printing, distribution and protect content from piracy –  Build and manage "invitation only" Study groups –  Offer "Real Time Help" to attract more students –  Keep 70% of the sale revenues with no opex/capex investment •  Bring Awareness to your brand and augment In-Classroom business –  Offer free/Sponsored Tutorials/Notes content to E-Tab customer to differentiate against your competitors on content quality –  Offer and manage free/Sponsored private study group to demonstrate quality of yours teachers to attract more students –  Alpen's Expectation •  Must offer your content by chapters/tutorials and notes for fixed price along with the comprehensive custom made distance learning offers
  25. 25. India: Distributor partnership Strategy •  Distribution Strategy: Partner with Coaching Institutes, Telco, and Big book shops (e.g. top 5 book shops in Nayi Sadak Delhi) – Telco (Likely and highly strategic)… think Airtel, Reliance •  Alpen's Proposition – Exclusivity for your pre-paid broadband network, Only your network will work on E-Tab – Co-Branding – Will help you sell more pre-paid broadband subscriptions for both wireless and fixed line – Earn 10% of monthly rev share- almost 20 to 40/- per customers •  Alpen's Expectation – Promote the device and provide the shelf space on the local retails stores – Coaching institutes (Likely and not very strategic) •  Alpen's Proposition – Keep 80% of the revenues instead of 70% on your content and 10% (40/- per month per E-Tab) on all the content sold via E-Tab distributed by you – Co-branding – Offer a custom market place •  Alpen's Expectation – Promote E-Tab through your distribution channel – Book Shops (unlikely at early stages, but likely later on and very strategic) •  Alpen's Proposition – Sell once and earn every month: 10% on all the content sold via E-Tab (40/- per month per E-Tab) distributed by you •  Alpen's Expectation – Promote E-Tab through your distribution channel – Retail Chains (Likely, and very strategic) •  Alpen's Proposition – Sell once and earn every month: 10% on all the content sold via E-Tab (40/- per month per E-Tab) distributed by you •  Alpen's Expectation – Promote E-Tab through your distribution channel
  26. 26. India: Accessories Partnership Strategy •  Accessories Partnership Strategy: Partner with accessories providers –  Partners •  SolidTek USA –  DigiMemo line of product- Digital Notepad –  Price point within $100 •  E-Tab and Digital Notepad Case –  Someone somewhere –  Price point within $5 •  TV cable and Docking Station –  Someone somewhere –  Price point within $30 –  Alpen's Proposition: •  E-Tab augments your sale –  Alpen's Expectation •  Discounted wholesale price
  27. 27. E-Reader Market Place ipad Kindle2 Kindle Dx B&N Nook Sony Daily Edition Que Proreader enTourage eDGe™ Cool-er Infibeam PI Adam Astak 5" EZ Reader Release Date Q1'10 Now Now Now Now Q2'10 Now Now Now Q2'10 Now Price $499 $259 $489 $259 $399 $649 $500 $250 $217 $327 $199 Size (inch) 9.5X7.4X0.5 8 x 5.3 x 0.3 10.4x7.2x0. 3 7.7x4.9x0.5 8.13x4x 0.6 8.5 x 11x . 33 8.25" x 10.75" by 1.0 7.6x4.6 8x0.4 7.2x4.7x0 .38 9.4x6.2x0.5 6x4.1x0.4 Weight 1.5 lbs. 10.2 oz. 18.9 oz. 12.1 oz. 12.75 oz. 17 oz. 3lb 0.4lb 0.4lb 1.3lb 6oz Screen Size inches 9.7 6 9.7 6 7.1 10.5 10.1 6 6" 10.1" 5" Display Color Grayscale Grayscale Grayscale Grayscale Grayscale Grayscale/ color Graysc ale Grayscale Color Grayscale Touchscree n Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Battery Life 11 hours 7 days 7 days 10 days 7 days N/A 16hr n/a 7 days 16hr n/a Storage 16, 32, 64G 2GB 4GB 2GB 1.6GB 4GB 4GB 1GB 512mb n/a 512mb Input Touch/Soft KB KB KB Soft KB Stylus/ Soft KB Touch/soft KB Touch/ button Button Button Touch/soft KB Button Wireless/ Bluetooth 3G, Wifi 3G 3G 3G/WiFi 3G/WiFi 3G/WiFi/ Bluetooth Wifi/ Bluetooth No No Wiif/3G/ Bluetooth No Market US US US US US US US US-EU India India/US/EU Global Available Content E-book, E- textbook, Newspaper, Magazine, blogs E-book, E- textbook, Newspaper, Magazine, blogs E-book, E- textbook, Newspaper, Magazine, blogs E-book, E- textbook, Newspaper, Magazine, blogs E-book, E- textbook, Newspaper, Magazine, blogs E-book, E- textbook, Newspaper, Magazine, blogs E-book E-book E-book E-book, E- textbook, Newspaper, Magazine, blogs n/a Bookstore iBookstore The Kindle Store The Kindle Store Barnes and Noble, Google Books eBook Store, Google Books Barnes & Noble 1m+ N/a N/A n/a Book Sharing N/A N/A N/A Yes No No N/A N/A N.a N/A no
  28. 28. Elevator Pitch
  29. 29. Why will students use Alpen? •  Because it gives you "More Choices" to carve your career. –  Biggest Global Talent Base of Tutors –  Remote Study and collaboration •  e.g. Sitting in Agra, collaborate with Chennai students –  Detailed Notes of any topic is just one sec away •  Buy notes and chapters, instead of books •  Because it "Works For You": –  Alpen knows "What Is Best For You" •  Alpen helps you build the best study plan by recommending notes, tutors and collaborators based on your knowledge level. –  Alpen is "Always With You" •  Carry your library with you, its lighter than any of your high-school text book. •  Because it increases your "Efficiency and productivity" –  Learn, Study, collaborate and buy notesanywhere anytime with always connected Alpen. •  Because "its Cheapest": –  Save almost 50% of the total tuition cost of 8,9,10,11,12 and entrance prep •  Because "You can earn good pocket money" –  You know you are good because your class mates come to you for help in studies. Now share your knowledge on Alpen and make good money with little or no effort.
  30. 30. Why would Teachers join Alpen community? •  Because we offer "Guaranteed Minimum Income" –  Just spend 5-10 hrs per week and produce notes for two topics per week •  Because we have "Students who need your Expertise" –  E.g. Knows Vedic astrology but cant find enough students to come home and learn. •  Because you can earn all of that "Without investing a paisa" –  No publisher, no distribution hassles– just create notes on the paper mail it to us and we will do the rest and deliver your earning at home. •  Because Alpen offers "Found Money" For Your Knowledge –  No commitment, no risk, no investment– Teach your global student base anytime, anywhere - at your will
  31. 31. Why would Coaching Institutes join Alpen? •  Because you can offer reach for your Classroom content and packages to "Any student Globally" –  Compete with Tutor vista and E-Prof with us and reach global audience with no investment or risk but with much better infrastructure •  Because you can reach "New Market" for your correspondence courses –  200k potential candidates every year, Entice them with free teasers of your content. You control price point, packaging and marketing •  Because you can "Offer products For Cheap" –  No printing and delivery cost help you offer cheaper option. You can also engage remotely located teachers to evaluate your students progress.
  32. 32. Why would Telco sell Alpen's E-Tab? •  Because you can generate "80/- ARPU" from your wireless data customers. –  Sell almost 200k new 3G subscriptions per year with monthly ARPU of 80/- for next five years –  Earn $14m per year per 1m customers. •  Because it is the "killer app for your 3G network"- and you can have it exclusively –  Indian middle class spends 33% of their income (1/3rd on school fees and 2/3rd on private tutoring) on education and you can earn significant piece of it. – TAM: $40B (16% five year CAGR). K-12 : $20B, Professional education: $7b, Tutoring $5b •  Because of potentially "huge and recurring customer base" –  Total 22 crore students; 2.5 crore 9/10th std students, 1.3 crore 11/12th std students; 1.4 crore students in higher education •  Because it’s a "risk free, zero liability proposition" –  Partnership model is analogous to Mobile phone: Sell devices through your shops and distribution channel.
  33. 33. Tutors Students •  Specifically for local classroom tuition/ coaching providers •  Wider reach than classroom (brand value increase) and closer interaction to correspondence courses students •  Reach bigger cities while operating from small Tier cities or from your home •  Secured content. Digital Right Management for copyright protection •  Collaborative distribution channel. Thus no additional marketing cost. •  No additional infrastructure needed. •  Content is digitized if in printed form •  Earn X% on content royalty for each student’s usage apart from minimum cost for content shared to Jagriti. •  Highly portable device designed for education having notebook & interactive features •  Contents from renowned professors, experts and coaching institute at home on fingertip. Content updates and revisions at incremental cost. •  Connect and interacts with experts on specific subjects by touch of button •  Personalize your contents with your own notes. Share your notes across the defined study group. •  Earn points from the innovative notes or solving problems which can be redeemed for next content purchases. Get Free or Sponsored tutorials along with the paid ones. •  View the videos of the classroom sessions as if in the actual class •  Just a press of button and jump on to the world of educational literature