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Humber Internet marketing recommendation


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Presentation about my blog Ontario Tourism

Published in: Travel, Business, Technology
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Humber Internet marketing recommendation

  1. 1. Humber Internet Marketing RecommendationAmit Aggarwalhttp://ontariotourism.blogspot.caTuesday 24th , 2012MKGT 404-1M
  2. 2. PerspectiveWhy Internet Marketing So Important ?
  3. 3. Internet Marketing is an economic, high reach, effectively, &measureable alternate to expensive broadcast marketing andcumbersome and inefficient print marketing.It includes :• Search engine optimization• Viral marketing• Email marketing• Social Media marketing• Mobile Applications• Online games• Banners• Micro-Sites• Pay-Per-Click• Websites/portal/ecommerce• Adwords
  4. 4. Social Media
  5. 5. Mobile Apps
  6. 6. Games
  7. 7. • Blog• Persona• Blog post titles• Social Media• Performance summary
  8. 8. Blog – Ontario TourismThis blog Reflect my interests becausetravelling to different new places is my passion& through this blog , I get a opportunity toknow more beautiful tourist places in Ontario.
  9. 9. Persona/Target Market• Age – 16 to 26 (teens & adult) - 45 + ( empty nester)• Gender – Male & Female• Education – High school, Graduated• Location – Canada• Income – Above $40,000• Interest – Travelling, shopping ,adventure
  10. 10. Blog Posts1. CN tower2. Niagara Fall3. Casa Loma4. Toronto Zoo5. Canada Wonderland6. African lion safari7. Ontario science centre8. 1000 Islands Canada9. Black creek pioneer village10. Collingwood & Wasaga beaches11. Royal Ontario museum
  11. 11. Facebook
  12. 12. Twitter
  13. 13. Youtube
  14. 14. Pinterest
  15. 15. Performance SummaryTwitter Counter 89 followers 225 following 446 tweets Major traffic driven social media Overall twitter mertics result match is good.
  16. 16. Facebook Insights Total 61 likes Mostly fans like come from target market (Canada). 28% female & 69% male fans like my facebook page 2nd highest traffic driven social media Overall facebook result is also good.
  17. 17. Google Analytics Total 55 visitor out of which 32 unique Mostly traffic come from Canada Traffic source are blogger, direct, facebook, yahoo, bing, & google. 3rd most traffic driven social media Overall blog traffic is good.
  18. 18. Blog GraderOverall average blog grade is 65 out of 100
  19. 19. Youtube & Pinterest Total 7 subscriber join youtube channel & no video view. Total 18 followers & 34 following on pinterest. Overall youtube & pinterest perform under below the expectation & needs more improvement.
  20. 20. Key learning: How to drive more traffic on blog How to make posts more attractingIndicated action: Post URL of blog on facebook, twiiter , & other online communities. See weekly review of blog grader & make some changes in blog post according to Hubspot grader suggestion.
  21. 21. Key learning: How to make ads on facebook How to invite fans on facebook pageIndicated action: Post more & more on facebook wall, like other facebook pages related to your topic to invite traffic on facebook page. Link facebook update with twitter.
  22. 22. Key learning: Twitter is very simple to use. How to increase fan following on twitterIndicated action: Tweet more & more everyday related to topic on twitter. Follow tweet back account
  23. 23. Key learning: How to use pinterest and pins the favourite pics. How to create youtube channel Little bit difficult to bring on youtube & pinterest as compare to other social media.Indicated action: Create topic board on pinterest & pins more & more images related to topic. Add more & more videos on youtube channel & subscribe other youtube channel.
  24. 24. BlogAdd more images to blog postAdd labels to each postWrite interesting blog postEach post at least 250 wordsUse poll to make blog interactive
  25. 25. PPC PAY-PER-CLICKChoose suggested keywords related to blogCreate PPC campaignAvg cost per click is $0.20
  26. 26. SEO Search engine optimizationAdd label to all posts.Choose keywords carefullyLinking URL to social networking sites
  27. 27. Display ad Set effective bid & budget Make display ad more attracting using different template Ten to sites are yahoo, facebook, youtube, gmail, BBC news, CBC news, hotmail, google, Washington post, New york times.
  28. 28. Email Marketing • Sent email monthly to each subscriber
  29. 29. PR Press ReleasePost press release every month on any current topic
  30. 30. Social MediaFacebookTwitterYoutube Social media powerful tool of internet marketing to interact with consumers.Upload new videos on youtube channel weekly
  31. 31. Affiliate MarketingNo need to apply on business right now due to budget problem.It costly to use affiliate marketing.
  32. 32. Mobile MarketingAdd each social media tab in apps. Select carefully apps Icon image
  33. 33. Rationale• It is necessary to follow the recommendation to enhance the functionality of each internet marketing tools.• Recommendation is based on the personal practical experience gain in internet marketing course.