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70878495 kotak-mahindra-bank

  2. 2. PREFACEThe industrial scenario of economy is highly competitive and constantlychanging. To serve this highly competitive scenario practical studies aremuch more important with theoretical studies. In India the significance ofMBA course is increasing drastically. Amongst all the PG courses MBA ismost favored. As a partial fulfillment of third semester the students have totake a summer training of 6 to 7 weeks at any company and prepare a projectreport on the basis of that practical experience.Indian economy is growing at a considerable rate. The growth of GDP inIndia is 8% per annum. The major sector contributing to the growth of GDPis service sector and it is approximately 63% to GDP. Banking is one of themain pillars of service sector. So I have decided to take exposure of bankingsector by taking practical training at KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK which isone of the reputed private banks.The aim of KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK is customization & peoplecantered banking. Customized banking system can be achieved by providedwhat customer actually wants. So we want to check weather KOTAKMAHINDRA BANK is successful or not. As a part of this study I havedecided to prepare a project report on “A COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS OFDIFFERENT PRODUCT AND MARKETING STRATEGIES OF KOTAKMAHINDRA BANK W.R.T OTHER BANKS”.
  3. 3. The study of this topic is helpful to me in analyzing customer satisfaction &loyalty to the services which they are using at the KOTAK MAHINDRABANK. This study will also be helpful to us in analyzing the informationabout what change customer want from the existing services. This reportalso gives me the overall satisfaction level of customer from the KOTAKMAHINDRA BANK & how the customers are loyal to the bank. This reportalso includes graphical representation wherever it feels necessary. Finally, itis indeed excellent opportunity for us to present this report and a matter ofesteem honors itself. After successful completion of training it is goldenexperience for me of banking sector. And I also know how the differentdepartments are working.
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTFirst of all I am thankful to KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK and BranchManager Mr. Pranaya Thapliyal for giving me permission to take thesummer training and my project guide Mr. Dhirendra Singh for his supportin this project. I would also like to thank the staff members of the bank forproviding us information about the different departments of the bank. Iwould like toFinally I am glad to thank our all faculties who have provided me substantialguidance & support in preparation of this project. This successful completionof this project could not have been possible without their co-operation andsupport.
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYT h e p r o j e c t i s b a s e d on t h e s al es s t r at e gi e s fo r t h eB a n k i n g p r o d u c t s wi t h a s pe c i a l r ef e r e n c e t o KOT A KMA HI N DRA B AN K a nd t he c on s u m er p er ce p t i o n a bo u tthe same. • F i r s t a n d F o r e m o s t , t he pu r po s e o f Ko t a k Ma h i n dr a B a n k i s t o fu l f i l l t h e n ee ds fo r i nve s t m e n t u n de r on e roof. • T h i s p r o j e c t s ho ws , t he co m m o n m an ha s s t a r t e d c a p i t a l m a r k e t t e r m l i ke bu l l a nd b ea r e xp l o d e n e w time. • I t gi v e s t h e d e t a i l vi e w of t he r egu l a t o r y fr a m e wo r k f o r t h e Ko t a k Ma h i n d r a B an k • T h e fo c u s s h i f t t o va r i ou s pr od u c t s o f KOT A K MA HI N DRA BA N K t o c at er t o t he ne ed s s u c h as r e t u r n e x p l a n a t i o n , fi na n c i a l po s i t i o n , r i s k t o l e r a n c e , etc. • T h e n e x t p h a s e l o o k u p t he i n ves t m e n t i n gr o wt h oriented stock wh i c h ar e ava i l a b l e at at t r a c t i ve relative valuation.
  6. 6. F u r t h e r t o t h i s , pr oj ec t pr oc e e d s wi t h t he r es ea r c hd e s i g n e d i n t h e l i gh t of t h e c or e obj ec t i ve s of t h e s t u dyalong wi t h t h e s u b obj ec t i ve s t h at a r e gi ve n du ec o n s i d e r a t i o n t h r o u gh ou t t h e r es ea r c h. I t a l s o e nl i s t s a l lt h e d a t a s o u r c e s as t o by whi c h me a ns t h e s t u dy h asg a i n e d m o m e n t u m . T he d at a h as b ee n c ol l e c t e d byv i r t u e o f q u e s t i o n n a i r es a nd we bs i t e s , r es pe c t i ve l y . Th escope of the s t u dy is s u gge s t e d in f a vor of thec o m p a n i e s s t r i v i n g t o em er ge as s u p er p owe r s dr a wno u t b y t h e s u r v e y . Th es e co m p a n i es c an fi ne t u ne t he i rp r o s p e c t i v e o n e s a nd ca n gr ab t h e o pp or t u n i t i e s of t h et r a n s f o r m i n g t h e we a kn e s s of ot he r i n t o t he i r o wnstrength.
  7. 7. RESEARCH OBJECTIVESVarious Objectives for conducting the research and analysis are listed asunder:Access the Market Potential of Kotak Mahindra Bank Saving Account withthe help of a survey conducted on a total of 50 Respondents .Study how new distribution channels such as Internet Banking, ATMfacility, Phone Banking have changed the face of the Banking industry.Study the impact of a customer centric approach being followed by theBank, and what is its benefit.Compare the services offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank and the customer’ssatisfaction level of the same with that of other Banks in the Private sector,and to access where the Bank has to improve.Consideration of various promotional and marketing and advertisingstrategies of Kotak Mahindra to the satisfaction among itsultimate users and consumersFinally to draw the various conclusion and recommendations on the basis ofthe study conducted on specifically taking to consideration the services,advertising and marketing strategies of the Bank.
  8. 8. SCOPE OF THE STUDYThis study helps in finding out the satisfaction of most important resourcethat is human resource in Kotak Mahindra Bank.⇒ This also helps in finding the effect ness of human resource policies in organization.⇒ The study provides knowledge of various products& investment services of Kotak Mahindra Bank⇒ The study helps to learn of work culture of organization.⇒ The study of also helps to learn what as the various benefits available to the advisor in an organization.⇒ The study also helps the company to be aware of important that it’s has to make in its incentives plan.
  9. 9. LIMITATIONS The study could not be made that comprehensive due to time constraints. Some customers feel uncomfortable to reveal some personal information relating to income etc. it might have happened that some more essential information could have been collected. Time constraint. Biases and non-cooperation of the respondents. Financial constraint. Geographical selectivity in study limiting to Delhi city only.
  10. 10. INDUSTRY PROFILE BANKING STRUCTURE IN INDIA Scheduled Banks in India (A) Scheduled Commercial Banks Public sector Private sector Foreign Banks Regional Rural Banks Banks in India Bank (28) (27) (29) (102)• Nationalized • Old Private Bank Banks• Other Public • New Private Sector Banks Banks (IDBI)• SBI and its Associates
  11. 11. (B) Scheduled Cooperative Banks Scheduled Urban Cooperative Scheduled State Cooperative Banks (55) Banks (31)Here we more concerned about private sector banks and competitionamong them. Today, there are 27 private sector banks in the bankingsector: 19 old private sector banks and 8 new private sector banks.These new banks have brought in state-of-the-art technology andAggressively marketed their products. The Public sector banks areFacing a stiff competition from the new private sector banks.
  12. 12. The banks which have been setup in the 1990s under the guidelinesof the Narasimham Committee are referred to as NEW PRIVATESECTOR BANKS.New Private Sector Banks • Superior Financial Services • Designed Innovative Products • Tapped new markets • Accessed Low cost NRI funds • Greater efficiency INDIAN BANKING INDUSTRIES
  13. 13. The Indian banking market is growing at an astonishing rate, withAssets expected to reach US$1 trillion by 2010. An expandingeconomy, middle class, and technological innovations are allcontributing to this growth.The country’s middle class accounts for over 320 million people.In correlation with the growth of the economy, rising income levels,increased standard of living, and affordability of banking productsare promising factors for continued expansion.
  14. 14. The Indian banking Industry is in the middle of an IT revolution,Focusing on the expansion of retail and rural banking.Players are becoming increasingly customer - centric in theirapproach, which has resulted in innovative methods of offering newbanking products and services. Banks are now realizing theimportance of being a big player and are beginning to focus theirattention on mergers and acquisitions to take advantage ofeconomies of scale and/or comply with Basel II regulation.“Indian banking industry assets are expected to reach US$1 trillion by2010 and are poised to receive a greater infusion of foreign capital,”says Prathima Rajan, analyst in Celents banking group and author of
  15. 15. the report. “The banking industry should focus on having a smallnumber of large players that can compete globally rather than havinga large number of fragmented players."
  16. 16. INRODUCTIONCurrent bank account is opened by businessmen who have a number ofregular transactions with the bank, both deposits and withdrawals. It is alsoknown as dCurrent account can be opened in co-operative bank and commercial bank.Incurrent account, amount can be deposited and withdrawn at any timewithout giving any notice. It is also suitable for making payments tocreditors by using cheques. Cheques received from customers can bedeposited in this account for collection.In India, current account can be opened by depositing Rs.500 (US $ 11) toRs.1,000 (US $ 22). The customers are allowed to withdraw the amount withcheques and they generally do not get any interest. In India Co-operativebankmay allow interest upto 1%.Current account holder get one important advantage of overdraft facility.Features of Current Bank AccountThe main objective of current bank account is to enable the businessmen toconduct their business transactions smoothly.There is no restriction on the number and amount of deposits. There is alsono restriction on the withdrawals.Generally bank does not pay any interest on current account. Nowadays,some banks do pay interest on current accounts.
  17. 17. Current account is of continuing nature and as such there is no fixed period.“Think Investment Think Kotak”Banks like Kotak Mahindra, standard chartered, ICICI, HDFC, andCitibank now bring your Bank Account and Debit card to your fingertips.With Mobile commerce, you can perform a wide range of query-basedtransactions from your Mobile Phone, without even making a call.Kotak Mahindra is one of Indias leading financial institutions, offeringcomplete financial solutions that encompass every sphere of life. Fromcommercial banking, to stock broking, to mutual funds, to life insurance, toinvestment banking, the group caters to the financial needs of individualsand corporate.The group has a net worth of over Rs.1, 800 crore and employs over 4,400employees in its various businesses. With a presence in 82 cities in India andoffices in New York, London, Dubai and Mauritius, it services a customerbase of over 5, 00,000.Kotak Mahindra has international partnerships with Goldman Sachs (one ofthe worlds largest investment banks and brokerage firms) and Old Mutual (alarge insurance, banking and asset management conglomerate).
  18. 18. The Kotak Mahindra Group was born in 1985 as Kotak Capital ManagementFinance Limited. This company was promoted by Uday Kotak, Sidney A.Pinto and Kotak & Company. Industrialists Harish Mahindra and AnandMahindra took a stake in 1986, and thats when the company changed itsname to Kotak MahindraFinance Limited. Since then its been a steady and confident journey togrowth and success. • 1986 : Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited starts the activity of Bill Discounting • 1987 : Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited enters the Lease and Hire Purchase market • 1990 : The Auto Finance division is started • 1991 : The Investment Banking Division is started. Takes over FICOM, one of India’s largest financial retail marketing networks • 1992 : Enters the Funds Syndication sector • 1995 : Brokerage and Distribution businesses incorporated into a separate company - Kotak Securities. Investment Banking division incorporated into a separate company - Kotak Mahindra Capital Company • 1996 : The Auto Finance Business is hived off into a separate company - Kotak Mahindra Primus Limited. Kotak Mahindra takes a significant stake in Ford Credit Kotak Mahindra Limited, for financing Ford vehicles. The launch of Matrix Information Services Limited marks the Group’s entry into information distribution.
  19. 19. • 1998 : Enters the mutual fund market with the launch of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company.• 2000 : Kotak Mahindra ties up with Old Mutual plc. for the Life Insurance business. Kotak Securities launches - its on-line broking site. Formal commencement of private equity activity through setting up of Kotak Mahindra Venture Capital Fund.• 2003 : Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. Converts to bank
  20. 20. CHAPTER-2 COMPANY’S PROFILEEstablished in 1984, The Kotak Mahindra Group has long been one ofIndia’s most reputed financial organizations. In Feb 2003, Kotak MahindraFinance Ltd., the group’s flagship company was given the license to carry onbanking business by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).This approval createsbanking history since Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd is the first company inIndia to convert to a bank. The license authorizing the bank to carry onbanking business has been obtained from the RBI in tune with Section 22 ofthe Banking Regulation Act 1949.KMBL was promoted by Mr. Uday.S.Kotak, Kotak and Company Ltd andMr. Sidney &A.A.Pinto under the name of Kotak Capital ManagementFinance Ltd on 21st Nov 1985 and obtained a Certificate of Commencementof Business on 11th Feb 1986.The bank customers have access to entire VISA network of 4500 ATM’S inIndia and 800000ATM’S worldwide accepted in more than 56000establishments across India and 10 million worldwide. The customer alsohas access to over 800 ATM’s with sharing arrangements with UTI BANK,of these 125 are in the NCR.
  21. 21. Key group companies and their businessesKotak Mahindra BankThe Kotak Mahindra Groups flagship company, Kotak Mahindra FinanceLtd which was established in 1985, was converted into a bank- KotakMahindra Bank Ltd in March 2003 becoming the first Indian company toconvert into a Bank. Its banking operations offer a central platform forcustomer relationships across the groups various businesses. The bank haspresence in Commercial Vehicles, Retail Finance, Corporate Banking,Treasury and Housing Finance.Kotak Mahindra Capital CompanyKotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited (KMCC) is Indias premierInvestment Bank. KMCCs core business areas include Equity Issuances,Mergers & Acquisitions, Structured Finance and Advisory Services.Kotak SecuritiesKotak Securities Ltd. is one of Indias largest brokerage and securitiesdistribution houses. Over the years, Kotak Securities has been one of theleading investment broking houses catering to the needs of both institutionaland non-institutional investor categories with presence all over the countrythrough franchisees and coordinators. Kotak Securities Ltd. offers online andoffline services based on well-researched expertise and financial products tonon-institutional investors.
  22. 22. Kotak Mahindra PrimeKotak Mahindra Prime Limited (KMP) (formerly known as Kotak MahindraPrimus Limited) has been formed with the objective of financing the retailand wholesale trade of passenger and multi utility vehicles in India. KMPoffers customers retail finance for both new as well as used cars andwholesale finance to dealers in the automobile trade. KMP continues to beamong the leading car finance companies in India.Kotak Mahindra Asset Management CompanyKotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Kotak Mahindra AssetManagement Company (KMAMC), a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank,is the asset manager for Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund (KMMF). KMMFmanages funds in excess of Rs 20,800 crore and offers schemes catering toinvestors with varying risk-return profiles. It was the first fund house in thecountry to launch a dedicated gilt scheme investing only in governmentsecurities.Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance LimitedKotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited is a joint venturebetween Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. and Old Mutual plc. Kotak LifeInsurance helps customers to take important financial decisions at everystage in life by offering them a wide range of innovative life insuranceproducts, to make them financially independent.
  23. 23. BOARD OF DIRECTORSMr. K.M.Gherda – Executive Chairman ♣ Mr. Uday Kotak –Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director ♣ Mr. Anand Mahindra –Co Promoter of Kotak Mahindra Bank and Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra and Mahindra ♣ Mr. Cyril Shroff –Co Promoter ♣ Mr. Pradeep N Kotak –Agri Division of Kotak and Company Limited ♣ Dr. Shanker Acharya ♣ Mr. Shivaji Dam –Managing Director Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited ♣ Mr. C.Jayaram –Executive Director ♣ Mr. Dipak Gupta –Executive Director
  24. 24. CHAPTER-3Product DetailKo t a k Ma h i n d r a Ba n k i s on e o f t he pr om i n e n t s u bs i d i a r i e s ofKo t a k Ma h i n d r a gr o u p . Th e ac t i vi t i e s of t h e co mp a n y b ei n gp a r a l l e l t o i t s o b j e c t i ve ar e ver y wi d e a nd c ove r a l l t h ec o m p o n e n t s o f a Ba n k . Th e Ba s i c a r e a of Op e r a t i o ns i s t h eB a n k i n g b u s i n e s s , o t h er pr od u c t s ar e m e a nt fo r t h e r e gu l a rr e v e n u e g e n e r a t i o n . B e i n g a Ba n ki n g h ou s e, t h e c om p a n y i sin r e gu l a r touch wi t h B an k i n g Accounts, InvestmentS e r v i c e s , C o n v e n i e n c e B an k i n g a n d O t h e r S e r v i c es .They offer complete solutions that address all your financial requirements,whether youre an individual or a firm. From everyday banking to long terminvestments — their offering covers it all. This wide range of products isdelivered to you with a genuine understanding of your specific need andwarm, personalised service.Kotak Mahindra Bank, its not about selling you many different products —its about working out a holistic, pragmatic solution that addresses yourfinancial needs. Through their varied products,they commit themselves tobecoming “banker” to the customer rather than being “asset financier” to ourcustomers.
  25. 25. Banking AccountsThere are three types of banking account:  Savings Account  Current Account  Term DepositSAVINGS ACCOUNT“Choose from our range of Savings Accounts”KOTAK MAHINDRA has got a variety of options of savings accounts tochoose from for its customers according to their convenience andrequirements .These savings accounts offer attractive returns along withpersonalized banking services at three convenient average quarterlybalances(AQB)levels of Rs. 10000 (KOTAK EDGE SAVINGSACCOUNT),Rs. 20000 (KOTAK PRO SAVINGS ACCOUNT) and atRs75000(KOTAK ACE SAVINGS ACCOUNT).The average quarterlybalance levels as well the corresponding services and benefits try to ensurethe various customer needs and requirements.Thus the three account opening options in savings account are as mentionedabove:
  26. 26. ♣ EDGE SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Kotak Mahindra Bank´s Edge Savings Account is a complete financial package customized to suit individual banking needs. Its constant endeavour is to enable regular financial transactions through online platform so that most of payments can be made directly through your account or card.Features & BenefitsWide ATM access through the Kotak Mahindra Bank Debit CardOne can walk into any KOTAK or HDFC Bank ATMs to withdraw cash orenquire balance at no extra charge!Multiple Access Channels AccessAn account through phone, mobile phone or internet to get informationabout account balance or track transactions. One can even transfer fundsthrough Phone Banking or Net Banking.Financial payments facilitated through the savings accountUse the free Payment Gateway to make online payments for utility bills,credit cards, online trading of shares or even online shopping.
  27. 27. Quick and easy funds transferQuick funds transfer to a third party account with another Bank is availableacross 15 locations through Net Banking. Also get a multi-city cheque bookso that money from account is received by the beneficiary in the fastestpossible time.Free investment accountOne can open an investment account, and use the Net Banking facility topurchase/redeem mutual funds online while directly debiting / crediting yourBank Account. Besides this you get a consolidated view of all your mutualfund investments across schemes with updated returns status, latest NAVinformation and research reports.Attractive returnsEarn better returns in your savings account, with our 2-Way Sweep facilitythat automatically sweeps out idle funds, above a threshold, from youraccount into Term Deposits. These Term Deposits sweep back into youraccount to meet fund requirements when your withdrawals exceed thebalance available in your account, thereby providing you maximumliquidity.
  28. 28. ♣ PRO SAVINGS ACCOUNT:Kotak Mahindra Bank´s Pro Savings Account is an account packed withpowerful features to provide a superior banking experience at a verycomfortable balance requirement. They provide a relationship manager whowill specifically take care of banking and investment needs.Features & BenefitsFree ATM access all domestic VISA ATM networkWalk into any VISA ATM in India to check balance or withdraw cashabsolutely free. no longer have to worry about locating your Bank or PartnerBank ATM – Use the first VISA ATM that you spot, for cash withdrawal orbalance enquiry transactions.Multiple access channelsAccess your account through phone, mobile phone or internet to getinformation on your account balance or track your transactions. You caneven transfer funds through Phone Banking or Net Banking.Free investment account
  29. 29. One can open an investment account, and use the Net Banking facility topurchase/redeem mutual funds online while directly debiting / creditingbank account. Besides this get a consolidated view of all the mutual fundinvestments across schemes with updated returns status, latest NAVinformation and research reports.Financial payments facilitated through the savings account Use our free Payment Gateway to make online payments for utility bills,credit cards, online trading of shares or even online shopping.Quick and easy funds transferQuick funds transfer to a third party account with another Bank is availableacross 15 locations through Net Banking. Also get a multi-city cheque bookso that money from account is received by the beneficiary in the fastestpossible timeAttractive returnsEarn better returns in your savings account, with our 2-Way Sweep facilitythat automatically sweeps out idle funds, above a threshold, from youraccount into Term Deposits. These Term Deposits sweep back into youraccount to meet fund requirements when your withdrawals exceed thebalance available in your account, thereby providing you maximumliquidity.Dedicated relationship manager
  30. 30. You get a one point contact for all your banking related queries andtransactions. Your relationship manager will also help you with financialplanning and sound investment decisions.Free banking transactionsYou can issue demand drafts or send cheques for collection on branchlocations without any charge to your account. ♣ ACE SAVINGS ACOUNT:Kotak Mahindra Banks Ace Savings Account has been designed as agateway to a world of financial benefits and privileged banking transactions.The account carries benefits ranging from personal investment advisoryservices to concierge services to free banking transactions. Onewill find thatthis package of services and privileges is unmatched by any other savingsaccount in the market.Features & BenefitsFree access at all domestic and international VISA ATMsNo longer have to worry about locating your Bank or Partner Bank ATM -Use the first VISA ATM that you spot, for free cash withdrawal or balanceenquiry transactions. So walk into any VISA ATM in India or abroad towithdraw cash or for balance enquiry.
  31. 31. Multiple access channelsAccess the account anytime through land line, mobile phone or internet toget information on account balance or track transactions. One can eventransfer funds through Phone Banking or Net Banking.Financial payments facilitated through the savings accountUse the free Kotak Payment Gateway to make online payments for utilitybills, credit cards, online trading of shares or even online shopping. All thisat the click of a mouse!Quick and easy funds transferTransfer funds easily and with speed, to a beneficiary account at anotherbank. One can avail of this facility by walking into any of branches or bysimple logging on to Net Banking. Also get a free multi-city cheque book sothat money from your account is transferred to the beneficiarys account atany of branch locations, in the fastest possible time.Free banking transactionsOne can issue demand drafts or send cheques for collection at all branchesfor no extra charge.Attractive returnsEarn better returns in your savings account, with our 2-Way Sweep facilitythat automatically sweeps out idle funds, above a threshold, from your
  32. 32. account into Term Deposits. These Term Deposits sweep back into accountto meet fund requirements when withdrawals exceed the balance available inthe account, thereby providing maximum liquidity.CURRENT ACCOUNTKotak Mahindra Bank offers unparalleled advantages with its three CurrentAccount offerings. Whether small/ mid size business or an enterprise spreadacross multiple locations in the country, would find a Current Account thatsjust designed for you. These Current accounts offer attractive returns alongwith personalized banking services at three convenient average quarterlybalances(AQB)levels of Rs. 25000 (KOTAK EDGE SAVINGSACCOUNT),Rs. 50000 (KOTAK PRO SAVINGS ACCOUNT) and atRs250000(KOTAK ACE SAVINGS ACCOUNT).The average quarterlybalance levels as well the corresponding services and benefits try to ensurethe various customer needs and requirements. With features ranging fromFree DDs, Free Cheque Collection, Free At -Par Cheque facility to FreeTrading Account & free Demat Account, and more!
  33. 33. Thus the three account opening options in savings account are as mentionedabove:Edge Current AccountIn need of a well equipped bank account to keep pace in all the businessendeavors. They offer the Kotak Edge Current Account, armed with Kotak2-Way Sweep and the entire gamut of Banking Privileges, providing thatextra edge to get ahead. The feature rich Kotak Edge Current Account is theideal way to make money work harder.Features & BenefitsMulti City BankingCurrent account/s with Kotak Mahindra Bank will be recognized in everyother branch. One can just walk into a Kotak Mahindra Bank branch in anyof our branches across country to satisfy all the banking needs.2 - Way Sweep* : Term Deposit linked Current AccountKotak 2-Way Sweep ensures that money never stops working for you. Dailybalances, above a threshold level, in Current Account are automaticallyswept out into Term Deposits (TD). This swept out amount is brought backinto account to meet fund requirements when withdrawals exceed thebalance available in the account (or when the account balance goes belowthe specified threshold level.) With Kotak 2-Way Sweep you enjoy the twinadvantages of attractive returns & maximum liquidity.
  34. 34. Free Demand Drafts and Pay OrdersEnjoy the benefit of our free Demand Drafts, payable at Kotak MahindraBank Branch location in India.At-par ChequesGet free At-par Cheques that are treated as local clearing cheques across allbranch locations. All these at nominal costs.Cheque CollectionAll Outstation cheques, drawn on any of branch locations, are collected atnominal charge for you. The strong network of correspondent banks enablesus to collect cheques from 1600 locations across India at faster speed andminimal costMobile Banking and AlertsOur Mobile Banking & Alerts service enables to access bank account onMobile Phone. One can access all your standing instructions (SI), any largecredits or debits, available balance, balance below AQB, any SI failure andSIs successfully executed will be intimated to you via SMS
  35. 35. Pro Current accountYou need a well equipped bank account to keep pace with you in the ever changing business scenario. We offer you the Kotak Pro Current Account, armed with Kotak 2-Way Sweep, as well as an entire gamut of Banking Privileges and user-friendly Convenience Banking facilities. The feature rich Kotak Pro Current Account is the ideal way to make your money work harder.Key Features • Dedicated Relationship Manager • Free Demand Drafts & Pay Orders> • Free At Home Services • Better Forex rates and Efficient Trade Services  ACE Current AccountIn the need of a well equipped bank account to keep pace with you in theever changing business scenario. They offer you the Kotak Ace CurrentAccount, armed with Business benefits and exclusive Ace Privileges and anentire gamut of banking conveniences especially designed for you. Thefeature rich Kotak Ace Account is the ideal way to make money work harder
  36. 36. Term Deposits Key Features • Ease and convenience of operation • Liquidity through overdraft or sweep-in facility • No penalty on pre-mature encashment • Nomination facility availableGive your portfolio stability of returns and safety and liquidity. Invest inKotak Bank Term Deposit. It offer attractive returns on term deposits andinvesting in them is really simple and convenient.Features & BenefitsEase and convenience of operationFor the first time in India, New to Bank customer can also apply online forterm deposit.An existing customer,can place a term deposit through Phone Banking orNet Banking. Whats more, one can even renew this deposit by placing an
  37. 37. instruction over phone. Needless to mention, he can do all this and more bywalking across into any of branches.Liquidity through overdraft or sweep-in facilityDeposit will be available to you should you need them in case of anemergency. One can avail upto 85% overdraft against term by paying 2%above deposit rate. This facility is available for deposits above Rs.50,000 fora tenure of 181 days or more. One can also choose to link term deposit tosavings / current account, whereby if need be, term deposit willautomatically be encashed to meet withdrawal requirement.No penalty on pre-mature encashmentIn case term deposit is pre-maturely encashed,one will earn interest at therate prevailing on the date of deposit for the withdrawn amount.Nomination facility availableOne can avail this facility for each & every account that open with us i.e.nominate different persons for different term deposit accounts can choose tochange the nominee through a declaration in the appropriate form to revisethe nomination during the term of the deposit.
  38. 38. INVETSMENT SERVICES “Making your money grow”At Kotak Mahindra Bank,can recognise that financial needs vary, not justamongst individuals, but across the different stages of your life. They haveyears of experience in helping people put together an investment portfoliothat works best for them.DEMAT Key Features • Efficient depository services that allow you to hold your shares in convenient, "demat" formats
  39. 39. • Leverage opportunities in the stock-market when you spot themIt offers streamlined, efficient depository services that allow to hold sharesin the convenient "demat" formats and leverage opportunities in the stock-market when you spot them Being a brokerage house, the company is inregular touch with the share market and its relative indexes like NSE &BSE,NCDEX. NSDL, CSDL. L e t ’ s u n de r s t a n d t he r el at i ve t er ms :S E B I ( S t o c k Ex c h a n g e bo ar d o f I nd i a )I t c h e c k o u t o n N S E a nd BS E an d al l t y pe o f s ha r e t r ad i n g( Bo t h p r i m a r y a n d s e c o n d a r y ma r ke t )N S E & B S E : - Kotak Mahindra Bank a l l o ws t o co s t u m e r t o t r a d ei n s h a r e wi t h NS E a n d B S E bo t h ( i n pr i m ar y a nd s ec on d a r ym a r k e t b o t h ) . I n B S E co s t u m e r ca n t r ad e i n 24 5 2 s t o c ks an di n NS E c o s t u m e r c a n t r a d e i n 93 3 co m p a n i e s . T he i nd ex ofN S E i s N i f t y a n d fo r BS E S e ns exNSDL AND CSDLKotak Mahindra Bank a l l o w t o c os t u m er t o i nve s t i n mu t u a l fu n da n d bo n d s . NS DL ( N a t i o n a l s ec u r i t y d ep os i t o r y l i m i t e d ) a nd
  40. 40. C S DL ( Ce n t r a l s e c u r i t y d ep os i t or y l i m i t e d ch ec k ou t o n t h i stype of investmentM C X A N D NC D E XKotak Mahindra Bank a l s o al l o w t o co s t u m e r to trade incommodity by MCX ( Mu l t i C om m o d i t y e xc ha n ge ) a ndN C D E X ( N a t i o n a l C o m m o d i t y d ai l y ex ch a n ge . In N C DE X 5 5commodity are to trade PRODUCTS OFFERED BY KOTAK MAHINRA BANKThe following are the various products of Kotak Mahindra Bank:  DEMAT & ON LINE TRADING ACCOUNT:The 3-in-1 account integrates your banking, broking and demat accounts.This enables you to trade in shares without going through the hassles oftracking settlement cycles, writing cheques and Transfer Instructions,chasing your broker for cheques or Transfer Instructions etc.  I N I T I A L P UB L I C O F F E R S ( I P O ’ S )I n t h e a b o v e p r o d u c t s we h ave di s c u s s e d i nve s t m e n t i ne q u i t y t h r o u g h s e c o n d ar y m ar ke t s . a no t h er wa y of i nve s t i n gi n e q u i t y m a r k e t s i s t h r o u gh t he pr i m ar y m ar ke t r ou t e
  41. 41. . wh e n e v e r a c o m p a n y c om e s ou t wi t h a n i n i t i a l pu b l i co ff e r i n g y o u m a y c h o o s e t o a pp l y fo r t he s ha r e . Ba s e d onn u mb e r o f v a l i d a p p l i c a t i o n r e ce i ve d , t h e c om p a n y wo u l dt h e n a l l o t t h e s h a r e t o ap pl i c a n t s .T h e o f fl i n e wa y o f i n v e s t i n g i n a n IP O i s by f i l l i n g ph ys i c a la p p l i c a t i o n fo r ms , c h eq u e s . A nd s u b mi t t i n g t he f or m st h r o u g h y o u r b r o k e r . Wi t h KOT A K MA HI N DRA BA N K a l ly o u h a v e t o d o i s f i l l i n g nu mb e r o f s h ar e o n t h e s i t e a ndsubmit.  D E R I VA T I VE SCu s t o m e r s wi t h d i f f e r e n t t yp es of r i s k pr of i l e c an u s ederivatives. • He d g i n g t h e c a s h m ar ke t po s i t i o n – i de al f or l ow r i s k profile. • T a k i n g a d v a n t a g e o f ar b i t r a ge opp or t u n i t y i n equ i t y a nd d e r i v a t i v e s ma r k e t s – i d ea l fo r l o w r i s k pr of i l e • T a k i n g a v i e w o n s t oc k/ i n d e x fo r as l on g a s 3 m on t h p e r i o d – me d i u m r i s k pr o f i l e • S p e c u l a t i v e t r a d i n g- h i gh r i s k pr of i l e
  42. 42. KOT A K MA HI N DR A B AN K o f f er s o nl i n e i n ves t m e n t i nfu t u r e a n d o p t i o n , wi t h b en e f i t o f au t o m a t e d s e t t l e m e n t s an donline risk monitoring systemMutual FundsKey Features • Assitance at every step of the investment process • An experienced research team to analyse and research the Mutual Funds available in the market • Portfolio assistanceh team analyses and researches the Mutual Funds available in the market,helping you make more informed decisions. The recommendations take intoaccount all relevant factors including the investment philosophy of the AssetManagement Company, portfolio quality, risk-adjusted returns and markettrends.The Mutual funds on advisory list range form Debt to Equity funds and aredrawn from top performing schemes of renowned Mutual Fund houses likeFranklin Templeton, Kotak, Reliance, Prudential ICICI etc.RelationshipManager will recommend the funds that suit the investment objectives.
  43. 43. I n s t e a d o f b u y i n g s h a r e s o f d i f f e r e n t co mp a n i e s t r a c ki n g t h eprice movement’s performance of t h e c om p a n y , gr o wt hp r o s pe c t s o f t h e i n d u s t r i es e t c . a nd t he n t a ki n g y ou r o wnb u y / s e l l d e c i s i o n , y o u ma y c on s i d er ma ki n g i nve s t m e n t i ne q u i t y / d e b t m a r k e t t h r o u gh t he mu t u a l fu nd r ou t e. Mu t u alfu n d i s a S E B I r e g i s t e r e d e nt i t y t h at p oo l s t h e mo n e y o fm a n y i n d i v i d u a l s ’ i n v e s t or s t o pu r c ha s e t he s t oc ks , bo nd oro t h e r fi n a n c i a l i n s t r u m e nt s . pr o f e s s i o n a lMa n a g e m e n t a n d d i v e r s i f i c a t i o n ar e t h e t wo pr i m a r y be ne f i t so f mu t u a l fu n d i n v e s t i n g. Fo r b egi n n e r s , or fo r cu s t o m e r whoa r e u n a b l e t o s p e n d t i m e o n r es ea r c h i n g s t oc ks t h e ms e l ve s ,m u t u a l fu n d i s a n i d e al r ou t e fo r a i nve s t m e n t i n equ i t y.I n v e s t i n g i n m u t u a l fu nd s o ff l i n e i nvo l ve s , t r a c ki n g d ownt h e a g e n t s a p p o i n t e d b y t he m u t u al fu nd s A MC s , f i l l i n gl e n g t h y fo r ms , wr i t i n g ch eq u e , r u s hi n g t o t he of f i c e of t h ea g e n t s b e f o r e t h e c u t of f t i mi n g t o e ns u r e t h at t h e de s i r e dNAV is allotted
  44. 44. C O N VE N I E N C E B A NK I N G “Anywhere, Anytime Banking”In todays day and age time is money. You work hard and have a busyschedule. Doing banking should be easy and convenient and not add toworries.Kotak Mahindra Bank realize this and have specially tailored a wide rangeof value added products and services to make money work for you. These,coupled with the highest standard of customer care will make life simplerand easier.
  45. 45.  Multiple Banking ChannelsToday the technology driven banks are finding various means to reducecosts and reach out to as many customers as possible spread over a diversearea. This has led to using multiple channels of delivery of their products.  ATM (Automatic Teller Machine):An ATM is basically a machine that can deliver cash to the customers ondemand after authentication. However, nowadays we have ATMs that areused to vend different FMCG products also. An ATM does the basicfunction of a bank’s branch, i.e., delivering money on demand. Hencesetting of newer branches is not required thereby significantly loweringinfrastructure costs.Cost reduction is however possible only when these machines are used. InIndia, the average cash withdrawal per ATM per day has fallen from 100 lastyears to 70 this year. Though the number of ATMs has increased since lastyear, it is not in sync with the number of cards issued. Also, there are manydormant cardholders who do not use the ATMs and prefer the tellercounters. In spite of these odds, Indian banks are increasing the number ofATMs at a feverish pace. These machines also hold the keys to futureoperational efficiencyAccount holders of Kotak Mahindra Bank Saving Account having VisaElectron Debit Card can access other Banks ATM machines unlimited times
  46. 46. per month for free, after that the Account holder has to pay nothing for thetransaction. But also holders of ATM cards cannot access machinesbelonging to other Banks.The number of ATM machines installed by Kotak Mahindra Bank is 20 inDelhi and the All India tally is 156 machines. When this figure is comparedto ICICI Bank which has thrice the number of machines in Delhi or HDFCBank which has nearly twice the number of machines in Delhi, this isworrying for Kotak Mahindra Bank.“Growth In ATM Machine With Increased Use”The Table below shows the number of ATM machines belonging to variousbanks in India:-NAME OF BANK NUMBER OF ATM NUMBER OF ATM MACHINES MACHINES (ALL INDIA BASIS) (DELHI)KOTAK MAHINDRA 250 60BankICICI Bank 560 112HDFC Bank 625 66IDBI 350 43CITIBANK 160 22HSBC 103 21AMN Amro 40 13UTI 507 -GTB 250 20From the above table we can clearly see that HDFC Bank is the Bank whichhas highest number of ATM machines on All India basis, this is followed byICICI Bank, then UTI.
  47. 47. When we look at the concentration of machines in the Delhi Region we seethat out of ICICI Bank’s 560 Machines 112 are located in Delhi representing20%.The corresponding figure for Kotak Mahindra Bank is 14.2%. HDFC Bankis 11.8%, IDBI Bank is 12.3%, and CITIBANK is 13.75%.  Net Banking:Net banking means carrying out banking transactions via the Internet. Thusthe need for a branch is completely eliminated by technology. Also thishelps in serving the customer better and tailoring products better suited forthe customer.A customer can view his account details, transaction history, order drafts,electronically make payments, transfer funds, check his account position andelectronically communicate with the bank through the Internet for which hemay have wanted to visit the bank branch.Net banking helps a bank spread its reach to the entire world at a fraction ofthe cost  Phone Banking:This means carrying out of banking transaction through the telephone. Acustomer can call up the banks help line or phone banking number toconduct transactions like transfer of funds, making payments, checkingof account balance, ordering cheques, etc. This also eliminates the customerof the need to visit the bank’s branch.  Mobile Banking :
  48. 48. Banks can now help a customer conduct certain transactions through theMobile Phone with the help of technologies like WAP, SMS, etc. This helpsa bank to combine the Internet and telephone and leverage it to cut costs andat the same time provide its customer the convenience. Thus it can be seenthat tech savvy banks are tapping the entire above alternative channels to cutcosts improve customer satisfactionSMS BankingKotak Mahindra Banks SMS Banking service enables you to access yourbank account, investment account and demat account on your Mobile Phone.Now get latest update on your account balance, salary credits, large debits,large credits, holding value and much more, on your mobile anytime. INTERNET BANKINGINTRODUCTIONThe Internet banking is changing the banking industry and is having themajor effects on banking relationships. Internet banking involves use ofInternet for delivery of banking products & services. It falls into four maincategories, from Level 1 - minimum functionality sites that offer only accessto deposit account data - to Level 4 sites - highly sophisticated offeringsenabling integrated sales of additional products and access to other financialservices- such as investment and insurance.DRIVERS OF CHANGE
  49. 49. Advantages previously held by large financial institutions have shrunkconsiderably. The Internet has leveled the playing field and afforded openaccess to customers in the global marketplace. Internet banking is a cost-effective delivery channel for financial institutions. Consumers areembracing the many benefits of Internet banking. Access to ones accounts atanytime and from any location via the World Wide Web is a convenienceunknown a short time ago.The primary drivers of Internet banking are:· Improve customer access· Facilitate the offering of more services· Increase customer loyalty· Attract new customersOTHER SERVICESBANKING HOURSKotak Mahindra Bank Account holders have been able to infer that BranchBanking is the second most Frequent Point of Interaction with the Bank. TheAverage Banking Hours is a very important aspect associated with anyBank. In today’s fast paced life where people who hold Accounts with theBank are busy working it is important that they can find a way to visit theBank without having to miss out on work.
  50. 50. The Average Banking Hours of Kotak Mahindra Bank is from 9am to 7pm,the Bank is open to the public for ten hours. These timings are convenientfor especially those Account holders who are working, these people can visitthe Bank after their Office finishes.Apart from the Average Banking Hours Kotak Mahindra Bank offers to it’sAccount holders 24 Hour Branch, 365 Days Branch and the facility ofSunday Banking.Kotak Mahindra Bank is the only Bank which offers a 24 Hour Branch inIndia, this is a big boon for people who cannot take the time out to visit theBank during the normal working hours and is also very handy duringemergencies.the 365 Day Branch of Kotak Mahindra Bank is also unique and the onlyother Bank offering this service is ABN Amro , this Branch is openregardless of the fact that it is a Sunday or a public holiday.Sunday Banking is very useful for people who are busy throughout the weekand the only day when they find the time is Sunday. Other Banks offeringthis service apart from Kotak Mahindra Bank are ABN Amro andCITIBANK.Best Compliments Card – the perfect giftIntroducing Best Compliments Card - the prepaid card from KotakMahindra Bank. It lets your loved ones choose their own gift or shop orenjoy at any place that accepts Visa cards, be it a shopping mall, arestaurant or a multiplex. So go ahead and give someone the perfect gift! No Kotak Mahindra Bank account required
  51. 51. Not restricted to a single brand or outlet - accepted at over 3 lakhs merchant establishments in India that accept Visa cards Can be used at your convenience - no need to spend the entire value in a single purchase Attractively packaged and ready-to-gift Available at all Kotak Mahindra Bank branches Valid for two years from date of issue of card COMPETIVE PROFILEHDF C BA N KThe Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) wasamongst the first to receive an in principle approval from theReserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as part ofthe RBIs liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry in 1994.The bank was incorporated in August 1994 in the name of HDFC BankLimited, with its registered office in Mumbai, India. HDFC Bankcommenced operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995.As of March 31, 2008, the Bank’s distribution network was at 761Branches and 1977 ATMs in 327 cities as against 684 branches and 1,605ATMs in 320 cities as of March 31, 2007. Against the regulatoryapprovals for new branches in hand, the Bank expects to further expandthe branch network by around 150 branches by June 30, 2008. During theyear, the Bank stepped up retail customer acquisition with depositaccounts increasing from 6.2 million to 8.7 million and total cards issued
  52. 52. (debit and credit cards) increasing from 7 million to 9.2 million.Whilstcredit growth in the banking system slowed down to about 22% for the yearended 2007-08, the Bank’s net advances grew by 35.1% with retailadvances growing by 38.6% and wholesale advances growing by 30%,implying a higher market share in both segments.The transactional banking business also registered healthy growth Withcash management volumes increased by around 80% and trade servicesvolumes by around 40% over the previous year. Portfolio quality as ofMarch 31, 2008 remained healthy with gross nonperforming assets at 1.3%and net non-performing assets at 0.4% of total customer assets. TheBank’s provisioning policies for specific loan loss provisions remainedhigher than regulatory requirements.
  53. 53. HDFC BANK PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SEGMENTS PERSONAL BANKING Loan Product Deposit Product Investment & Insurance• Auto Loan • Saving a/c • Mutual Fund• Loan Against • Current a/c • Bonds Security • Fixed deposit • Knowledge• Loan Against • Demat a/c Centre Property • Safe Deposit Lockers • Insurance• Personal loan • General and• Credit card Health• 2-wheeler loan Insurance• Commercial • Equity and vehicles finance Derivatives• Home loans • Mudra Gold• Retailbusiness Bar banking• Tractor loan• Working Capital
  54. 54. Finance • Construction Equipment Finance • Health Care Finance • Education Loan • Gold Loan Cards Payment Services Access To Bank • Credit Card • NetSafe • NetBanking • Debit Card • Merchant • OneView • Prepaid Card • Prepaid Refill • InstaAlert • Billpay MobileBanking • Visa Billpay • ATM • InstaPay • Phone------------------------------- Banking • DirectPay- • Email • VisaMoney Transfer Forex Services Statements • e–Monies Electronic------------------------------- • Branch Funds Transfer- Network • Online Payment of Direct • Product & Services Tax • Trade Services • Forex service
  55. 55. Branch Locater • RBI Guidelines WHOLESALE BANKING Corporate Small and Medium Financial Institutions Enterprises and Trusts• Funded • Funded Services BANKS Services • Non Funded • Clearing Sub-• Non Funded Services Membership Services • Specialized Services • RTGS –• Value Added • Value added submembership Services services • Fund Transfer• Internet • Internet Banking • ATM Tie-ups
  56. 56. Banking • Corporate Salary a/c • Tax Collection Financial Institutions Mutual Funds Stock Brokers Insurance Companies Commodities Business TrustsHDFC BANK Market Strategy Emphasizes The Following:
  57. 57. • Increase market share in India’s expanding banking and financial services industry by following a disciplined growth strategy focusing on quality and not on quantity and delivering high quality customer service. • Leverage our technology platform and open scaleable systems to deliver more products to more customers and to control operating costs. • Maintain current high standardsfor asset quality through disciplined credit risk management. • Develop innovative products and services that attract the targeted customers and address inefficiencies in the Indian financial sector. • Continue to develop products and services that reduce bank’s cost of funds. • Focus on high earnings growth with low volatility.Products and Services – HDFC BankProduct range: The following is the product range offered at HDFC:While various deposit products offered by the bank are assigneddifferent names, the deposit products can be categorized broadly intothe following types. Definition of major deposit schemes are as under:-1. Demand deposits:
  58. 58. "Demand Deposits" means a deposit received by the bank which iswithdrawn able on demand;a) Savings Account:"Savings Deposits" means a form of Demand Deposit which is subjectto restrictions as to the number of withdrawals as also the amounts ofwithdrawals permitted by the bank during any specified period;HDFC provides with saving bank account with the usual facilities,and one also gets a free ATM card, intrbranch banking, bill paymentfacilities, phone banking and mobile banking.2. Term Deposits:"Term Deposit" means a deposit received by the bank for a fixedperiod withdraw able only after the expiry of the fixed period andincludes deposits such as Recurring / Double Benefit Deposits / ShortDeposits / Fixed Deposits / Monthly Income Certificate / QuarterlyIncome Certificate.3. Notice Deposit:Notice Deposit means Term Deposit for a specific period but whichcan be withdrawn on giving at least one complete banking daysnotice.4. Current Account:"Current Account" means a form of Demand Deposit wherefromwithdrawals are allowed any number of times depending upon thebalance in the account or up to a particular agreed amount and will
  59. 59. also include other deposit accounts which are neither Savings Depositnor Term Deposit; The account holder gets a personalized chequebook, monthly account statements, and Inter-branch banking.5. Corporate Account:-These are more commonly known as Salary Accounts. These areaccount in HDFC bank with zero balance. These are given to salariedpeople. These accounts are opened by the employer for the employeesto deposit the salary of the employee directly to the account.6. HDFC Bank Preferred:-A preferential Savings Account where in, one is assigned with adedicated Relationship Manager, who’s you’re the one point contact.One also get privileges like fee waivers, enhanced ATM withdrawallimit, priority locker allotment, free Demat Account and lower interestrates on loans7. Sweep-In Account:-A Fixed Deposit linked to one’s Savings Account. So, even if one’sSavings Account runs a bit short, one can issue a cheque (or use ATMCard). The money is automatically swept in to one’s Savings Accountfrom one’s Fixed Deposit Account. The excess funds in the accountare directly transferred to the fixed deposit account of the accountholder.
  60. 60. 8. Super Saver Account:It gives one an overdraft facility up to 75% of one’s fixed deposit. Inan emergency, you can access your funds while your fixed depositcontinues to earn high interest.9. HDFC Bank Plus:Apart from Regular and Premium Current Accounts HDFC also hasHDFC Bank Plus, a Current Account and then something extra for theHDFC bank customers. One can transfer up to Rs. 50 lakh everymonth at no extra charges, between the four metros. One can alsoavail cheque clearing between the four metros, get cashdelivery/pick-up up to Rs. 25000/-, home delivery of demand drafts,at-par cheque, outstation cheque clearing facility, etc.10. Demat Account:One can conduct hassle-free transactions on the stock market for one’sshares. The shares held by the customer are protected from damage,loss and theft, by maintaining these shares in electronic form. Thisaccount can be accessed through Internet too.11. Loans:
  61. 61. There are a variety of loan schemes offered like personal loans, newcar loans, used car loans, loan against shares, consumer loans, twowheeler loans, and home loans. These are available with easy paybackin monthly instalments. Loans are sanctioned with easydocumentation and quick delivery.Home Loan - Home loans for individuals to purchase (fresh / resale)or construct houses. Application can be made individually or jointly.HDFC finances up to 85% maximum of the cost of the property(Agreement value + Stamp duty + Registration charges) based on therepayment capacity of the customer Home improvement loanHIL facilitates internal and external repairs and other structuralimprovements like painting, waterproofing, plumbing and electricworks, tiling and flooring, grills and aluminum windows. HDFCfinances up to 85% of the cost of renovation (100% for existingcustomers) subject to market value of the property.Purpose External repairs Tiling and flooring Internal and external painting Plumbing and electrical work Waterproofing and roofing Grills and aluminum windows
  62. 62.  Waterproofing on terrace Construction of underground/overhead water tank Paving of compound wall (with stone/tile/etc.) Home extention loanHEL facilitates the extension of an existing dwelling unit. All theterms are the same as applicable to Home Loan.• PurposeHDFC Home Extension Loan makes it convenient for you to extendor add space to your home. Be it an additional room, a largerbathroom, or even enclosing an open balcony.• Maximum loan• 85% of the cost of extension• Maximum Term20 years subject to your retirement age• Applicant and Co- Applicant to the loanHome Loans can be applied for either individually or jointly.Proposed owners of the property, will have to be co-applicants.However, the co-applicants need not be co- owners.• Adjustable Rate Home LoanLoan under Adjustable Rate is linked to HDFCs Retail PrimeLending Rate (RPLR). The rate on your loan will be revised everythree months from the date of first disbursement, if there is a changein RPLR, the interest rate on your loan may change. However, the
  63. 63. EMI on the home loan disbursed will not change*. If the interest rateincreases, the interest component in an EMI will increase and theprincipal component will reduce resulting in an extension of term ofthe loan, and viceversa.ICICI BANKICICI Bank is the largest private sector bank & the second largest bank inthe country in terms of assets. It is a pan-India player with around 950branches (including recently acquired Sangli bank). The bank has boostedit’s overseas operations in the last three years and now has presence in 18countries either through subsidiaries or representative offices .Together withit’s subsidiaries , ICICI Bank offers a complete spectrum of financialservices & products ranging from commercial banking to investmentbanking , mutual fund to insurance.ICICI has a very compelling growth story ahead of it as Indian economycontinues to boom. The GDP growth in India has been an average 8% for thelast 3 years. Although I think that the market has some more downside left toit, if I were to build a new position in ICICI, I would start buying here ondips maybe in one-thirds or one-fourths.Investment Rationale :
  64. 64. ICICI Bank will remain a one of the most fancied stocks among theinvestors who believe in India’s long-term growth story. • Retail banking though slowed down will remain focus area for ICICI Bank • Massive scale up in international banking • Innovate approach to tap potential in Rural & SME sector • Robust non-interest income compensating for slower growth in Net Interest Income • Sangli Bank acquisition will help the bank to improve CASA deposits . MARKETING STRATEGY OF ICICI BANK : • India’s second largest bank • 614 branches and extension counters • 2200 ATM’S • Biggest private sector bank in India • Most valuable bank in India in terms of market capitalization • Described by the competitors and industry expert in one word – “Aggressive”First In The Industry • Introduced concept of branding in the Indian banking industry • Process, People and Physical evidence – brought to life by ICICI • Product Innovation – Put the ‘customer first’ in the true sense
  65. 65. • Cash on the celebrity fever – Introduced the concept of brand ambassadors • Introduction of DSA’s and DST’s • Unleashed the power of the internet – introduced the concept of net banking and e-mail marketing • First bank to focus on retail banking as a driver for growth • Comprehensive data centre availability & data protection solutionsIn effect – changed and shaped the Indian Banking IndustryFocus Areas Of Marketing Efforts • Target marketing and customer acquisition • Share of wallet • Channel strategy and management • Relationship management and database marketing • Product development & innovation • Credit approvalBasis For Segmentation • Occupation = Different products for different occupational segment identified • Income = Minimum balance serves as a income segment barrier • Geographical
  66. 66. = Concentrated on Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cities trying to extend reach • Age = Different products like student account.Targeting:Differentiated marketing strategy: • Tailors its marketing campaigns to meet the needs of its target prospects • Creates differentiated product offering for different segment • Use of technology in tracking customer segment.Positioning: • Core proposition – ‘Hum hain na’ – trust, credibility, total financial solution provider (brought about through its cross selling effort) • Modernization – process and physical evidence – technology as the backbone and accelerator • ICICI bank is absolute appalling. Their slogan of “Hum hain na” is very apt, only that it applies to their customers (i.e. us poor mortals). Hum hain na &&& to bank with ICICI. • ICICI bank the most amazing bank with a punch line as “Hum Hain Na”, i think they mean ” Hum hain - -na (not available)” • (Earlier I was with ICICI) I must say they rock; very good bank with great customer support.
  67. 67. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY & CHANNEL STRATEGY OF ICICIBANKDISTRIBUTION STRATEGY: • Cross selling of products as a major area of focus • Creation of concept of DSA (Direct Selling Agent) • Creation of concept of DST (Direct Selling Team) • Effort on the part of the bank to reach the customer rather than waiting for the customer • Use of internet, mobile, ATM’s and other technological device to reach and serve the customers •CHANNEL STRATEGY:Red- 35% BranchBlue- 47% ATM
  68. 68. Green – 6% Call centersViolet- 5% InternetYellow- 7% COPSPROMOTION STRATEGY, ADVERISING, PUBLIC RELATIONS,OUT-DDOR ACTIVITIES, OTHER INITIATIVES OF ICICI BANK. 1) PROMOTION STRATEGY: • Corporate branding • Product brandingBrand: result of customer interactionsAs Brand exists in the customers’ mind, Brand is entirely the product ofcustomer experiences. Every kind of interaction with the customer that theycan relate to our brand name leaves behind some perception that contributesto, or detracts from Brand. Hence, every interface between our companyand the customer is a medium for building Brand.Product Promotion: • Aimed at generating sales • Communicates product features and benefits • Mainly through print media
  69. 69. • Point of purchase promotion tools for different products to reach the relevant customer segment. 2) PUBLIC- RELATIONS :Purpose - To deliver communication that is uniform in its message and yetcustomised for specific target audiences • Media relations – Press conferences – Press Releases – 1-1 interviews • Investor relations • Analyst relations • Government relations 3) OUT-DOOR ACTIVITIES :Need to be seen…everywhere!!’ • Events at corporate campus • Promotional material at channel partner outlets • Billboards • Signages • Kiosks in residential and commercial complexes
  70. 70. 4) OTHER INITIATIVES :• In-film promotions – Baghban• Co-Branding Initiatives – Alliance with Amway India for launch of the international credit card. The card will enable Amway distributors to purchase Amway products and earn and redeem reward points – Indian Railways Catering And Tourism Development Corporation, in conjunction with ICICI Bank, announced the launch of mobile payments and ticketing system, offering
  71. 71. IRCTC customers to book railway tickets via SMS and make payments through their ICICI Bank account. • Cross brand associations - acquiring databases of high net worth clientele of lifestyle products : Tie-up with ‘Woven Hues’ • Young Stars Account – Promotion through tie-up with Cartoon Network, and in-series promotion through Tom & Jerry • Seminars in partnership with media channelsProducts and Services – HDFC BankICICI Bank offers wide variety of Deposit Products to suit customerrequirements. Coupled with convenience of networked branches/ over 1800ATMs and facility of E-channels like Internet and Mobile Banking, ICICIBank brings banking at the doorstep.
  72. 72. SAVINGS ACCOUNTICICI Bank offers customers a power packed Savings Account with a hostof convenient features and banking channels to transact through. So nowcustomers can bank at their convenience, without the stress of waiting inqueues. ICICI Bank provides its customers with various types of savingsaccounts keeping in mind different needs of different people. • Normal Savings Account • Special Savings Account • Senior Citizen Accounts • Young Stars Accounts • Women AccountsNormal Savings Account:The Normal savings Account that ICICI offers has the following salientfeatures
  73. 73. 1. Anywhere Banking: Opening an account with ICICI is not exclusive to the branch the customer has walked into, customer enjoy the power of banking at any of the branches throughout India. Customers have the power to withdraw cash up to Rs. 50,000 and make cash deposits up to Rs. 50,000 as well.2. Internet Banking: This is a value added service that the customers are offered free of cost it allows them to check their account balance, pay utility bills, make fund transfers between self accounts as well as third party at the click of the mouse.3. Ncash debit cum ATM card: It is an international 2-in-1 card that enables customers not only to withdraw cash from ICICI but also from a non ICICI VISA ATM’s further it allows customers to shop at various merchant outlets accredited to VISA across the globe.4. Minimum Balance: Customers need not maintain a daily minimum balance in their account. On a given day balance in the account may drop to zero, this allows customers all their funds at their disposal. Customers need to maintain an average balance of Rs.5,000 per quarter. Non-maintenance of the minimum average quarterly balance attracts a fee of Rs.750 per quarter. Special Savings Account: The Special Savings Account has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of organizations such as Trusts, Associations, Societies,
  74. 74. Councils, Clubs etc. It provides organizations solutions with addedvalue and is ideal for tax exempted entities.The Special Savings Account has the following salient features1. Multi-City Cheque Book: This facility allows its customers to skip the traditional way of transferring funds to other cities through a demand draft. The Special Savings Account holder are issued two separate chequebooks for local and outstation use, thereby not only saving on time but also saving on draft commission. The cheques are payable at par at designated ICICI Bank branches across the country. There will be no limit to the value of cheque issued on a single day at RBI clearing centers. For all other centers a cap of Rs.10, 00,000 on a single day apply. All chequrebooks are personalized.2. Quantum Optima Facility: Quantum Optima facility combines the liquidity of a saving account and high returns of Fixed Deposit. All balances in the saving account above Rs.25,000 are transferred to a fixed deposit in multiples of Rs.5,000 for a time period of one year. The funds however continue to be accessible around the clock through ATM, and also through cheques. Whenever the saving account balance falls below the specified limit, sufficient amount is transferred back from the fixed deposit by breaking in units of Rs.1,000 on last in first out basis, the terms of the fixed deposit can be specified. This facility is available to those
  75. 75. employees who do not use the overdraft facility. However one the overdraft is regularized this facility can be resumed. 3. Others:- Internet Banking .-Free Anywhere banking .-Free collection of outstation cheques.-Free monthly account statements.-Payroll processing for employees of the organization through ICICIBank Salary Accounts.-Inward remittance through Money2India for approved trusts.Senior Citizen Account:The Senior Citizen Account has a few services that the Normal SavingsAccount does not offer. The salient feature of the Senior Citizen Accountare
  76. 76. • Higher Interest Rates. • Demand Loan / overdraft against deposits will be upto 90% of the deposit. • The upcountry cheque collection facility for locations with ICICI Bank presence free of charge to the Senior Citizen customers. • The ICICI Bank Ncash debit card is a debit-cum-ATM card providing you with the convenience of acceptance at merchant establishments and cash withdrawals at ATMs. • Auto Invest Account • Internet Banking is offered free of cost. • Anywhere Banking - This facility entitles the account holder to withdraw or deposit cash upto a limit of Rs.50,000 across all ICICI Bank branches. • You can give us various types of standing instructions like transferring to fixed deposit accounts at regular intervals. • An average quarterly balance of Rs 5,000 only. Non-maintenance of the minimum average quarterly balance attracts a fee of Rs 750 per quarter. • Nomination facility is available. • Interest is payable half-yearly.Young Stars Account:Young Stars is a banking service for children, aged 1day -18 years, broughtto you by ICICI Bank to help the parents meet the present and futureaspirations that they hold for their child. It offers various savings and
  77. 77. investment options to the parent along with teaching the child to managehis/her personal finance in a more responsible and independent manner.Young Stars will guide your child through the world of banking -throughchecking the account balance, fun zones and special pages on the internet. Itmakes banking a pleasure and of course teaches your child to manage theirpersonal finances.With the pocket money that you transfer to your childsaccount, you can even shop with him / her at Young Stars very ownshopping page.You can even open a recurring deposit in your childs name.Once you are done with your banking, you can access your childs accountwith all the fun links to special zones designed to suit your childs area ofinterests and also impart knowledge on the current events of the world.Salient features:1. Option of a Savings Bank account, Fixed Deposit account orRecurring Deposit account.2. Minimum balance at Rs. 500/- per quarter for Savings Bank.3. A special Recurring Deposit account with additional features asbelow: i The parent would put forward the desired amount to be earnedat the end of the tenure
  78. 78. ii Based on the prevailing rate of interest, the bank staff would thenback calculate the installments to be deposited now till maturity.4. Free personalized chequebook5. Free Domestic Debit Card* for the child above the age of 10 yearswith features as below: a Daily withdrawals limits of Rs. 1,000/-b Daily spend limits of Rs. 1,000/-c Special privileges across select alliance partners outlets.6. Facility to invest in GOI Relief Bonds and Mutual Funds, as GOIRelief Bonds have been discontinued.7. Free Internet banking. a Separate user ids and passwords for both parents and children b Access to special zones and links to related websites for makinginternet banking a memorable experience.8. Facility to transfer funds from parent account to kid account to enableparents to inculcate savings habit amongst children.9. Facility of transferring funds from the Young Stars accounts to theRD to enable the parents to let their child earn more.10. Alliances with various partners to meet the childs needs in variedinterest areas such as clothing, computers, books, music, toys etc.
  79. 79. * Available for children above the age of 10 years only.Women’s Account:The features of the account have been specially designed keeping in mind awomans financial requirements. These includeA) Recurring DepositsB) Financial planning of childrenC) Family Shield InsuranceIn addition to these, all features of the existing bank account are availablewith this account as well such as•Free international debit card•Internet Banking•Phone Banking
  80. 80. •ATMsRecurring deposit• A small amount of money saved every month can grow to a largeamount over a period of time•No Tax deducted at source•Can be used for your future expenses like your childs education, marriage,festivals, or just to buy that gold necklace you always wanted, by keepingaside a small fixed amount every monthFamily shield insurance•Ensures the security of your family through a personal accident insurancepolicy•For an yearly premium amount of Rs.60/-, your child/family can be insuredfor an amount of Rs. 2 lac (in case of surface accidents) or Rs.4 lac (in caseof air accidents).Financial Planning for Children
  81. 81. A "Young star" account - special account for kids to promote the savingshabit in them can be opened for just for a minimum balance of Rs.500 perquarter. The account has the following features•Free differentiated debit card for them•Free differentiated cheque book•Free internet banking•Facility to transfer funds from parent account to kid account to enableparents inculcate savings habit in childrenCurrent Accounts:Every business requires efficient banking facilities to support its businessactivities. ICICI Bank offers premium quality service, unfolding a widearray of class products. With technology leadership and service the bank isable to meet some of the most challenging financial needs of clients.A Current Account is one that is required by Businessman, Joint stockcompanies, Institutions, Public authorities, public corporationsetc. Any business that has numerous banking tranactions need acurrent account as it • Allows running account supporting unlimited withdrawals and deposits. • Is meant for convenience and not to save money.
  82. 82. Benefits of current account • Unlimited Withdrawal and Deposit • Unlimited Cheque book • Demand Drafts and Payorders • Funds Transfer ( Local or Anywhere) • Collection of Cheques/ Drafts • Statements,Advices, Daily statement by e-mail • Cash withdrawal and Deposits • Call center • Internet BankingAdded features of Current Account • Multicity Cheque payment facility at over 155 centers • Anywhere Banking facility • Doorstep Banking - Pick up and delivery of Currency / Cheque • Mobile Banking Made 2 order Current Account: Made2order current account, unlike the normal current account which is based on the quarterly balance, allows the
  83. 83. customer to have customized current account based on thebusiness requirement. The made2order current account istotally flexible and can be adapted to changing businessrequirement, without having the requirement to CurrentAccounts have specific requirement of Quarterly AverageBalance (QAB) maintenance and inturn offer various facilitiesfree of cost to the customer based on the QAB.A personalized schedule of charges is derived for eachcustomer based on:• Service Required• QAB as agreed to be maintained in the account• Float expected in the accountThe made2order customers based on the services requiredmaintain the required QAB or pay scaleable volume drivenfees for the services utilised.Some of the other facilities offered under made2order currentaccount are as mentioned below• Multi City Cheque Facility• Anywhere Banking Facility• Upcountry Cheque Collection• Pay Orders and Demand Drafts
  84. 84. • Corporate Care Service • Doorstep Banking Facility • Internet Banking Facility • Debit/ ATM Card • Mobile Banking • More Useful Facilities You can be in touch with your Solution Manager for structuring your current account.Escrow Account:An Escrow Account refers to assets or revenue streams held insafe custody as safety against a contingent situation of non-fulfillment of a contract. In simpler words we may say that anescrow a/c is a third party arrangement to ensure performance ofcertain obligations between certain parties and operated in termsof an underlying agreement. The account will be a current a/cwithout cheque drawing facility or a Fixed Deposit account, asdefined in the terms of the agreement.
  85. 85. Escrow a/cs are typically used for lending arrangements, projectfinancing, Securitisations, M&As, Buy-back of shares, take-overs, custody, litigations, purchase & sale of land, Source code(used in software) custody, etc. The following reasons enumeratewhy Escrow accounts are opened: • Provides greater security & comfort • Trapping of identified cash flows • Regulatory requirements • Custody of cash / documents • Ease of monitoringThe funds in the Escrow a/c are held for the benefit of theBeneficiary of the a/c rather than person / company in whosename the a/c is opened. For e.g.. in a borrower lenderarrangement, the a/c name is "Borrower - Escrow a/c" and thefunds deposited are that of the borrower but the funds are held inthe escrow a/c for the benefit of the Lender .Roaming Current AccountOnly Roaming Current Account from ICICI Bank travels the distance withcustomers business. With advanced technological features such as MCC andLCC, banking needs are well taken care of, customers can access theiraccounts at over 500 networked branches across the country.So while customers take care of their business, ICICI Bank’s RoamingCurrent Account simplifies banking for them.Product Features :-
  86. 86. • Choose your account • Multi City Cheque Facility • Anywhere Banking acility • Upcountry Cheque Collection • Pay Orders and Demand Drafts • Phone Banking Facility* • Doorstep Banking Facility • Internet Banking Facility • Debit/ ATM Card • Mobile BankingReal Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system: • RTGS is a payment system in which both processing and final settlement of funds transfer instructions take place continuously in real time. • It is a gross settlement system where transfers are settled individually, that is, without netting debits against credits.As it is a real-time settlement system, the system effects finalsettlement continuously rather than periodically at pre-specifiedtimes provided that a sending bank has sufficient coveringbalances or credit.
  87. 87. RTGS system can be characterized as a funds transfer system thatis able to provide continuous intra-day finality for individualtransfers. In this system payment instructions between banks areprocessed and settled individually and continuously throughoutthe day. This is in contrast to net settlements where paymentinstructions are processed throughout the day but inter-banksettlement takes place only afterwards typically at the end of theday.In RTGS system, payee banks and their customers receive fundswith certainty, or so-called finality, during the day, enablingthem to use the funds immediately without exposing themselvesto risk.
  88. 88. STRATEGIC ALLIANCES ENTERED BY KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK NATIONAL ATM ALLIANCESThe Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology(IDRBT), a group established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1996,has planned to set up a national switch to hook up all of the countrys10,000-odd ATMs.The idea of establishing ATM interconnectivity through a national switchhas been approved by the information chiefs of various Banks.The expected cost of transactions routed through the switch is to be under 10rupees (21 cents U.S.) each, due to the high volumes of transactions --almost 100,000 per day.CASH NETIt is an Alliance between Citibank, Industrial Development Bank of India,Kotak Mahindra Bank and UTI Bank. This is the countrys first independentshared ATM network.IDBI Bank received permission from the Reserve Bank (RBI) to serve as thenetworks settlement bank.
  89. 89. Cash net will give access to more than 1,300 ATMs for more than 6 milliondebit cardholders of the member banks. The Alliance would constitute abouta third of the total card base and 15 percent of the ATM base in the country.Kotak Mahindra Bank and India and Kotak Mahindra Bank have entered into an allianceto provide online and offline banking and related services to the Indianconsumer.The alliance will enable information on the entire range of the banksconsumer banking products to be made available to the 6.4 million onlinecustomers of services offered include detailed information on various deposits, loansand mortgages, credit cards, mutual funds and insurance products of thebank. Users will be able to directly interact with the bank and request forproducts online
  90. 90. Survey Conducted on 50 Respondants ♣ DURATION WITH BANK DURATION WITH BANK Less than 6 Over 2 years months 6 months to 1 17% 3% year 30% 1 to 2 years 50%The study of 50 Kotak Mahindra Bank respondents consisted of a majorityof customers who had been with the Bank for a reasonable amount of time.This is good as these customers have had the opportunity to properly accessthe service level of the Bank, and can compare their experiences of KotakMahindra Bank with banks they have previously and are currently dealingwith.Out of the total respondents only 3% have been with the Bank for lessthan 6 months, the rest 97% have had the opportunity to know aboutthe strengths and weaknesses of the Bank.Another inference that we can draw from this study is that couple of yearsthe Bank has been actively acquiring new customers as from the survey wecan see that about 80% of the customers have opened their accounts during
  91. 91. the past two years. The reason for this could be that during the past twoyears the Bank has been able to convince many prospective customers aboutthe superior service it is able to offer in comparison to competing Banks.Another reason could be that the customer base of the Bank has increaseddue to sheer word of mouth of the Banks millions of satisfied customers. ♣ REASON FOR CHOOSING BANK REASON FOR CHOOSING BANK Recommended by Family/Friend Brand Name/Reputation 34% of bank 44% Advertisement Branch near 0%6% 16% Office/Residence Other ReasonsIf the Bank could get to know of that very compelling factor that convincedthe customer to open the account then the Bank could use this in its favor toattract more customers.From the study conducted the factor which has come out strongest in thisregards is the “Other Reasons” getting 44% of the responses, going deeperinto this response by asking the respondent what is the factor they include inthis Other Reasons is that most people are not the deciding factor when they
  92. 92. open a saving account, this is done so by their employers. The customer’ssalary accounts are created by the companies in which they work. MOST FREQUENT POINT OF INTERACTION WITH THE BANK MOST FREQUENT POINT OF INTERACTION 30 26 25 20 16 15 10 6 5 2 0 0 0 Visit Branch ATM Phone Drop Box Internet Door Step Banking BankingThe Banks are very interested to know the most popular Point ofInteraction with the Bank as if the Bank is lacking in one of these steps canbe taken to make the situation better.From the study we can see more than half (more than 50%) of the totalrespondents feel that they interact most with the Bank with the help of ATM.Hence the importance of ATM cannot be overstated.The Second most popular point of interaction that arises from the study isthe Branch with 32% of the respondents favoring this option. KotakMahindra Bank is unique in an aspect that it follows the “Any BranchBanking” wherein the Account holder can use any of the Banks 156Branches all over the country.
  93. 93. An aspect that customers really appreciate is the 24 hour Branches and the365 Days Branches of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The 24 Hour Branch ofKotak Mahindra Bank is located at sector 18 noida apart from theseBranches in Mumbai and other cities in India.Kotak Mahindra Bank is the only Bank which has the facility of a 24 HourBranch. As for a 365 Day Branch the only Bank having this facility apartfrom Kotak Mahindra is UTIBank.The third most Frequent Point of Interaction is Phone Banking with 11.5%of the respondents favoring this medium. Phone Banking is one of the newage Banking techniques. It is in it’s infancy in India and people have nottaken to it as is the case in other Developed Countries in the World.In the study it was seen that customers have mixed feeling when it comes toPhone Banking as sometimes they do not find it as an effective alternate totraditional forms of Banking.The forth most Frequent Point of Interaction with the Bank is InternetBanking with 4% of the respondents favoring this medium. InternetBanking is the most modern means of Banking available to the customersbut due to the general perception that this medium is not safe it is not usedby many people.In our study only 60% of the total respondents have at least once usedInternet Banking.
  94. 94. The two options which were not favored by any respondents as the mostFrequent Point of Interaction are Drop Box Facility and Door StepBanking. OVERALL SATISFACTION LEVEL OVERALL SATISFACTION LEVEL 30 26 25 20 14 15 10 10 5 0 0 0 Very Satisfied Somewhat Neither Somewhat Very Satisfied Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Dissatisfied DissatisfiedAny service provider would want their customers to have a high OverallSatisfaction level. Kotak Mahindra Bank has scored very well in this regard.The most important thing is that no respondent has complained that theyare overall dissatisfied with the bank. This is a very important findingbecause this shows the effort Kotak Bank puts in providing their customers asuperior service has not gone waste.More than half of the total respondents (52%) say that they are somewhatsatisfied with the overall service of the Bank. About 30% of the total
  95. 95. respondents say that they are Very Satisfied with their OverallExperience with the Bank.Hence about 82% of the Respondents are Satisfied with their OverallExperience with the Bank.The study is showing a very good Overall Satisfaction Level by theAccount holders SATISFACTION LEVEL WITH BANK STAFF SATISFACTION LEVEL WITH BANK STAFF (Courtesy,Qualified) 25 23 20 15 15 10 10 5 2 0 0 Very Satisfied Somewhat Neither Somewhat Very Satisfied Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Dissatisfied DissatisfiedBanks are institutions which are backed up by a large amount of capital;today’s Banks are spending a huge amount of money on technology,improvement in infrastructure, etc. But even today the most lasting impactabout any Bank comes from the customers experience with the Bank Staff.Any paining experience can have a lasting impact on the mind of thecustomer, this can force him to change Banks or even discourage othersfrom joining the Bank. Hence Banks should train their employees tomaintain good relations and be cooperative with the customers.
  96. 96. From the results of the findings we can see that Kotak Mahindra Bank hasbeen successful in marinating a high level of customer satisfaction with theemployees. Only 4% of the total respondents included in the study weredissatisfied.The number of respondents who were Very Satisfied represented 30% ofthe total respondents while those who were Somewhat Satisfied were 46%of the total. The respondents who were Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfiedare 20% of the total. SATISFACTION LEVEL WITH BANKING HOURS (10 am to 7 pm) SATISFACTION LEVEL WITH BANKING HOURS (10 am to 7 pm) 25 22 20 14 15 10 10 4 5 0 0 Very Satisfied Somewhat Neither Somewhat Very Satisfied Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Dissatisfied DissatisfiedFrom the analysis of the data that has been collected from Kotak MahindraBank Account holders we can see that majority of the respondents aresatisfied with the Average Banking Hours.