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Woman In Small Scale Industries In Kolkata


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Published in: Education
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Woman In Small Scale Industries In Kolkata

  2. 2. CONTENTS Maa Sarada Seva Samity Manovikas Kendra Angoori Papad
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE Comparison between Maa Sarada Seva Samity, Manovikas Kendra and Angoori Papad.
  4. 4. OVERVIEW OF SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES  Industries with investment in plant and machinery less than 1 crore- SSI  Home creation of products and services  Products & services are unique and distinctive produced in small quantities.  Most producers work from there home typically part time.  Play a vital role in country’s economy.
  6. 6. MAA SARADA SEVA SAMITY  Date of visit: 1st September 2007  Mrs. Rakhi Dutta  Vocational training provided to the poor women for the tailoring business.  It is a small NGO for the poor, situated in Chetla.
  7. 7. AIM The basic aim is to provide education to the slum children who cannot afford to go to schools.  It also trains the women and girls from the slum area in stitching.
  8. 8. ORIGINATION  It was started by a small group of seven women residing in Chetla in the year 1999- ’00.  Got registered in the year 2001.  President: Mrs. Sandhya Ghosh  The samity has thirty six members who have to pay a monthly subscription fee of Rs. 20.
  9. 9.  INFRASTRUCTURE • Lacks proper infrastructure in early stage. • Now they got a house to carry on their activities  ACTIVITY  Girls and woman are trained professional trainer for 2 hours every Saturday.  Materials stitched by the women and girls as sold during an exhibition  This is also a source of income for the samity.
  10. 10. SOURCES OF FUNDS • Donations provided by various people. • Rs. 3000 from Britannia Biscuits Co. on an annual basis. • Monthly subscription fee from members • Selling its own products.
  11. 11. STRENGTHS  Provide free education to the slum children.  Their goodwill among the slum dwellers in the locality.  Providing vocational training to women and girls.
  12. 12.  Trained persons for teaching and training their students.  Exhibitions conducted by them, have helped in increasing their popularity through mouth to mouth communication and have also helped them financially.
  13. 13. WEAKNESSES  Limited Finance.  Lack of proper infrastructure.  Many drop outs from their school.
  14. 14. SUGGESTIONS  Encourage the students to continue with their education.  Increase the monthly subscription fee of the members to Rs. 50.  Girls should contribute to the Samity after their training.  Explore other slum areas.  Government Funds  Charge a minimal fee from the students.
  15. 15. Company Logo
  17. 17. INTRODUCTION Set up in the year 1974. Dr. Sharada Fatehpuria, an experienced psychologist. Started off with only two children.
  18. 18. MISSION  To promote various activities for prevention.  To provide education, therapeutic intervention and vocational training for rehabilitation.  To conduct research activities and studies for ensuring prevention in due course
  19. 19. SERVICES  Outpatient Department for Assessment & Counseling  Schooling for better performance of challenged children up to secondary level under NIOS.  Teachers' Training Programmes under RCI, MP Bhoj University & Jadavpur University affiliation.  quot;Centre for Rehabilitation Medicinequot;  Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)
  20. 20. PRODUCTS Colorful greeting cards Fine arts Woven / stitched / embroidered products Chocolates, yummy cookies and biscuits
  22. 22. ORIGINATION  Started by Mr. Gauri Shankar Chowdhury. Was a retailer for 25 years. Started own business from 2002.
  23. 23. INFRASTRUCTURE AND AIM  Conducts operations from a hired area in Burrabazaar. Due to increase in demand, employ few persons to make papad. Aim is to provide tasty papad.
  24. 24. STRENGTHS Knowledge about papad business. Demand for quality and tasty papad. Proper and hygienic area for making papad.
  25. 25. WEAKNESS AND PROBLEMS FACED  Climatic conditions. Competition from the existing players and from the new entrants
  26. 26. SUGGESTIONS Innovate in packaging. Ensure regularity of consumers. Advertise in the nearby local areas through posters.
  27. 27. COMPARISON Basis for Maa Sarada Manovikas Angoori comparison Seva Samity Kendra Papad Affiliation Registered in Registered It is a small the year 2001. NGO in Kolkata business and is a small scale industry Target Group Provide training Rehabilitate the Commercial to women to special children production of contribute to and provide papad by men the textile and them with for sale in the handloom vocational market. sector training in various areas. Funds They receive They receive The owner has donations and donations from to provide the contribution the finance all by from the government himself, from members and various his savings. organizations.
  28. 28. COMPARISON Basis for Maa Sarada Manovikas Angoori comparison Seva Samity Kendra Papad Area of work Concentrate in Children with Concentrate on the textile n special needs, the papad handloom who can industry. industry contribute in the textile and handloom industry. Infrastructure Conducts the Spread over Hired a place in classes in the large area and Burra Bazaar house of a capacity of itself. retired teacher certain 100 in Chetla. They people do not have to pay any rent.
  29. 29. CONCLUSION
  30. 30. LOGO
  31. 31. Group Members Amit Ganeriwala Anamika Dey Angshuman Talukdar Ali Ashraf Fatmi Amitanshu Srivastava Ambarish Ganguly Alok Kumar Amar Ashok Tiwari Amrita Das Amit Yadav Aneema Anand Kumar