Waste management for Communities


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A presentation to generate awareness in the community on Waste Management

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  • Waste management for Communities

    1. 1. Mantri Elite Waste Management InitiativeWaste Waste Waste Amitabha Saha Roy
    2. 2. What is the biggest output from every house ? Toys Garbage Car Gold If only I could convert all that Garbage into gold
    3. 3. How much waste is generated by a household each year ? 50 to 100 10 to 50 Kg Kg 100 to 200 kg ½ to 1 Ton Small is beautiful, big ( waste ) is ugly
    4. 4. 1000 100,000 Truck Truckloads LoadsWhat’s Your Message?Enough to fill Chinnaswamy stadium
    5. 5. Where is our Garbage dumped ?Landfills Lakes Graveyards Roads Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink, garbage here garbage there, garbage stinks everywhere
    6. 6. What are the hazards of Garbage ? a) Infectious diseases spread by breeding of Bacteria, Flies and Rats b) Ground water polluted by toxic waste seepage c) Cows die by consuming plastic bags d) All the above The garbage is not just sitting there; it is working really hard to make you sick
    7. 7. How can the waste monster betackled ? .
    8. 8. Dump Ignore as if it Waste doesnt existWhat’s Your Message? Segregate Waste
    9. 9. What are the advantages of Segregation ? a) Recycled waste can earn money b) Recycled Plastics can be used to build roads c) Waste quantity is reduced drastically d) Landfills are reduced e) All the above
    10. 10. Karnataka BBMP GovernmentWhat’s Your Message? We, the residents
    11. 11. Brown and Dry and Wet Black Waste Waste What’s Your Message?Stinking and Odourless Waste
    12. 12. What can we do at Mantri Elite
    13. 13. Awareness and Education
    14. 14. Segregate Dry & Wet wasteat Source Divide and conquer
    15. 15. Sell Recyclable Dry waste
    16. 16. Compost Wet Waste
    17. 17. Yeah, I shrunk my waste by 70% It was not that hard
    18. 18. How can you help ? SegregateAwareness Dry & Wet& Education Waste at source Volunteer Be the change you want to see in this world. Mahatma Gandhi
    19. 19. Let ‘s make Bangalore a Garden City Not a Garbage City