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Redoctrinisation of the Indian Armed Forces


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Redoctrinisation of the Indian Armed Forces

  1. 1. major regional threat is ridiculous. The IN falls among the top 10 navies of the world. The combat potential of the PN is negligible in comparison. Because Indian Maritime Doctrine focuses more on power projection in accordance with India’s vision of itself as an emerging regional and global power of consequence, political and diplomatic con- notations of the new doctrine seem better defined than purely military aspects. The IN expects to be more an instrument of political coercion and force projection than another instrument of war. India’s Maritime Doctrine is little more than an attempt to assert that, notwithstanding the lack of importance accorded to it previously, the Navy re-mains an essential instrument of Indian military power and should be treated as such. Concerned over having been left out of strategic nuclear operations by the IAF and the Army, the Navy wants to claim its rightful place in that sphere of operations by highlighting that only submarine-launched nuclear warhead equipped missiles can provide a true second-strike capability and, hence, effective deterrence. The new Indian Maritime Doctrine definitely merits an in depth analysis to help chart the PN’s future development plans and determine operational doctrine for any future military conflict against India. Pakistan’s doctrinal thinkers should analyze India’s new military doctrines at greater length to put the necessary measures in place before the next military conflict threatens to engulf South Asia.