Development of Three-Dimensional Electrode in                  Wastewater Treatment                                       ...
III.                                                               1                                                     1...
2             Mn        Fe   Zn                                                                                           ...
3                                                                              V.E. Fockedey[30]                          ...
4                                              ·OH                                            Fenton                     ·...
[1]    Yu-hong Cui, Xiao-yan Li, and Guohua Chen, Electrochemical                     [14] Yue Lin, Wang Qi-shan, and Shi ...
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Development of electrodes (1)


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Development of electrodes (1)

  1. 1. Development of Three-Dimensional Electrode in Wastewater Treatment Huang Yaokun, Wang Can*, Wang Fen*, Ji Min* School of Environmental Science and Engineering Tianjin University Tianjin 300072, ChinaAbstract—Three-dimensional electrode technology shows great II.potential in wastewater treatment. In this paper, thedevelopments of the technology were systematic introduced.The optimization of feeder electrode or particle electrodeswere becoming one of the research focuses of this filed. Severalnovel particle electrodes including new carbon material andmetallic oxides had been widely studied. The mechanisms to A.degrade pollutants were due to the direct and indirectoxidation, which took place near the electrode area.Furthermore, it was pointed out that high operation cost,feeder electrodes corrosion and particle electrodes inactivation B.were the main problems of three-dimensional electrodetechnology. Some corresponding potential solutions for these H2O2 ·OHproblems had also been proposed.Keywords: three-dimensional electrode; feeder electrode; particleelectrode; wastewater treatment I. three-dimensional electrode particle electrode bed electrode conversion combustion H2O OH- ·OH ·OH ·OH MOx+1 ·OH 1 2 H2O OH- ·OH Cl- 3 Cl- H2O2 H2O2 Fenton ·OH 978-1-4577-0290-7/11/$26.00 ©2011 IEEE 3052
  2. 2. III. 1 1 ·OH ·OH ·OH DSA ·OH ·OH DSA A. Yu-hong Guifen Lv[6]Cui[1] Ti/BDD Ti/Sb–SnO2 Ti/RuO2 Pt A 1 Ti/BDD Xinbo Wu [7]Ti/Sb–SnO2 X-3BTi/RuO2 Ti/BDD 95% Ti/Sb–SnO2 [8] DSA Ti/SnO2 +Sb2O3[2]Ti/Co/SnO2[3] Ti/SnO2[4] H2O2 ·OH B. [5] Mn Cu Zn H2O2 IV. 2 3053
  3. 3. 2 Mn Fe Zn [9] pH [10] CeO2/Sb2O5 CODCr Cu Ni Mn Zn [11] n P Fe Cu Ni Zn [12] Mn X-3B CODCr2 3 3 Sb SnO2 E. Fockedey[2] -A12O3 Cu Fe [13] CuO- -A12O3>Fe2O3- -A12O3> Fe2O3-13X > -A12O3>13X > 5 2%CuO-9%CeO2 / -A12O3 CuO-CeO2 [14] -A12O3 CODCr 70% CuO Ce Sn Ti [15] Sn Ti 0.1 pH 3 450 Sn-Sb-Ag Ag Sn [16] Sn-Sb Sb 3054
  4. 4. 3 V.E. Fockedey[30] 4 4 0.3L/min 68mA/cm2 375mL pH 3 Fe2+ Chih-TaWang[17] Fe2+ + 20V 0.1m3/h 176mL 30min CODcr 99% Ya Xiong[18] 87% 167mA/cm2 pH 11 NaCl Bo Wang[19] 150mL 11g/L 60min CODCr 86.3% 75% 40min BOD/CODCr 20 V pH 2.5 [20] 1.2L 1000 mg/L 0.3 mg/L 90 min CODcr 70.1% 4:1 57.1,mA/cm2 0.2,m3/h Fe2+ [21] 3.7L 1.0,mmol/ pH 4.0 180,min CODCr TOC 80.8% 73.3% 55.2% 98.6% 15V 60min pH [22] 3.5L 8 8mm 75% 500g 60% 12V 30min pH 8.5 [23] 25mL 3055
  5. 5. 4 ·OH Fenton ·OH [26] 1L VI.1 /2 DSA 2 DSA DSA3 BDD DSA [24] Ya-qiong Wang[27] [25] Ti/ SnO2 +Sb2O3/PbO2 SnO2 +Sb2O3 Ti//PbO2 3 [13] NO.2008ZX07314-001-02 VII.1 References 3056
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Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol [16] Xue hong-min, The Study on the Pretreatment of Nitrobenzene (TNT, B137, pp. 1532-1537, October 2006. DNT) Wastewater by three-dimensional electrode reactor. Master[4] Lizhang Wang , Jianfeng Fu, and Qicheng Qiao, Kinetic modeling of Thesis, Nanjing: Nanjing University of Science and Technology, electrochemical degradation of phenol in a three-dimension electrode 2006, pp. 37-74 (In Chinese). process. Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol 144, pp. 118-125, June [17] Chih-Ta Wang , Jen-Lu Hua, and Wei-Lung Chou, Removal of color 2007. from real dyeing wastewater by Electro-Fenton technology using a[5] Ban F C, Liu J T, and Cheng L, The effect of electrode material on three-dimensional graphite cathode. Journal of Hazardous Materials, treatment of simulated phenol wastewater with a three-dimensional Vol 152, pp. 601-606, April 2008. electrode reactor. 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Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol 162, pp. 1159-1164, March 2009. 3057