Times Versity ASP Proposal 2012-13


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TGPL - Proposal for Business Partners

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Times Versity ASP Proposal 2012-13

  1. 1. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ courses Associate Sales Partner Proposal Times Globacom (P) Ltd Contact No: 8530111110 Email: contact@timesversity.com Website: www.timesversity.com© Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 1
  2. 2. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ courses TGPL Franchise ProposalTable of Content:  Franchising: A trusted and a tested business model:  Trend in Education Industry:  About Times Versity (TGPL)  TGPL programs and Academic Partners:  What will TGPL provide?  What will you provide?  Site Specification & Infrastructure Details:  TGPL pedagogy:  Student Admission Process:  Business model and Revenue sharing:  Miscellaneous:  Contact: © Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 2
  3. 3. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ coursesFranchising: A trusted and a tested business model:Franchising is the practice of using another firms successful business model.Franchising system combines the strength of both the franchisor and the franchisee to create awin-win business model.Franchisor provides the franchisee Technical know-how acquired over a period of time to run thebusiness successfully. Franchisee brings into the system the understanding of the local marketconditions, contacts and the stake in the business.TGPL assures its franchisees that: Maximum profits accrue to the Business Partner Ownership of centre remains with the Business Partner Business Partner gets maximum operating freedom and a forum for using his business acumen to the fullest extent for expanding the business.TGPL would like to join hands with budding entrepreneurs and people with passion for education& training, to set up a large network of Information and Support centers, across India to leverageinto the huge market for higher education & skill based training.Trend in Education Industry:2011–2020 has been declared the decade of education. Education will act as the catalyst tocatapult the Indian workforce towards unparalleled profits in all fields.Currently, many students graduating from institutions of higher education do so without obtainingthe right kind of skills they really need to work in a competitive, professional environment.Lets take a look at some statistics:  In India, the gross enrollment ratio is about 12.4%, which is very low. The world average is 29% and for developing countries it is about 18%. For developed countries it is as high as 56%.  Experts have estimated that India has the capacity to create 500 million certified and skilled technicians by the year 2022. It would provide employment opportunities to our young people to access opportunities provided by the economic growth.  Currently, the higher education market accounts for 14.2%. However, to face future challenges, a minimum of 30% is required.  The private education market in India is estimated to reach $68 billion by 2012. © Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 3
  4. 4. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ coursesAbout Times Versity (TGPL)TimesVersity is the subsidiary of Times World Group and promoted by Times Globacom Pvt. Ltdwhich is engaged into providing internet services since long time.TGPL was established in pursuance with the Government of Indias policy to increase the role ofprivate participation in the Education sector. The Management at TGPL brings in the expertise ofsuccessfully running the educational group. Fortunate to be led by some of the best minds in thefields of Education and Technology, TGPL is poised to play a vital role in providing an importantplatform for organizations in the field of open education & skill development.By virtue of the TGPL alliances, we will offer a range of educational programs both online andclassroom based in mainstream education and the vocational as well.TGPL has very holistic approach towards education and have developed programs with the aim: 1. To support achieving rapid and inclusive growth by developing high-quality skilled workforce/entrepreneurs relevant to current and emerging employment market needs. 2. To enable establishing of flexible delivery mechanisms that respond to the characteristics of a wide range of need. 3. To enhance individuals employability and ability to adapt to changing technologies and market demands. 4. To improve productivity and living standards of the population. 5. To strengthen competitiveness of the country. 6. To create opportunities for “all” to acquire skills throughout life, especially for youth, women and disadvantaged groups. TGPL also acts as a local strategic partner for international accredited Universities who wish to conduct ODL programs in India.TGPL programs and Academic Partners:  TIMTS, which is the own institutes of the company, provides student the best quality content for all professional courses and easy to attempt online examination. Company also facilitate for placement.  TGPL have direct/indirect association with lots of Universities/Institutes ie MIT, ADTU, CMJ, KSOU etc. this list changes and addition happens every year.The program fee will be decided by TGPL for all the courses through a standard price list. © Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 4
  5. 5. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ coursesIn case of Associate Business Partner (ASP), TGPL will regulate the support fee which will beprovided to the ASP centers. Such support fees will be fully retained by Business partner.What will TGPL provide? Infrastructure Plan & Design Over all guidance to run the center successfully thru written processes in form of manuals (Center operation, marketing etc.) Industry designed courses & curriculum with e-learning and book based content. Overall Branding & communication Strategy for TGPL, through National level Advt. campaigns. Lead generation thru web Marketing (Depending upon allocation among ASPs) Newspaper Advertisements to generate leads from time to time. Managing the complete student life cycle like conducting assignments, examination, certification etc, Business Management System (B.M.S) Providing designs of all marketing & promotional material. Ideating & implementing below the line marketing activities. ( The cost of this will be borne by Business Partners) On-going marketing and academic support, training. Initial center start-up kit consisting of: ◦ Center branding manual-1 ◦ Center Operation manual-1 ◦ Product brochures-50 ◦ Course leaflets- 50 ◦ Training Manual-2 ◦ Canopy-1 ◦ In-center Flex banner-1 ◦ Center Authorization certificate-1 ◦ T-Shirts-2 ◦ CD containing all promotional artworks-1What will you provide? Follow guidelines, formats & instructions issued by TGPL Head Office, regional centers from time to time. Infrastructure as specified by TGPL Local marketing as specified by the TGPL Maintenance of records of students and MIS Support for projects, assignments and examinations to students Conduct internal exam and internal assessments Conduct seminars and open house discussions from time to time Responsible for education delivery © Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 5
  6. 6. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ courses Source Prospectus from TGPL ( On Payments) Schedule Tuition classes and timely course completion.Site Specification & Infrastructure Details:ASP centers shall be required to have the premises of min 300 to 1000 sq ft. The premise shouldbe sufficient enough to include the below given compartments: Counselor cabin- 1 Center Head cabin-1 Work Station for Tele Sales Executive-10 Toilets and W/c-2 (For Gents and Ladies)TGPL pedagogy:TGPL offers complete solutions to its business partners for the flexible/open learning programs.TGPL handles the back-end and front-end operations on behalf of its business partners.Back-end operations include designing the course material and acquiring necessaryaccreditation.Front-end operations involve managing student life cycle which includes interacting with studentsfor the study support, practice tests, result analysis, final examination, certification and placementsupport.TGPL teaching management system platform consists of the credit unit system, the electivesystem & the system of flexible length of study. Entire On-line Distance Learning (ODL) cycle ofthe student is completed in following steps:  Textbook-based self study  Online course study  Online discussion (LMS and Website)  Online Question and Answer  Online Learning Guidance Library  Centralized Examination  Graduation Thesis  Online Simulated Self Test  Online Assignment  Access to 24x7 Learning Management Study Guide, which briefs & guides the students through the subject in a nut shell  Online examinations  Access to additional resources for study materials  Interactive E-guru blog that promotes student-student and  student-faculty interaction © Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 6
  7. 7. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ courses  On-line seminar classes  Comprehensive online support via email &  Contacts over the phone  Placement supportStudent Admission Process: Center shall be able to take admissions as per the admission cycle specified and announced by the certifying university or the institutions. For example admission in TIMTS programs are open throughout the year where as ADTU announce its programs twice a year i.e. in April and December. Centers shall do the promotional activities as advised by TGPL representatives’ time-to-time to bring in the enrolments in the center. Centers shall collect and send the student application forms along with the supporting documents and the fee amount to TGPL HO at Ahmedabad. Once the duly completed forms with fee amount is received, TGPL will create a login id and password which will be informed to the student to access the assignments and the e-learning content. TGPL shall also make dispatch of the material like Registration number, ID-Card and the books etc to the students..All money transactions are to be done via DD/CC/ OLP/PDC. No Cash Transactions will beallowed as a strict policy. A percentage of this program fee will be retained by TGPL as per the revenue sharing model oneach installment for a particular time period and the Business partner share will be credited totheir account on fixed cycle.Business model and Revenue sharing:TGPL would operate broadly with two types of Business Partner Models: 1. Associate Sales Partner (ASP) 2. Associate Study Center (ASC)ASP centers are those which are already into some Direct/Telesales business and would like toadd TGPL programs as additional basket to their programs.Difference between ASP and ASC is that ASP shall be responsible for doing the enrollments onlyhowever ASC shall be responsible for enrolling the students and supporting them by providingclassroom/ lab/ learning sessions by faculty. There are few programs like those from University ofFredericton where faculties are mandatory. © Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 7
  8. 8. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ courses ASC shall be free to charge an additional fee for providing the learning support to the students however the fee has to be approved by TGPL. ASC shall retain 100% of the fee which they charge for providing learning support to the students. TGPL will charge non refundable License fee of Rs. 50,000 plus Service Tax for ASP. Initial agreement period would be 3 yrs which shall be renewable subject to the ASP’s performance and other conditions thereafter every year for one year. TKH charged during renewal would be same of the initial TKH paid and calculated for one year on pro-rata basis © Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 8
  9. 9. www.timesversity.com Online Education Solution I 120+ coursesMiscellaneous:As per the DEC guideline, all courses would be called as “Programs” and not courses; course ispart or subset of the program.After initial agreement period of three years, agreement shall be renewed for one year everytime.Contact:Amit RavalHead – IT & OperationsTimes Versity | TGPLAhmedabad - 380014Mobile- 8530111110 / 8530888880 © Times World 2008 | Private & Confidential | Proposal Document | Page # 9