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Current healthcare scenario


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Published in: Health & Medicine

Current healthcare scenario

  1. 1. Current Healthcare Scenario in IndiaCurrently the health infrastructure and the healthcare scenario in India is very bleak. TheGovernment has to take some concrete measures and implement them immediately! Numberof Clinics/hospitals, both in urban and rural sectors is needed very urgently and should beincreased. This is a big issue because the life of an individual is the most valuable asset, andwe can’t imagine the helplessness of people when they cannot afford to get their loved onestreated due to lack of funds, or non availability of medical equipments or doctors.A doctor is of prime importance in any country. I recently went for a check up of my youngerbrother in a nearby clinic in Pune. At the OPD there was a big queue of patients, so wewaited for half an hour and then finally got the call. While returning, various thoughts werethere in my mind. I realized the importance of a doctor to each of us. The doctor there, on anaverage was looking after 4-5 patients in a span of 10 minutes and trying his best to help allthe patients.A doctor is compared to God but I wonder why a doctor has to undergo so much of stress.This stress can be related to shortage of doctors and other medical professionals in thecountry or can be related with various patient information related issues. There has beennumerous incidents where a doctor has been attacked when any case goes wrong. Thegovernment has failed to stop such assaults.According to a Planning Commission report, while India is short of six lakh doctors, 10 lakhnurses and two lakh dental surgeons. This shortage affects the efficiency of the doctors asthey are over burdened. At the same time, they are paid so less a remuneration that it furthersdampen their spirit. There are numerous reasons for the same. The entrance for medicalstudies is so tough in the country that if 100 students get through for MBBS courses, only 10manage a seat in PG course and 1 in super specialization courses. This is because, there arevery few seats available. Reservations on these less seats make it more pathetic. This leads tobrain drain and till date our government has not addressed the problem with seriousness itshould have. If the things are not taken care of right now then probably after a decade we willland in a situation where this gap will only increase.The need of the hour is to immediately focus on the solution rather than mulling on them. Weneed to set up more medical, dental, paramedical and nursing colleges, and also tosubstantially increase the number of seats in the existing colleges. Moreover, there should beencouragement for more private participation because I have full belief that government ofIndia won’t be able to address the problems on its own because of politics and bureaucracyinvolved in each step. There are projections that the Indian healthcare industry would becomea $ 75 billion industry by 2012 with medical tourism reaching $ 2 billion in the same span.These are the rosy figures but with current situation I doubt whether we will be able to enterthis predicted golden-era or not.