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Whats an entrepreneur


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My Idea of What an Entrepreneur Should Have it in Him.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Whats an entrepreneur

  1. 1. Have what it takes?Traits of a
  2. 2. Health PhysicalSpiritual
  3. 3. Values Humility Courage HonestyConsistency Dream
  4. 4. WillFaithResilienceGiveDoLearnEvaluateInnovate
  5. 5. ThinkDo Brilliance Question Know
  6. 6. Smile Smile in your failure Work to keep others Smiling Reflect when you Succeed
  7. 7. BuildSelfProductPeopleCommunityNationCompany
  8. 8. Natures Rule…Only Givers Get
  9. 9. A Presentation by Rtn. Amit Gopal ChauhanRotary Club of Kalyan, RI District: 3140 India Cell: +919769442462 Email: