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How to Avoid been infected by contagious diseases especially Sexually transmitted. for Young India, How to deal with Adolescence?, How to be responsible by being careful?

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  1. 1. Curiosity & STDWhat TeenagersMust Know About SEX ?
  2. 2. If you are experiencingrejection from a personwhom you think you are attracted to…
  3. 3. If you cant hold yourhorses long enough andare anxious & excited….
  4. 4. Don’t Make a decision before going through this presentation…
  5. 5. Do you have these questions?I. How attractive I am looking?II. I like her / him will she be interested in me?III. What is sex? How must it feel to have it?IV. Hope I could touch her / him?V. How can I be friends with him / her?VI. How my life partner will be?VII. Agar yeh who nahi hai to phir kaun hai?VIII. Is it ok if I watch Blue Films? Or read “Those kind of books?IX. Should I search the web / Internet?X. Why are mummy Daddy not understanding my feelings?XI. What should be my priority in life?XII. Study, Study Study & Study… Doosara kuch hai ki nahi?
  6. 6. Know that…1. Everyone passes through this age
  7. 7. Know that…2. Everyone has had these questions as you do?
  8. 8. Know that…3. This is very crucial age… the choices you make at this age will affect your health, wealth, social wellbeing & achievements in your life
  9. 9. Know That…4. Its ok to wait for the right person and if he / her comes in your life you should be able to give her / him the happiness which you & he / her deserve & desire.
  10. 10. Even if you are satisfied with theprevious slides I insist you continue to go through till the end of the presentation
  11. 11. STD i.e. Sexually Transmitted Diseases…The BasicsSexually transmitted diseases (STDs), alsocalled sexually transmitted infections (STIs),are infections that are passed from person toperson through sexual contact. HIV is an STD.There are more than 25 other STDs that aremainly spread by sexual contact such asvaginal, anal, and oral sex.
  12. 12. STD’sMany STDs have no symptoms, but can still bepassed from person to person. A lot of peoplewho have an STD do not even know it. Theymay look healthy, and still have an STD. Theonly way to know for sure is to have regularSTD screenings by your health care provider.
  13. 13. If left untreated, STDs can cause serious health problems
  14. 14. Unsafe SEXEven one time can be dangerous
  15. 15. Some of STD’s area. Cancroidsb. Chlamydiac. Genital Wartsd. Gonorrheae. Hepatitisf. Herpesg. HIVh. Pubic Lice (“Crabs”)i. Syphilisj. Trichomoniasis
  16. 16. BUT… Some STDs like genital warts, herpes, andsyphilis can be spread through contact with infected skin
  17. 17. Fortunately… Many STDs can be prevented by practicing safer sex.Most STDs, though not all, can be successfully cured through treatment.
  18. 18. The Best Strategy…1.Abstain2.Wait3.Decide to have only one partner life long4.Get STD / Blood Tests done before giving consent
  19. 19. Protecting Yourself and OthersBy practicing safer sex – It involves certain actions (e.g., using a condom) that prevent person-to-person sharing of the bodily fluids that can spread STDs. Choosing to have safer sex shows that you care about the pleasure and health of yourself and your sexual partner(s).
  20. 20. Protect Yourself & Others by Using a latex condom
  21. 21. Protect Yourself & Others byKnow that some methods of birth control, like birth control pills, shots, implants, or diaphragms, will not protect you from STDs.
  22. 22. Protect Yourself & Others byTalk with your sex partner(s) about STDs and using condoms
  23. 23. Protect Yourself & Others by Talk honestly with your health care providerand your sex partner(s) about any STDs you or your partner has or has had
  24. 24. Protect Yourself & Others byDo not share needles or syringes for injecting drugs or other substances
  25. 25. The Bottom LineA. There are many STD’s including HIV.B. Some can be cured & Some cannot be cured.C. But can be managed.D. Many can cause serious health problemsE. Abstaining or having Single Long term Partner for Sex or practicing safer sex can protect you from many, but not all, STDs.
  26. 26. Sometimes…Its better to wait… for the right personIts better to channelize your energy to something constructive & challenging then just having a girlfriend or boyfriendNation needs your youth & depends on your energy & health, so keep it safeTalk to Mom & Dad if you have any issues
  27. 27. Sometimes…Its best sometimes to just study, play, share a joke, have a group, go to movies, read books other than syllabus, go trekking, challenge your limits& Sometimes its best to hold your horsesBetter be safe then Regret Later…
  28. 28. A Presentation by Rtn. Amit Gopal ChauhanRotary Club of Kalyan, RI District: 3140 India Cell: +919769442462 Email: