My first lesson


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A lesson given by my grandfather.

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My first lesson

  1. 1. My first lesson:I had just given my 10th std exams and was in transition from school life to college life. I was enjoying myholidays with a Nintendo game along with my brother in Gujarat. One day, while playing I was excitedand overwhelmed, just then I had a fight with my brother on some issue. My grandfather saw it and wasvery angry. He called me to our factory which was in the same premises as was our home. I had nochoice but to go and leave the game incomplete.He first ordered me to supervise the labors if they were working properly. In a haste and jiffy I took around and came back and said everything was fine and tried going back to play the game. He stoppedme and gave me another work if the accountant was doing his job properly. To which my response wasthe same. He stopped me again. He said to accompany him to the factory where the labors wereworking. I did take him. He then ordered me to work with the laborers. I was quizzed. I said I have givenmy 10th exams and was over qualified to do the work which he ordered me to do. To which he wasangered and told me to just keep the mouth shut and do as he said.I had no other choice. I started working. 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours passed and he wasstanding there and watching me work. I was sweating heavily and was tired as well. He then told me tostop and coolly said, ” My Son, it takes 10 hours work daily for continuous 8 months for this labor toearn the amount of money which your father has spent in 10 minutes to give you that Nintendo game toplay. And you are grumbling with your brother on a small issue. I needed to make you realize howdifficult it is to earn money and sustain life. I have been through same labor and pain to give you thisbusiness empire when I shut my eyes. But to make you qualify for that I had to make you realize theimportance of effort and hard work. Do not waste your energy on trying to spend and use money foryour comfort. But realize that prior to luxury hard work plays its role.”I had tears in my eyes and the satisfaction of having learnt a beautiful lesson by my grandfather thatday.Amit Chauhan