Family values


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A tribute to my maternal Home, 1836 Wright Town, Wegad Niwas, Jabalpur, my own Shantiniketan, Must reach to each and every teenager of India.

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Family values

  1. 1. Family Values
  2. 2. Having strong well definedFamily Values family values helps solidify the foundation for a strong, tight knit family. When cultivated long enough this closeness provides a soft place to fall when life doesn’t go according to plan.They are rules or ideals that, as afamily, we agree to live by and stay Strong and consistent familytrue to values are important in building trust and confidence in each family member.
  3. 3. Then
  4. 4. Now
  5. 5. Then
  6. 6. Now
  7. 7. Then
  8. 8. Now
  9. 9. They have come from epics& ancient Indian literature like…
  10. 10. Family Values are important to learn & Keep because we believe from ancient times in
  11. 11. Joint familyIn India the family is the mostimportant institution that has survivedthrough the ages
  12. 12. Joint family – Identical Virtues - - A dominant institution in the life of the individual and in the life of the community
  13. 13. Joint family – Unique Virtues - - Extended family and kinship ties are of utmost importance
  14. 14. Then&NowTraditionally families adhere to apatriarchal ideology (Men is the Head)But now it has changed / is changingHowever the gender role are same astraditional onesThe structure was in the considered to bestrong, stable, close, resilient, andenduringBut now it has changed / is changingA joint family (the preferred family type inthe Indian culture) had three to fourliving generations, including uncles,aunts, nieces, nephews, andgrandparents living together in the samehousehold, members eat the food cookedat one hearth, share a common income,common property, were & are stillrelated to one another through kinshipties, and worship the same idolsBut now it has changed / is changing
  15. 15. Characteristic we still adhere to isExtremely pronatalistic society desiring to have a male child
  16. 16. Typically Males are raisedwith the followingattitudes1. To be assertive,2. Less tolerant,3. Independent,4. Self-reliant,5. Demanding &6. Bossy
  17. 17. Typically Females areraised with the followingattitudes1. To be self-sacrificing,2. Docile,3. Accommodating,4. Nurturing,5. Altruistic,6. Adaptive,7. Tolerant & Religious,8. To value family above all
  18. 18. Hindu ValuesMatru Devo Bhava
  19. 19. Pitru Devo Bhava
  20. 20. Acharyadevo bhava
  21. 21. Atithi Devo Bhava
  22. 22. Satyameva Jayate
  23. 23. Dharmai.e. Duty, Vocation, Religion &everything that is considered correct,proper or decent behavior
  24. 24. Bhagvad Gita– Chapter 2, Verse 47 "You have a right to perform yourKarma prescribed duty, but you are not&Parishrama entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty."
  25. 25. Kshama
  26. 26. RamayanaSheel
  27. 27. Krishna & SudamaPramanikta
  28. 28. Seva
  29. 29. Ahimsa
  30. 30. ChanakyaRashtra bhakti
  31. 31. Charak SanhitaBhootadaya&Prakriti prem In the Charak Sanhita, destruction of forests is taken as destruction of the state, and reforestation an act of rebuilding the state and advancing its welfare. Protection of animals is considered a sacred duty.
  32. 32. Family ValuesBelonging
  33. 33. Family ValuesFlexibility
  34. 34. Family ValuesRespect
  35. 35. Family ValuesHonesty
  36. 36. Family ValuesForgiveness
  37. 37. Family ValuesGenerosity
  38. 38. Family ValuesCuriosity
  39. 39. Family ValuesCommunication
  40. 40. Family ValuesResponsibility
  41. 41. Family ValuesTraditions
  42. 42. Group Discussion1. What Family Values you have learnt from your family?2. How they are Unique?3. How you learnt then?4. In which style you were conveyed?
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  44. 44. Service Above Self
  45. 45. A Presentation by Rtn. Amit Gopal ChauhanRotary Club of Kalyan, RI District: 3140 India Cell: +919769442462 Email: