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Online Grocery Business Plan


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Online Grocery Business Plan

  1. 1. Concept of online Grocery Business Plan Amit Kumar Nayak Abstract: Introduction The bangaloregrocery.comTM strategy is to build an impressive shopping website that not only take the order but also deliver the goods to the doorstep for house wives, working women and everybody those who want to avoid the rush of shopping mall, traffic and regular going to the retail shops for all their grocery need. The marketing of the site will be built around the core value that the site will offer. Although our competition has built a simple store for ordering the product, the bangaloregrocery.comTM site will be reviewed by Web award companies as a great destination for the all needed customer. We will build our revenue and market share around this traffic and value added service. 1. Business Model Our business model is based on the sales of the products over the website. Because the site is also intended to increase brand equity, awareness and best available product in cheapest market price, we are building for high traffic. Our model requires giving users an excellent free experience and to develop trust to increase sell-through. We may lose money for at least three to six months while we build the traffic and develop our position for the long-term future. 2.Website Marketing Strategy Our first class design, product quality and user friendly design are critical to our positioning as a dot-com company - we should be the best reviewed website in our category, and that will become the key to future sales. However, the core experience for the every household have always been better, and with a better design team and a round of financing, the bangaloregrocery.comTM company is ready to grow with the market. The bangaloregrocery.comTM will distinguish itself from its competitor as a full capacity center, rather than just a store front. 3. Development Requirements Of course the development needs to match the overall business strategy will be explained in the rest of the plan. This has to be an excellent site or we just haven't implemented. That involves both front-end and back-end strategies will be discussed later in the full business plan. 1
  2. 2. 3.1 Front End Because the target customers of bangaloregrocery.comTM are all affluent, we have the luxury of using the latest technologies to impress the visitors with excellent design and animation. We plan to release the site entirely in groswave™ format as almost 90% of our visitors will already have internet is connected. We will carry on the colorful and extremely well branded design of our company literature and logo - the decisions on basic aesthetics will not get in the way. The site will have a colorful and intelligent design, taking the ad campaign and product art into an interactive medium on the Web. 3.2 Back End The bangaloregrocery.comTM e-commerce site will be built on a three-tier structure. Driven by SQLTM servers and an IISTM Web server backed with bandwidth, the site will be coded mostly in ColdFusionTM and ASPTM. We will be taking our registration databases live to be able to email updates on products and the website to customers. We will offer customers the option to take themselves out of the list. The information architecture will be based on four fundamental arenas - the free valuable information arena, the product detail arena, the final purchasing arena, and the purchase administration area. The purchase arena will require a VerisignTM certificate and a CybercashTM connection. That will begin immediately because dealing with CybercashTM can sometimes be a lengthy process. The administrative arena will be hosted on mirror servers that query to the live databases for migration into local databases. This server is hidden from Internet traffic and kept under high security even within the company. The entire set-up will be somewhat costly. We will need five servers, 2 for in-house reasons, and three for Web hosting reasons. Two of the Web host servers will be serving traffic through ColdFusionTM and ASPTM in cluster, and the third will be a dedicated SQLTM server. 4.Traffic Forecast The traffic forecast is based on increasing sessions, increasing page views per session, and increasing orders per session. The bottom line called quot;sell-throughquot; is the overall rupees in order 2
  3. 3. per user use and the value added activity planned to provide during the service (will be discussed in detail project plan), an important indicator that should be increasing over time. 5. Conclusion This project has a lot of potential as this is addressing a market which is the IT hub of the country, about 70% people are working in IT companies and very much aware about the e-commerce. Another advantage of this concept is that there is no such facility or alternative is available which will compete this project. So this project has a good future and Bangalore will get a lot of benefit out of this. 3