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A2 Media Evaluation – Question 3


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Published in: Business, Technology
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A2 Media Evaluation – Question 3

  1. 1. What have you learned from youraudience feedback?
  2. 2. There were several things that I have learnt from audience feedback.After sharing my music video around, I was able to gain a numerousamount of feedback from several people, some good points andsome giving criticism. However all this feedback was taken in a goodway as we had to see it from all different perspectives.Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter enabled us toconnect with our friends and get an insight to what their views were. Ithink this was a great way to get feedback as well as posting thevideo up on YouTube, where we were able to see others commentson what they thought about the video.Giving out questionnaires also played a vital role as we found that amajority of that feedback was from people who fitted the expecteddemographic.
  3. 3. Do you like m y m usic video? Would you purchase this track? I asked 20 people 4 questions from Yes No my target Yes No Its Okay audience of 12 – 15 what they thought aboutThe first question I asked was if they liked my music I then asked if the audience wouldmy music video. A majority of people said purchase the track. This showed that all 20that they did, however a few weren’t too video. This of the people said they wouldn’t purchasekeen on it was to gain the track. This was quite shocking as it feedback from showed that none of them enjoyed the artists track. my audience Do you think the m usic video fits in w ell w ith where I then Do you think m y m usic video fits in w ell w ith the song? presented my the genre of pop? findings on a pie chart Yes Yes No No I dont knowA majority of the people did think that the A majority of people thought that the musicmusic video fit in well with the song, video fit in well with the genre of popshowing Leyton’s real personality, however meeting out aim of what it had to do, asquite a few did not and many didn’t really Leyton belongs in the pop genre we felt itknow. Overall I think we managed to fit the was vital to follow some of the codes andmusic video in well with the song to create conventions, so that people could see thatmeaning within. it was pop.
  4. 4. I asked my friend Jonathan to give me some audience feedback,which helped a lot as it showed me what improvements we couldhave made to make it a better video. Below shows his feedback.
  5. 5. “Some scenes drag on maybe a few more quicker cuts were needed? It’s a slow song and the video is even slower. However the storyline is good and I like how you used elements of both narrative and performance.” “Hey Amisha, just saw your music video. Just wanted to say that it was pretty good. Is this your first attempt? What programme did you use? JustHere is some feedback I got given one tip though, try adding a fewfrom posting my music video up on to different camera shots like yourfacebook. I was given generally a friend Felix said. But other than that Ipositive feedback on here and I was like it! Keep up the good work :)”able to see what my friends thought ofwhich I then learnt from after they hadgiven their own opinion of what thethought.
  6. 6. The images above show how we havemainly targeted our audience withinthe UK showing both males andfemales have viewed this between theages of 13-17 and 25-34The comments we got told us that amajority of people liked the video, butdisliked the artists music.
  7. 7. I also got some audience feedback on my CD cover which thenhelped me as I was able to make changes when creating mymagazine advert by adding more effects to it and making it eyecatching.Jonathan: “Your CD cover and booklet look very plain and it looks likeyou have just added images on the screen with simple text, maybe tryadding a few effects? It is still good but if you add effects it will look alot more better.”Here is more feedback from another friend that saw my CD cover andmagazine advert.James “I really like your production skills, I think a simple CD cover isgood as it does not over do it and Leyton seems like a simple personfrom how I saw him in the music video. Your magazine advert is justamazing, I like all the effects you added and it definitely seemed tograb my attention!”
  8. 8. In conclusion, I think our audience feedback helped us a lot as itgave us an idea of what the target audience wanted to see and ifthey thought our video was good enough to entertain them. Overall,we got several good points and some points telling us where weneeded to improve the most. We took this feedback and criticismquite well and also looked at our work from other peoplesperspectives as a pointer to see what we could have manipulatedand what we could have changed. A majority of people said we hadto had more transition shots in order for it to be a good video as itlooked slightly plain. Other than that the feed back was generouslygood.