How to maintain weight & have more energy


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In 2009, I was over weight by more than 80kgs. I felt tired easily and I had low energy.The problem was I thought that I was OK. One morning at about 3 am I suffered a minor heart attack. I was shocked as the doctors did the ECG and we did a full test to confirm it. The main cause was because of my bad cholesterol level. I had 2 choice, the first is to start on medication or secondly to change my life.

Lying in bed, all I could think of was my wife and 3 kids. I was only 34 at the time and it was a wake up call. Today & everyday I thank Allah for our dear friend Cikgu Razak & his wife Cikgu Norlela for introducing to us Herbalife. Alhamdulillah in just 3 months I managed to lose 8kgs and the best part was that my cholesterol level went down to normal without any medication!

Today, our family is taking Herbalife everyday as our choice of healthy breakfast! All of us, myself, my wife our 3 children and now our parents and siblings have started taking the products. We really value our health and today we are more healthy and energetic because of it.

It is our mission today as we do our training to also empower and share with people about the importance of good nutrition and how they can have great choice with Herbalife. We are proud to be Independent Distributors and we are looking forward to coaching & guiding more people to have health, wealth, happiness & success!

For more info on Herbalife, please visit our website at or if YOU or somebody YOU know is interested in losing weight, please get them to

We are more than happy to help!

To your health & success

Amirul & Elin
Independent Distributor

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How to maintain weight & have more energy

  1. 1. GETTING HEALHTY IS EASY IF YOU USE THE RIGHT NUTRITION AND GET OUR SUPPORT Follow this Information and you WILL Become Healthier and feel better than ever. Quick Explanation: 1 Shake + 2 Normal Meals = You Maintain Your Weight If your Distributor have also recommend you to use any of our Nutritional Supplements that come in the form of tablets or any other product that is not in this chart, then call them and ask how to use those products. The products we explain about here makes out the basics of how to use our Nutritional Protein Mix, Tea and advices on how to drink water and handle snacks for your best health result. Enjoy your time with Herbalife, you are in good hands!
  2. 2. This is How To Use Herbalife in order to Be healthy and Maintain Weight: (1 Shake + 2 Normal Meals) Herbal Concentrate Tea (3 cups a day, this Herbal Beverage is a powerful antioxidant) How to make my Herbalife Tea: 1 teaspoon with one cup of 240ml or more, water (warm or cold). You may also use a bottle, mix 500ml/1000ml water with as much Herbalife tea needed for the water to get the color of apple juice. (2-3 Teaspoon is ok)  First thing when wake up, before you have clear vision, drink a cup of this wonderful day starter.  And After lunch & In the mid-afternoon (before 5pm) - OPTIONAL Formula 1 Shake & Formula 3 Protein Powder (optional) 1) Add 200ml of soy milk or juice + 200ml water (find your preferred shake recipe) in a shaker cup or preferably use a Blender. 2) Add 3 flat tablespoon Formula 1 (your preferred flavor) 3) Add 1 flat or heap (mountain) tablespoon Formula 3. Feel free to add in some fruits(not too much) & ice if you use a blender, or just ice if you use a shaker cup. (Put liquid inside shaker cup before the F1/F3 powder )    Breakfast = 1 Herbalife Shake Lunch = Eat a Normal Meal (Use common sense, don’t go to a buffet and eat 2 plates , stay away from too much rice (carbs) and sweets, you don’t need it) Dinner = Eat a Normal Meal or take 1 Herbalife Shake* incase your Normal meal is fast food or too late (after 8pm) * Don’t eat just anything that is served to you, think first, if you cant find a well cooked meal, make your self a shake instead, you can bring it to work, drink after the gym or take it instead of meals that you KNOW is bad for you. Always keep in Mind: 80% of all Doctor visits are DIET RELATED…. Water 2–3 liters of water every day or 1 cup of water every hour 1 cup=200ml 16hrs x 16 cups = 3200ml. Water is super important for overall health & weight control, please do your best to drink a lot.  Morning = 1 liter (1000ml) first 1-3 hours,(Herbal Concentrate counts as water)  Afternoon = 1 liter  Evening / Night = 0.5 liter to 1 liter Healthy Snacks DO NOT LOSE YOUR DICIPLINE and eat unhealthy foods, not even if it is free or a gift or your Mother made it… all unhealthy food makes you fat, no matter where it comes from. Absolutely do not eat sweets, drink soft drinks (1 soft drink = 16 tea spoons sugar), not even ice tea, 3 in 1 coffee, everything comes with sugar, even Diet Coke makes you fat. Drink Water and Herbalife tea, it will save you Money and Health Problems.    Morning before lunch = Herbalife protein bar or a fruit. (1 fruit = 100 calories) OR ½ Shake Afternoon before dinner = 1 fruit OR Herbalife protein bar OR Herbalife soy nuts OR ½ Shake If you are really hungry, then make your self another Herbalife Shake or ½ Shake instead of fast food or snacks (ie; biscuits, curry puffs Your Personal Wellness Coach: Springrolls, cakes, etc = it’s a no no!)   Amirul & Elin 0162626741