Romantic gifts for men


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Romantic gifts for men

  1. 1. Romantic Gifts for MenWhen most people think romantic gifts, they tend to think that women should be theone receiving them, instead of giving them. However, men like a nice romantic giftjust as much as the next person. The problem is most people have a hard time thinkingup a gift for a man that fits into the romantic category. While women tend to besuckers for gifts like chocolates, flowers, and jewelry, these dont often rate high inthe romance department for men. So, to help you come up with some great romanticgifts for men, we have listed some things to consider before purchasing a gift, plussome of the hottest romantic gifts for men available today.Things to consider: In order for a gift to be truly romantic for him, it really should fitat least two and hopefully three of the following three requirements.The gift should be for him. This is obvious, but think of it this way, it should not besomething for the house or the car, but something specifically for him to use andenjoy when he wants to relax and have fun.The gift should not be something he needs, or would buy for himself with nooccasion. For example, do not buy a DVD player and Classic Rock as a gift becausehis is broken, or a Clock that is something he would buy for himself.The gift should be thoughtful and directed to his interests and tastes. Generic gifts arenot romantic, so instead, be sure to get something specific to them and the things thatthey are interested in.Here are some fun ideas for romantic gifts:Hobbies: Most men have expensive hobbies. Cycling, Gardening, painting, playinggolf, fishing, Cigars, Classical music are just some of them. Men seldom spendmoney on their hobbies. Therefore, it would be a touching emotion on your part, ifyou gift your man something that he knew would greatly enhance his hobby but didntfeel like parting with money for. There are a number of new gardening and paintingtools coming up everyday. As for golf players, a new golf set never hurt.Gift baskets: A gift basket is a fun romantic gift because it allows you to give dadsomething they can enjoy for several days. You can also customize the gift basket totheir personal tastes. For example, if your man loves to golf, you can give him agolfers gift basket with chocolate golf balls and real ones, etc.baskets that are both yummy and romantic for him.They are made from rich burlwood and decorated with an elegant diamond pattern,and stuffed with gourmet snacks. He is going to love the treats, and be able to sue theboxes for years after.Each box is packed with all types of goodies like:Gourmet cookies
  2. 2. Chocolate barsTrufflesPistachiosImported chocolatesGourmet coffeeHoney roasted peanutsChocolate covered cherriesChocolate covered almondsDesk toysThe Train Cases gift basket from This is similar to theabove mentioned basket where you get elegant cases that come stacked with tons oftasty delights, and gourmet treats. This set will run you about $199.97. Each case istrimmed with leather and embossed with metal, so they will be great to use after thetreats are gone.Some of the tasty treats included in this gift basket are as follows:Pistachio barAssorted Hard CandiesPistachiosBelgian ChocolatesRainbow suckerThimble cookiesToblerone barEnglish ToffeeGhiradelli BarGourmet CoffeeKnuckle almonds and white fudge over popcornLindt barThe Gentlemans Cigar Gift Basket. This is from, whichoffers all sorts of romantic gift basket that would work for a man or a woman. This
  3. 3. particular basket is $79.97, and is a solid wood cigar box that is filled with gourmettreats and savory snacks. It comes with 2 fine cigars, and can be used to store cigarsonce it is emptied of its gourmet goodies.Gifts for Him is a fun website that offers many options for every taste andtemperament. If you are struggling to find a great gift for your man that is romanticand has an edge of fun to it, this is a great website to browse. This link will take youto a page of romantic gift ideas. You can get something simple like gourmet fortunecookies with romantic messages inside for just a fun surprise, or something moreelaborate like a bottle of wine with your own personal label for a special occasion. Ofcourse there are also lots of things in between. The site offers many gift ideas formany budget types, including things like couples sex tapes, romantic get a-ways, andeven fun romantic or sexy t-shirts. You know your man better than anyone else, so itis up to you to decide what kind of gift he is going to find most romantic.Attire: Women love getting clothes for gifts, especially dresses or evening wear, and aman can enjoy this gift immensely as well. Consider shopping online at BrooksBrothers for a beautifully tailored suit. You can present him with this fine piece ofclothing and them take him out to a romantic dinner for two. He is going to feelspecial. Another great romantic gift for men is personalized sterling silver cufflinks.Cufflinks, especially personalized ones are big, and can make a fun gift. You can visitthe HSN website, and for $40.95, you can purchase very nice personalized sterlingsilver cufflinks for him. Every time he wears them he will think about you.Coupon books: One of the "in" romantic gifts for men right now are coupon booksfilled with favors. These can be thoughtful things like washing his car, or moreintimate things like sexual favors. That is up to you, and what your man would likeand find romantic. However, there are plenty of places online you can go to createcustom coupon books, and they will print them for you. Or, you can buy premadeones, or make one yourself. Just remember, for most men, romance and intimacy gohand in hand, so when you make your "love coupon book" include a few surprises justfor him.Intimate apparel: Most men equate romance and sex somewhere near each other, sofor a gift he is sure to find romantic, consider purchasing some intimate apparel forhim and for you, and including some massage oils, KY Jelly Sensations, or someother lubricant. He is sure to get a kick out of it, and remember the gift for some timeto come. Remember, this gift is about him and his desires. So, consider his desires andtry to fulfill one of his fantasies, or surprise him with something he would be into. Ofcourse only do things you are comfortable with. If you are short on cash, get dressedup in his favorite lingerie and wrap yourself in paper.Goodies: The fact is that in many cases the way to a mans heart is through hisstomach and a man can find chocolates and romantic dinners to be great gifts. So,consider fun options like printing your own M&Ms with personal jokes, or pet names.Or, simply plan a special evening at his favorite restaurant. Pay the maître D todeliver wine to your table, or pay the live music to play your song.Games: Truth, Dare, or Chocolate is a cute romantic game that makes for a fun andromantic gift. It is a game of provocative questions that gives you the chance to tattoo
  4. 4. your partner with Chocoholics Body Frosting. It is a cute game for a pair of loversand costs very little at $9.99.Pampering items: Like women, men like to look and smell good, but most women areafraid to get a man items to pamper himself with as a gift. A great romantic gift for aman is a toiletry kit that includes cologne, deodorant, shaving materials, and otherpersonal hygiene materials. Of course, do not buy them the basic or the cheap stuff,but splurge and get the best stuff you can find so that they feel really special. Nice-smelling cologne is going to be a gift he can use over and over, and each time willthink of you.In general, the idea behind a romantic gift is to make him feel special, so whether youget him a video game that he has been wanting, or a bottle of expensive wine, it canbe romantic as long as it is thoughtful, personal, and is presented in a way that showshow much you care.Consider giving him romantic gifts along with breakfast in bed, or a home cookeddinner accompanied by candle light. Get a sitter for the kids, and give him a night athome with you to relax and reacquaint yourselves with one another. Sometimes thebest gifts are the ones that respark the flames of love and romance in yourrelationship. So, go a little risky, go the extra mile, and add those details that make anordinary meal or gift into something romantic and special.