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In50hrs bangalore second edition


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The slide deck used for pitching the ideas during introduction

Published in: Technology
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In50hrs bangalore second edition

  1. 1. ExhibitionaryTablet app for data entry in exhbitions Satish
  2. 2. The Problem• Data is being captured in exhibitions but not being used effectively.• Serviced only as part of formality.• Entry is not usable for future purposes• Entered data is being soled to telemarketing agencies for small change.
  3. 3. The Solution• Data entry to be done with the help tablets making it usable for future purposes.• Tag the visitor using QR Codes• All the information gets stored to the cloud and is shared with the exhibitors .• Segregating and providing targeted data to the exhibitors in real time
  4. 4. What I Need• Someone to code the site for real time cloud work.• And an designer to chart the flow.
  5. 5. AirBnB for VehiclesRenting vehicles online 24x7 Piyush Chandak
  6. 6. The Problem• The Indian auto market is currently small with being 31 percent of the population to own a two wheeler• And less than 2 percent to own a four wheeler.• Given the large size of the middle class with increasing purchasing power and the youthful population there is apotential to penetrate a largely untapped market in the sector of renting vehicles online.
  7. 7. The Solution• An online portal where one can rent their vehicles(bi- cycle,scooters,bikes,cars etc).• Act as an additional source of income for people who want to rent out vehicles on a short term basis.• User can filter their choice of vehicle by budget, date and location for easy access to rented vehicles will be of great help to the youthful population.• For corporate people it gets easy to book their vehicle on-line on the go.• Additional will be security for customers who rent their vehicles on-line.
  8. 8. What I Need• A dev to create a the next AirBnB for rent vehicles• Support and mentorship for the awesome team of In50hrs
  9. 9. GroceryZonOnline marketplace for groceries Kiran
  10. 10. The Problem• Getting online groceries is still a pain for lot of people.• Plus, adding each and every item for your every monthly grocery list online is a time consuming process
  11. 11. The Solution• A tier system where people can choose from what kind of monthly package they wish to buy from the marketplace.
  12. 12. What I Need• A code-geek to help shopping groceries online easy.
  13. 13. MomentariousRecord your moments on the go Harmeet Kawatra
  14. 14. The Problem• Life is too short to learn from our own mistakes.• Learning from others is an effective thing to do and so from diaries.• But diaries are not permanent; they are big and clunky and need to be maintained.• Almost every book perishes after few years and diaries limit our ability to express because words often cant complete our emotions.
  15. 15. The Solution• A service which enables you to create video logs online and save them over cloud.• We believe that memories blur, diaries perish and photos fade but videos would always enshrine those moments and let you preserve it forever.• Now, one can relive those moments, share thoughts and experiences to various situations.
  16. 16. What I Need• A hacker to disrupt the online video-log space.
  17. 17. CommTubeA platform to know and discuss issues around you Plaban Nayak
  18. 18. The Problem• Not a neat way available keep track of news topics that interests an individual?• Not a common platform to discuss ongoing trendy topics.• Easy way to get all of the above info to an individual is not efficiently built yet.
  19. 19. The Solution• Currently building a web app where people see current topics rather than 100 links and follow topics• Users can discuss on topics, watch videos, post opinions, etc.• The site displays users with current topics and also recommends them topics that will be interesting to them depending on their user reading patterns.• Have a social structure built in.
  20. 20. What I Need• Two other musketeers – Developer – Designer
  21. 21. SharelyA social networking platform to let out your inner self Mallika S Geetha
  22. 22. The Problem• A platform to share the experiences in life that has touched our heart or scratched our brains or stirred our souls or just made us smile or think , isnt available to make use of today.• Plus, sharing these conversations with a wider audience is a gap that needs to be filled .
  23. 23. The Solution• A social networking and interactive platform enabling the masses to share their experiences on various phases of life , juicy tit- bit or on various products or on anything about themselves or others or anecdotal with everyone or within their groups .
  24. 24. What I Need• Designer to make things flow and pretty round the project.
  25. 25. CourseDenLets learnt to inspire Shahnawaz
  26. 26. The Problem• Study Material• Guidance• Clarification of Doubts• Ease of Access• Source: an independent survey of over 2000 students and 100 Educationists, for 6 Months, across India
  27. 27. The Solution• Value Proposition• eText Books• Webniars• Q and A• ………………Words, Wisdom, Wizardry
  28. 28. What I Need• Two more wizards – Designer – Developer
  29. 29. Reality ScreenCloud + Augmented Reality Glass + Internet under one hood Hemant Surale
  30. 30. The Problem• Carrying Cloud + Augmented Reality Glass + Internet in a laptop is too bulky.• Hence a need for smart-screens is unfilled in the market.
  31. 31. The Solution• Bringing Augmented reality to the stuff you use on a daily.• Software development tools being used - S/W Tools Needed : I have it. (ARtools , eclipse with ADT , photoshop etc.)
  32. 32. What I Need• People ready to Explore and knows how to make things work.• Top priority for a Developer with knowledge of Android development.
  33. 33. ShopHurryGet what you want from where you want Shashi
  34. 34. The Problem• Figuring out which retail store is offering what is a tedious process today.• Local retailers do not have a platform to promote their merchandise and reach out to more customers.
  35. 35. The Solution• The solution aims at providing a platform for “immediate shoppers” to search locally and decide the best option; this would be done by sourcing in-store inventory on to the web. In- turn the local retailers would get a new marketing avenue by bringing their merchandise close to the people searching for it.
  36. 36. What I Need• Hacker to get the setup going• Marketing guru to tag along
  37. 37. Free SpeechThe rights you always wished to have Dheeraj
  38. 38. The Problem• No audience engagement for entertainment at Barcamps and College festivals.• Engagement from the attendees is still slow in office gatherings and conferences.• There is not such tool or platform in the market which does that in live conferences.
  39. 39. The Solution• Live audio to be broadcasted• Discover people around you• Organizers and Speakers get full analytics report as to how the audience is responding.
  40. 40. What I Need• A geek to code• Mentorship with Customer development