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Pen presentation


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in 2005, Progressive Education Network is providing quality education to underprivileged children all over Pakistan.

PEN is a non-profit company which is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 42* of the Companies Ordinance 1984.

By adopting underserved public schools, Progressive Education Network works to improve academic standards, increase student enrolment and upgrade the infrastructure. In addition, we initiate co-curricular activities that foster character-building and develop life skills among our students

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Pen presentation

  1. 1. Progressive Education Network
  2. 2. True State of Affairs? 1 in every 10 children out of school in the world is in Pakistan Pakistan has the lowest enrolment rate and highest drop-out rate at primary-level of any country in the region By 2050, Pakistan will have the 4th largest population in the world behind China, India and the USA Public school students take an additional 1.5 to 2.5 years to master the numeracy and literacy skills of their private school counterparts in Grade 3 The gap is even more pronounced in rural/poor urban areas Public schools lack even the most basic facilities.
  3. 3. About Us Registered as a Non-profit Company with SECP Operating 25 schools in Lahore and Karachi. Constructed and operating a school at flood-affected area around Muzzaffargarh About 10,000 students Founded and funded by 7 close friends and supporters Developing school clusters country-wide
  4. 4. Our Core Values Social Responsibility 1 Basic education is a fundamental right of every child. Since the public sector is failing in it, intervention by private sector is a social responsibility of all in order to develop a modern forward looking nation Governance4Transparency Audited by Deloitte. Audited financials available on All information available to all stakeholders 2 The company shall be operated with the highest levels of corporate governance High Impact 3 The interventions must be high impact and reach the masses through public school system. While maintaining a minimum acceptable standard of physical facilities, the focus is what goes on in the classroom
  5. 5. What do we do?Upgrade Infrastructure Construction of new classrooms where needed Provision of toilets Provision of clean drinking water Provision of furniture Painting, fixtures, electricity, etc. Ayas (cleaning ladies) in every schoolEstablish Computer Labs Computers Complete furniture Renovation and paint work New curriculum Computer instructor with a Masters in Computer Science
  6. 6. Our Academic Focus Campaign to increase enrollment Teachers’ training in Academic and Management areas Teacher incentives Addition of teachers where required Instructional material for teachers Academic counseling and mentoring of students Students’ assessment and incentives Health and hygiene awareness / interventions Notebooks and incentives Early Childhood Education in all schools
  7. 7. Immediate Expansion Plans SkarduCurrently Adopted SchoolsCluster of Government SchoolsPlanned for Adoption Sialkot Gujrat Sheikhupura Lahore Faisalabad Multan Rajanpur Muzzaffargarh Karachi Badin
  8. 8. Future Plan 2025  Plan to adopt 3,700 Govt. schools  1 million students 2015  Plan to adopt 854 Govt. schools  Over 230,000 students 2012 27 Govt. schools adopted Over 12,000 students
  9. 9. Achievements 12,000 students in 2 years since PEN became operational 20 % increase in enrollment in existing schools 7% improvement in academic results on year to year basis in our schools (classes 5 & 8 as per PEC Result) All PEN adopted schools now have functioning bathrooms, filtered and cold drinking water, classroom furniture, tube lights and fans. Organized summer camps Construction of deficient classrooms Establishment of computer labs in 2 girls schools Life Skills Training
  10. 10. FoundersAdnan Adsar Ali B.S. & M.S.-University of Wisconsin, MadisonAhsan Imran Shaikh B.Sc. (Mech.) U.E.T, M.B.A. -USA, M.A.S. - PU, LahoreDr. Arif Nazir Butt PhD in Management - McGill University MBA from LUMS MS Engineering – Georgia Institute of TechnologyAgha Shahid M. Khan Master of Commerce -University of Strathclyde (Glasgow)Dr. Shujaat Nadeem B.Sc., M.Sc. & Ph.D. – Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNadeem Babar B.A. & B.S. – Columbia University M.S. – Stanford UniversityOmar Khayyam Sheikh B.A. – Columbia University E.M.B.A. - LUMS