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CodeCamp 2012-mvc-vs-ror-2


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Published in: Technology
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CodeCamp 2012-mvc-vs-ror-2

  2. 2. ROUNDS BootstrappingORM - DB Changes MVC - Routing Testing Deployment Others?
  3. 3. BOOTSTRAPPING• How do I generate a new app• What about dependencies?• Code generation?• Scripts for automation?
  4. 4. ORM - DB CHANGES• How do I map entities to the db?• Is that a default ?• Any particular pattern?• What about associations?
  5. 5. MVC - ROUTING• Where are the Models, Views and Controllers• Can I generate them?• How’s the routing implemented• What about REST?• What about JS requests?• JSON Support?
  6. 6. TESTING• What do you get out of the box?• Is it easy to setup?• What about TDD?• What about BDD?
  7. 7. DEPLOYMENT• What do you need to setup to deploy?• Is it automated?• What are the most common options?
  8. 8. SUMMARY MVC RoRBootstrap ORM MVC TestingDeployment
  9. 9. QUESTIONS?
  10. 10. RESOURCES• Marc Jeanson:, @marcjeanson• James Chambers:, @canadianjames• Amir Barylko:, @abarylko