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Agile requirements


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Presentation done at CodePalousa 2014 about gathering requirements using User Stories and Scenarios for estimation

Published in: Technology
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Agile requirements

  1. 1. AGILE REQUIREMENTS Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  2. 2. HIGH QUALITY REQUIREMENTS Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  3. 3. WHAT’S THE GOAL? • (good Amir Barylko question) MavenThought Inc.
  4. 4. TECHNIQUES • Verbally • Use Cases • Prototyping • User Amir Barylko Stories MavenThought Inc.
  5. 5. COMPLEXITY • Task Breakdown • Story points • Planning • Throw Amir Barylko poker a dice? MavenThought Inc.
  6. 6. PLANNING • Gantt Chart • Sprints for releases • Continuos • Story •A release Mapping mix of those Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  7. 7. COMMON PROBLEMS • (Your Amir Barylko input here) MavenThought Inc.
  8. 8. CAPTURING REQUIREMENTS User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  9. 9. MOVIE LIBRARY SITE Post-It & Sharpie! • Context: • Donald likes to watch movies and tell his friends about it. He uses a site that helps him to find movies (old, new, etc), rate them and share with others. • He also enjoys the previews and loves to hear when his “favorites” movies are playing in theaters. • Write a list of interesting things the site could have to provide value for someone like Donald. User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  10. 10. WHY USER STORIES? • Focused • Based on what you expect • Manage • Don’t • They User Stories on what not how scope (light weight) include many details can be estimated MavenThought Inc.
  11. 11. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? • Capture • Don’t • Only • It user stories (features) to fill our backlog include any details a vague idea of what it should do should fit in a card • It’s User Stories not a contract MavenThought Inc.
  12. 12. PLACEHOLDER FOR CONVERSATION • Documents are not a great tool for common understanding, so we tell stories • They • The spark a conversation (that’s the key) story records/reminds of that conversation • They should be created with the stakeholder/ owner User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  13. 13. WRITING USER STORIES User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  14. 14. FORMAT • As a [ROLE], I want to [ACTION], so I can [GOAL] Who What Why As a User I want to register the movies I’ve seen So I can show them to my friends User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  15. 15. FORMAT II • In order to [GOAL], as a [ROLE], I want to [ACTION] Why Who What In order to show the movies I’ve seen to others As a User I want to register them into the catalog User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  16. 16. INVEST GUIDELINE • Independent • Negotiable • Valuable • Estimable • Small • Testable User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  17. 17. INVEST - INDEPENDENT • One user story should be independent of another (as much as possible). Dependencies between stories make planning, prioritization, and estimation much more difficult. • As a User, I want to see a dashboard with new movies, my favorites and my friends movies • As a User, I want to see new movies • As a User, I want to see my favorites • As a User, I want to see my friend’s movies User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  18. 18. INVEST - NEGOTIABLE • The "Card" of the story is just a short description of the story which do not include details. The details are worked out during the "Conversation" phase. • As a User, I want to rate movies comparing director, actors, popularity, social aspect, etc • As a User, I want to rate movies • As a User, I want to include actors and directors in the reviews User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  19. 19. INVEST - VALUABLE • Each story has to be of value to the customer (either the user or the purchaser). One very good way of making stories valuable is to get the customer to write them. • As a Developer, I want use a NoSQL db to store movies • As a developer I want to use Twitter Bootstrap for the UI • As User Stories a User, I want to register movies MavenThought Inc.
  20. 20. INVEST - ESTIMABLE • The developers need to be able to (relative) estimate (at a ballpark even) a user story to allow prioritization and planning of the story. • As a User, I want to have the most secure site • As a Reviews, I want to be the only one that sees my private reviews User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  21. 21. INVEST - SMALL • The stories should be implemented in a “small” amount of time, otherwise they are too big and should be broken down. • As a User I want to get statistics about movies • As a User, I want to see the top 5 searched movies User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  22. 22. INVEST - TESTABLE • Each story should include the acceptance criteria that indicates the story is implemented as expected. The owner should participate and define this criteria. • The movie site should be easy to use • Given I am in the home page • When I start typing in the search box • Then User Stories the auto complete should help me MavenThought Inc.
  23. 23. NON FUNCTIONAL • How do we write them? • Write tests • Create • If User Stories a checklist (should be a test) possible, write it as story MavenThought Inc.
  24. 24. DETAILS • When’s the right time to add details? • Avoid adding too many details until the story is prioritized to be next • When doing Analysis, then the story gets defined • Acceptance • If tests should be included at that point its too big, should be split up User Stories MavenThought Inc.
  25. 25. MOVIE LIBRARY SITE II Post-It & Sharpie! • Rewrite your statements as user stories using format I or II • As a [ROLE], I want to [ACTION], so I can [GOAL] • In order to [GOAL], as a [ROLE], I want to [ACTION] • Compare • General User Stories with your team Discussion MavenThought Inc.
  26. 26. SCENARIOS Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  27. 27. WRITING SCENARIOS •Each •As story can be described a sequence of steps call the alternatives in the flow scenarios •We Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  28. 28. COMMON LANGUAGE •How do we write scenarios? •Free form may be to confusing, •A tight syntax may be to restricting Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  29. 29. GHERKIN DSL • Business • Flush readable DSL out requirements • Automated testing • Used by Cucumber, SpecFlow, jBehave Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  30. 30. SCENARIOS Scenario: List all movies Given I'm logged in Step 1 And I have (some data loaded) Step 2 When I (do some action) Step 3 Then I (should see expected results) Step 4 Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  31. 31. EXAMPLE Scenario: Write a review for a movie Given I'm logged in as a Critic When I write a review for a movie Then I should see the new review in the reviews section for the movie Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  32. 32. EXAMPLE II Scenario: See most recent movies first Given I'm logged in as a User When I order the list by release date Then I should see the movies with the release date most recent first Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  33. 33. EXCERCISE •Write •for Post-It & Sharpie! a story and scenarios user login using •Given, •And, Scenarios & Estimation When, Then But MavenThought Inc.
  34. 34. GUIDELINES & GOALS Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  35. 35. ????? Scenario: Perfect world Given the application is setup When I want to use some projects Then I should be able to load data And have a great user experience but no bugs should appear Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  36. 36. ????? Scenario: Given a And I When I Then I When I And I And I Amir Barylko Redirect user to originally requested page User "dave" exists with password "secret" am not logged in navigate to the home page am redirected to the login form fill in "Username" with "dave" fill in "Password" with "secret" press "Login" MavenThought Inc.
  37. 37. DESCRIPTIVE STYLE Scenario: List all projects Given I'm logged in And I have some projects stored When I list the projects Then I should see all of them Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  38. 38. DISCOVER COMPLEXITY • How many scenarios per feature? • The more scenarios the more complex • The more steps the more complex • If scenarios are unclear, then is time to rethink the feature Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  39. 39. DISCOVER FUNCTIONALITY • When is the right time to write scenarios? • During Inception? • During Analysis? • During Development? • During QA? Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  40. 40. SCENARIO ORDER • What • How • Can happens with dependencies? do I use data if I haven’t implemented that feature? devs work independently in different scenarios? Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  41. 41. VOTING APP •In Post-It & Sharpie! teams •Choose top three user stories •Write scenarios •Share with the other teams Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  42. 42. ESTIMATING USING SCENARIOS Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  43. 43. DISCOVER FUNCTIONALITY • When is the right time to write scenarios? • During Inception? • During Analysis? • During Development? • During QA? Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  44. 44. ORDER MATTERS •Can every feature be independent? Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  45. 45. SIZE MATTERS •Not every story is the same size Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  46. 46. COMPLEXITY ∝ AMOUNT 7 Scenarios 6 5 4 2 1 0 Simple Medium Complex WTF? Complexity Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  47. 47. COMPLEXITY ∝ CLARITY •Too many steps •Takes more than 5 minutes to write •You read it the next day and have no clue what it means Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  48. 48. RECIPE - STEP #1 Make every story around the same size •One or two scenarios most •If more, break it down to more stories Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  49. 49. RECIPE - STEP #2 Put a time limit (days) to each feature •For example: A story has to be completed in 1 or two days at most Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  50. 50. RECIPE - STEP #3 Choose the simplest story to flush out requirements and implementation •For example: User & password login, OAuth will come later Scenarios & Estimation MavenThought Inc.
  51. 51. USER STORY MAPPING Story Mapping MavenThought Inc.
  52. 52. User Story Mapping is an approach to Organizing and Prioritizing user stories Story Mapping MavenThought Inc.
  53. 53. STORY MAP VS BACKLOG •Clearly identifies value •Track finished stories •Helps prioritize stories •Separate Story Mapping stories in releases easily MavenThought Inc.
  54. 54. Story Mapping MavenThought Inc.
  55. 55. Manage Contacts Manage Email Write Email Plain Text HTML Read Email Basic Render Attachments Delete Email Delete one by one Create Contact Manage Calendar List Contacts Delete Contact Edit Contact View Appt. Create Appt. Release 1 Delete multiple Release 2 Markdown Auto Spam Release 3 Story Mapping MavenThought Inc.
  56. 56. User Activities User Tasks User Stories Release 1 User Stories User Stories Story Mapping Release 2 Release 3 MavenThought Inc.
  57. 57. Time Priority Release 1 Release 2 Release 3 Story Mapping MavenThought Inc.
  58. 58. The first release represents the minimum viable release Story Mapping MavenThought Inc.
  59. 59. BUDGET TIME SCOPE Story Mapping Fixed Fixed ????? MavenThought Inc.
  60. 60. Better to have 80% 100% done Than 100% 80% done Story Mapping MavenThought Inc.
  61. 61. NARROWING THE GAP Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  62. 62. ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA • Write the expected criteria before the implementation starts • Developers will implement the feature until the criteria is satisfied • QA Amir Barylko will validate against the same criteria MavenThought Inc.
  63. 63. BENEFITS • Discover • Testing the feature all the way • Traceability • Quality Amir Barylko every step of the process MavenThought Inc.
  64. 64. ROLES • Who writes the feature? • Who implements the feature? • Who validates the feature? • What’s Amir Barylko the role of QA, PM, etc? MavenThought Inc.
  65. 65. OUTSIDE IN APPROACH Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  66. 66. RUNNABLE FEATURES • Features describe functionality • What if we could run them? • Then features would validate functionality • Becoming Amir Barylko live documentation MavenThought Inc.
  67. 67. TOOLS GALORE • Lots of tools available that use Gherkin: • Cucumber / rSpec • jBehave • Specflow • Scalatest • etc Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  68. 68. WHERE SHOULD THEY GO? •Acceptance •Integration •Unit Amir Barylko tests? tests? tests? MavenThought Inc.
  69. 69. ACCEPTANCE TEST •Black box testing •Crossing •Should cover all scenarios •External Amir Barylko all layers subsystems may be mocked MavenThought Inc.
  70. 70. INTEGRATION TEST •More •Still than one class some parts can be mocked •Partial Amir Barylko functionality of subsystem MavenThought Inc.
  71. 71. UNIT TEST • Test for a class or method • No external dependencies • Small • Clear Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  72. 72. TDD • First write a test that fails (RED) • Write code to make it pass (GREEN) • Check if code can be improved (REFACTOR) • Start Amir Barylko again until it’s done MavenThought Inc.
  73. 73. WHEN TDD IS NOT ENOUGH •Legacy Code •Refactoring is not viable •Verify functionality across layers •Validate feature end to end Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  74. 74. DEMO Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  75. 75. SUMMARY Benefits Challenges What’s next? Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  76. 76. BENEFITS • Easier planning • Discovers functionality and complexity • No particular skill required • Easy Adoption Amir Barylko • Puts the whole team on the same page • Simplifies QA process • Narrows the gap between expectations and actual implementation MavenThought Inc.
  77. 77. CHALLENGES • Different • The approach roles get blurred • Team effort • Others? Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  78. 78. WHAT’S NEXT • Take one idea/technique that you think could be beneficial • Use the next four weeks to implement it • Register • Share Amir Barylko challenges, issues and results with your peers (and with me if possible) MavenThought Inc.
  79. 79. QUESTIONS? Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.
  80. 80. RESOURCES • Contact me:, @abarylko • Download: Amir Barylko MavenThought Inc.