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Research Graph: Connecting Identifiers across Research Data Infrastructures


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CSIRO Webinar about Research Graph and the role of identifiers in connecting scholarly works.

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Research Graph: Connecting Identifiers across Research Data Infrastructures

  1. 1. Research Graph: Connecting Identifiers across Research Data Infrastructures Dr. Amir Aryani Project Manager, Australian National Data Service (ANDS), at Australian National University (ANU), Co-chair of DDRI working group, Research Data Alliance, email:, This presentation on "Creating a Distributed Graph using RD-Switchboard" by Dr. Amir Aryani is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (
  2. 2. Agenda ● Challenge of cross-platform discovery ● Research Data Alliance working groups ● Example of Research Graph connections and Neo4j queries ● Impact of identifiers on connections
  3. 3. Challenge of cross-platform discovery
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Question: What other researchers or research activities are connected to this work?” ● What other related datasets has been published by the authors? ● What are the related publications to this dataset? ● What is the research portfolio of the authors related to this work? ● What research projects are related to this dataset?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Research Data Alliance Working Groups
  8. 8. Data Description Registry Interoperability (DDRI) WG Goal: Enabling Cross-platform Discovery between research data infrastructures
  9. 9. Building Research Graph using Switchboard
  10. 10. RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG
  11. 11. Role of identifiers ● (D:Datacite:Dataset)--(P:CrossRef:Publication) ○ (doi) -- (doi) ● (D:Datacite:Dataset)--(P:CERN:Publication) ○ (doi) -- (doi) ● (D:Datacite:Dataset)--(R:CERN:Researcher) -- (P:CERN:Publication) ○ (doi) -- (inspireHepID) -- (doi) ● (D:DRYAD:Dataset)--(R:ORCID:Researcher)--(P:CERN:Publication) ○ (doi) -- (orcid) -- (doi) ● (g:ANDS:Grant)--(R:ANDS:Dataset)--(R:ORCID:Researcher) ○ (purl) -- (doi) -- (orcid)
  12. 12. Using Neo4j and RD-Switchboard ● match (n:dataset) where n.doi='10.4225/35/563159f223739' return n ● match (n:dataset)--(r:researcher) where n.doi='10.4225/35/563159f223739' return r.first_name, r.last_name ● match (r:orcid:researcher) where r.first_name='David' and r.last_name='Ellsworth' return r.orcid Find all the publications by 3 degrees of separation ● match (n:dataset)-[*1..3]-(p:publication) where n.doi='10.4225/35/563159f223739' return n.title limit 50
  13. 13. Impact of identifiers
  14. 14. Impact of identifiers: DOI Case A: match (d:dataset)--(m) where not exists(d.doi) return count(distinct(d)) Case B: match (d:dataset)--(m) where exists(d.doi) return count(distinct(d))
  15. 15. Impact of identifiers: ORCID Case A: match (r:researcher)--(m) where not exists(r.orcid) return count(distinct(r)) Case B: match (r:researcher)--(m) where exists(r.orcid) return count(distinct(r))
  16. 16. Summary ● President Identifiers has a crucial role in enabling connections in Research Graph and enabling functionality of the Switchboard platform. ● Research Graph distributed graph currently more than ten million nodes from CERN, Dryad, ORCID, figshare, ANDS, NII Japan, and a number of other international partners. This data can be used for research in collaboration networks. ● The Research Graph is an open collaborative project. If you are interested to work with the project partners, please ○ Join DDRI Working Group: ○ and contact ● More information: ○ ○ ○