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Assessing international markets


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CH 12 International business

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Assessing international markets

  1. 1. Amira Abaza Donia salama Esraa Bella Hesham Elnashar Mai Abd Elwahed yosra Hossam
  2. 2. The cultural differences of supermarkets
  3. 3. Assessing international markets Marketing screening Firm uses environmental forces to identify desirable markets Environmental screening Firm scans world for changes in environmental forces that might affect it
  4. 4. Two Types of Market Screening: Country Screening: -Uses countries as basis for market selection Segment Screening: -Uses market segments as basis for market selection
  5. 5. Dependent on– Basic Needs Potential Climate Topography Natural resources Initial Screening – Basic Needs Potential
  6. 6. What about less specialized products that are widely consumed ?
  7. 7. Foreign trade The department of commerce has the report of exports & merchandise on (NTDB) Which is available online for subscription fee The report’s information is especially useful because it include units & dollar values, Permitting the average price of the unit exported
  8. 8. Report’s information •Indicate major markets for productInternational market research reports •Indicate products for which there is good established in a given country Country market surveys
  9. 9. Imports Do Not Completely Measure Market Potential why ? Reasons 1- poor marketing 2- lake of foreign exchange 3- high prices ( from effects of transportation, duties & markups )
  10. 10. Reasons continued 4- imports cannot give much indicated of the potential demand for a really new product 5- changes in countries political structure may also reduce or eliminate imports No guarantee that imports will continue
  11. 11. Positive reasons of using import data Import data provide the firm with an indication of how much product is currently being purchased & provide mangers with a conservation estimation of the immediate market potential at the going price .