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Amira coroporate booklet

  1. 1. T H E A M I R A G R O U P
  2. 2. AMIRA FOODS INDIA LTD. A Passion for Food 8C ONTENT Global Technology 10 Message from the GMD 1 The Rewards of Excellence 12 1915 — A Passion Begins 2 Connecting with the Customer/Consumer 14 Board of Directors 4 Domestic & International 16 The Business Landscapes 6 Private Labelling 18 Team Work 20 Group Companies & Addresses 23AMIRA A Harvest of Hope 22
  3. 3. M ESSAGE FROM THE GROUP MANAGING DIRECTORo ur vision extends well beyond commodity sales. Our relationships are the means tobond people and cultures across the world through the common language of food.This enables us to leverage our position as a leading producer and exporter of rice, aproduct thats staple to half the worlds population. This is the power of ‘FoodConnect’.At Amira group, we are committed to improving the quality of life of thecommunities we serve. The practice of returning to society evokes trust amongconsumers, employees, shareholders and the community. Amira is committed toprotecting this heritage of leadership with trust through its activities in business.Driven by values based on the principles of Integrity, Understanding, Excellence,Unity and Responsibility. These values continue to direct the growth and business ofAmira companies and will continue to do so for all time to come.” Karan A. Chanana GROUP MANAGING DIRECTOR Bonding people and cultures across the world through the common language of food. 1
  4. 4. A PA S S I O N B E G I N S . . . The AMIRA GROUP was founded by Late Shri. Karam Chand Chanana as a modest venture in the agro commodities trade in 1915. Inherently dynamic in nature, AMIRALate Shri. Karam Chand Chanana continues to diversify and explore new opportunities; while the past serves as inspiration, it is the passion to grow the potential that truly excites the AMIRA GROUP. 1978 — The second generation continues to strive for newer heights and widening its base under the guidance of Anil Chanana. With this new thrust, he enabled the company to realise the potential in the global arena and established the foundation with a prime focus on exports. While the past serves as an inspiration, it is the Anil Chanana passion to grow that truly excites the AMIRA GROUP. The seed planted almost a century ago, has inspired a new generation that keeps pace with the winds of change, in fast changing international scenario. 2
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  6. 6. IRA AM BOARD OF DIRECTORS AMIRA Karan A. Chanana GROUP MANAGING DIRECTOR T aking the business legacy forward under the stewardship of Karan A. Chanana, Group Managing Director, AMIRA FOODS India V.K. Chanana Limited received the prestigious status of Global Anita Daing CHAIRMAN FINANCE DIRECTOR Growth Company from the World Economic Forum.V irendra Kumar Chanana with an envious A academic record has built an illustrious Mr. Karan A. Chanana has demonstrated his passion nita Daing brings over 25 years’ experience in career. He began as the Labour Commissioner for the business by articulating his vision for Food Accounts and Finance related matters. Aof UP and on to the government nominee in the Connect. Being a strategic thinker, he has been post-graduate from Jesus & Mary College, sheBoard of Directors of giants including Hindustan innovative in his marketing skills and manages a has had an illustrious career.Paper Corporation, Hindustan Cables and NSIC. complex supply chain across five continents. She worked with You ‘n’ Me Pvt. Ltd., a garmentHe was the Joint Secretary in the Ministry of He is known for his sharp acumen in recognising export house as a Director of Accounts and Finance.Industry where he formulated smart policies for the business opportunities. Karan A. Chanana, as a Anita has been with the Amira Group since 1996.sector. He was also the Country representative and member of the CIS/MENA Committee, AgriculturalDirector of United Nations Industrial Development Committee and Head of Agriculture Task Force atOrganisation (UNIDCO). Africa Committee of CII and is, also a member of the FICCI, APEDA and FIEO committees andHe has the responsibility of effecting the recipient of numerous awards.development of the private sector, investmentpromotion and setting up joint ventures for He is a regular speaker at forums in India and otherdeveloping nations. Currently, he is on the board of global forums. Beyond business, his dedicationMahindra & Mahindra Ltd. stems from a firm belief in giving back to society and is wholeheartedly involved in charitable causes. 4
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  8. 8. IRA AM THE BUSINESS LANDSCAPE AMIRAThe Amira Group has spread its business activities across a wide canvas with activities inInfrastructure, Energy, Information Technology and SEZ to mention a few.4AMIRA INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD.4AMIRA ENTERPRISES LTD.4AMIRA ENERGY PVT. LTD.4AMIRA INFOTECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.4AMIRA SEZ AND INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD.4 INDIA LTD.AMIRA FOODSAt Amira Foods, customer expectations and their understanding had instilled a satiating hungerfor growth. From a modest beginning and local trading operations, Amira has today evolved as anational brand thats available across a variety of retail formats.Ongoing projects include those for forward and backward integration, from the procurement ofseeds and organising organic farming initiatives to establishing the first private agro-processingSEZ unit in Indias Basmati region thereby providing greater leverage and economies of scale.All relationships are the means to bond people and cultures across the world through thecommon language of food. 6
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  10. 10. IRA AMAMIRA FOODS INDIA LTD. AMIRAA Passion For FoodA mira Foods India Ltd. was awarded the status of Global Growth Company from the World Economic Forum, heralding Company’s foresight and vision with demonstrated leadership, outstandingexecution.The largest Indian privately held rice company with state-of-the-artmilling technologies certified to meet world-class standards. Amira Foodshas always stressed on top of mind brand awareness which is why thecommunications strategy is multi pronged to achieve maximum results.Understanding the consumer demographics and psychographics thatenables us to directly connect with the consumer. Regular merchandisingcampaigns at retail outlets, trade promotions, consumer promotions andsponsorships, events and participation in national and international tradefairs play a pivotal role in promoting brand Amira.The brand has established a reputation for fair trade practices. Qualityproducts, honest pricing and the assurance of customer satisfaction thathas been the guiding philosophy to grow the brand.Over years, Amira Foods (India) Limited has won numerous awards andrecognition of not just as an industry leader, but also for its contributionsto the countrys growth and economic stability. 8
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  12. 12. IRA AMAMIRA FOODS INDIA LTD. AMIRAGlobal TechnologyA mira Foods has offices across the globe including Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and USA.The state-of-the-art Amira production facility located in the Basmati growing belt of northern India is oneof the largest in the country.Amira Foods established the first automated Basmati rice plant in thecountry, with technology from BUHLER of Germany where the rice grain isuntouched by hand. A variety of agro-commodities are exported by AmiraFoods India Ltd.Qualitative LeadershipAmira has been a pioneer by mapping the rice industry business processand evolve an ERP system on the successful BAAN platform.The core finance group of Amira continuously monitors internationalfinancial trends, keeps a watchful eye and provides timely advice onfinancial opportunities.The Research & Development Cell incorporates the latest proventechnology to ensure perfection and a Pro-Logic-Control system handlesthe entire operation of the plant from one single source interlockingupstream and down-stream operations.Amira Foods received US FDA approval and with it came instant access tothe most demanding markets of Europe and the Middle East. 10
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  14. 14. IRA AMAMIRA FOODS INDIA LTD. AMIRAThe Rewards of ExcellenceA mira Group has over the years earned recognition of not just an industry leader, but also for its contribution to the countrys growth and economic stability. Recognitions include:Recognition as a 3 Star Export House by the Ministry of Commerce,? Government of India (2004).??awards in several categories, including the prestigious APEDAAPEDA Export Award.?? Certificate of Merit for outstanding contribution to riceAPEDA exports (1995-96).?Excellence Award from the Union Minister of State for Power and?Non- Conventional Energy Resources (1997).??Top Exporter Award from the Executive Director,?? Bank (1995-96).Canara?FIEO Award for promoting Exports (2000, 2001-2002).??CERTIFICATIONSISO 9001:2000 certified???approvedHACCP?? quality codeSQF 2000?SGS certificate of registration and IPQC??FDA approved plant and facilities??BRC Certification??Certification to use the ‘Produce of India’ logo? 12
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  16. 16. IRA AMAMIRA FOODS INDIA LTD. AMIRAConnecting with the Customer/ConsumerF or Amira, consumer is the key and brand strategies, market positioning and communication is aimed at fulfilling the promises made.Amira Foods operates by a philosophy of global coordination and localexecution. The vision is to identify consumer and customer needs andmeet them with simple formula of ‘Triple Three’ that is Trust,Transparency, Timely Deliverables. In persuasion with its philosophy,Amira Foods has an ongoing monthly newsletter - APPETIZERS that is anhors d’oeuvre for news and views and serves as a touch-point to bond withemployees and trade partners.Communication and feedback is vital to any business. We welcomecomments and suggestions. Our objective is to be open to ideas andalternates that helps us to grow more and offer more.The multi-pronged customer outreach system is at the very heart of theCompanys business and the acid test of any product or service comes fromthe point of ultimate consumption and the feedback. 14
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  18. 18. IRA AM DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL AMIRA A mira Foods offers an extensive portfolio of brands to meet their local culinary requirements. Consumer and Customer requirements hold the pulse of the business. The endeavour is to continuously expand and widen the product base to meet the dynamics of a demanding domestic and international market. In the Domestic Market, Amira has established a network of over 100 distributors spanning over 23 states in India spread through Traditional and Modern Retail Stores and Horeca. To cater to this diverse market, the focus is primarily by understanding the requirements of the regional audience and offering Pure Product mix to capture quality driven market for the brands. In the International Market, Amira is fast spreading its wings across countries and the distribution is mainly in the Ethnic Trade, Mainstream and Food Services. The products currently being marketed in the international market is Traditional Basmati, Extra Long Grain Basmati, Brown Basmati and Pakistani Basmati, Thai Jasmine and Sona Masoori from South of India. The International Product Mix also comprises Amira Palm Oelin Oil from Malaysia and primarily marketed in the Middle East and the African Continent.The AMIRA Product Line is specially developed to meet the needs of its all customers. Lifestyle Rice Speciality Rice and other ! Amira Pure Traditional Basmati Products Rice ! Amira Thai Jasmine ! Amira Indigo Extra Long Grain ! Amira Sona Masoori Basmati Rice ! Amira Sameena Basmati ! Amira Goodlength Basmati Rice Everyday Rice ! Guru Ka Guru Basmati Rice ! Amira Long Grain Rice ! Amira Palm Oelin Edible Oil ! Amira Sharbati Aromatic Long Healthy Rice Grain Rice ! Amira Good Health Basmati ! Amira Daily Fresh Basmati Rice Rice 16
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  20. 20. IRA AMPRIVATE LABELLING AMIRATrading Across the GlobeA mira Foods commands the Private labeling business on a grand scale. The vertical is further segmented into independent trade lines which includes Rice Varieties, Palm Oil and Bulk Trading.Rice Varieties - The exports includes White Rice or Raw Rice, TraditionalBasmati, Pusa Basmati & 1121 Basmati, Sella Basmati, Traditional, Pusa &1121 Sella in Creamy and Golden form Long Grain & Medium Grain Rice(Sharbati, PR-11).Besides rice, other Agro-commodities Amira Foods exports includespulses, sesame seeds, onions, potatoes, soybean extract, edible oil, palmoil, sunflower oil, yellow corn, butter oil, wheat, wheat flour, gram flour,chillies and a variety of spices.Palm OilAmira Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. processes prime quality palm products tomeet the specific needs of the extensive global food processing industry.For the commercial and industrial sectors, the range includes RBD palmolein, RBD palm oil, RBD palm stearin, PFAD, vegetable ghee, margarine,shortening, cocoa butter substitute, ice-cream dough, creaming, coatingand other speciality fats.Bulk TradingThe bulk of the trade done by Amira Foods is primarily of Indian whitecrystal sugar.Amira caters to the private label segment in over 40 countries across theglobe primarily USA, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Far East and businessis conducted through subsidiaries located across four continents. 18
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  22. 22. IRA AMTEAMWORK AMIRA AMIRAA mira Foods has a deep rooted philosophy “when you keep people happy, they will keep the customers happy” People have always come first, rather than resources.They are individuals who work with the Company rather than for theCompany and realise their full potential. Amira has ingrained in eachindividual key values which include:(a) Honesty and Integrity - Personal and professional integrity are intrinsic to the work culture to foster the highest ethical standards.(b) Conscientiousness - No task is too small; each individual merits undivided attention. c(b) Respect - Respect is not limited to seniors and managers: respect superiors, subordinates and co-workers as well.(d) Continuous Learning - We invest in employee training and education, recognise and reward quality performance and identify and address employee needs and expectations.(e) Teamwork - Cooperation is a common mantra across all departments: we play to our strengths as a team to achieve common goals.These are the guiding principles based on a strong foundation of effectivecommunication. Amira holds itself responsible to support and demonstratethem in its daily tasks, decisions and interactions.Steered by a team of motivated and spirited individuals at the helm, theCompany fosters a work culture that is fulfilling and energising within anenvironment that promotes a vertical and lateral growth. 20
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  24. 24. IRA AMA HARVEST OF HOPE AMIRAAmira Foods has given thought beyond food. It’s a commitment to giveback to communities in which we operate.Amira Foods is committed to giving back to society what it has taken fromit. Its philanthropic commitments include financial aid to the Blind School,building minds by construction of secondary school classrooms in Harsaru,Gurgaon, providing food and shelter to homeless children and to theUnited Nations, ongoing aid for disaster areas through the Bihar ChiefMinister’s Fund for Flood Relief and fighting hunger with rice donations forrelief to victims of the Myanmar Tsunami and Kandla cyclone.One small step, but a giant leap of hope for millions.This is the faith and the inbuilt passion that leads Amira Foods towardstomorrow. 22
  25. 25. AMIRA THE AMIRA GROUP 54, PRAKRITI MARG, M.G. ROAD, NEW DELHI-110030. INDIA Ph.: 91+11+ 460 57500 | Fax: 91+11+ 460 57570 Email: | Web: GROUP COMPANIES AMIRA INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD. | AMIRA ENTERPRISES LTD. | AMIRA ENERGY PVT. LTD. AMIRA INFO TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. | AMIRA SEZ AND INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD. AMIRA FOODS (INDIA) LTD. Corporate Office: 54, Prakriti Marg, Factory: 21st. Milestone, Pataudi Road, Registered Office: B1/E 28, M.G. Road, New Delhi-110030. India Harsaru District, Gurgaon - 123505 Mohan Corporative Industrial Estate, Ph.: 91+11+ 460 57500 Haryana INDIA Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110044 Fax: 91+11+ 460 57570 Ph.: 91+124+227 6472-74 Web: Email: Fax: 91+1124+227 6484 Web: Web: AMIRA FOODS (INDIA) LTD. INTERNATIONAL OFFICESAMIRA FOODS PTE LTD. AMIRA FOODS INC AMIRA FOODS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. AMIRA FOODS DMCC17 Phillip Street 1315, East, Saint, Andrew Pl, Suit 12B-23, Level 12B Emirates Towers, Level No. 41# 05-01 Grand Building D, Santa Ana CA 92705 Wisma Zelan Tasik Permaisuri 2 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai,Singapore 048695 Ph.: 7149662153 Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras United Arab EmiratesPh.: 65387777 / 653377 Fax: 7149662154 56000, Kuala Lumpur Ph.: +97142351755Fax: 65331144 / 65333227 Email: Email: Fax: +97142351767Email: Email: 23