Agents of Change Processes Manifesto


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SE|AoC Project Process Plans for Orientation & Champagne Launch, Startup Camp, & Entrepreneurs Week, 2009.

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Agents of Change Processes Manifesto

  1. 1. AoC Processes/Project Plan: A When Problem - Shows various stages of project over time, and the relationship between various components.
  2. 2. E'week example. 1. Start with a coordinate system (normally the beginning/present). - We create E'week by determining what the purpose & outcomes are, and how we're going to address them. Next is sourcing the resources, followed by execution, and finally reviewing & improving. These phases take varying amounts of time, and this is reflected by the length of the phases. - Standard too is the roles required to fulfil each project. Traditionally we've broken these down into Project Manager, Operations, Marketing, Sponsorship. These are plotted running down the side in order to show their individual activities during each phase.
  3. 4. 2. Plot in the what's ( critical milestones & deliverable documents ). - Critical milestones show the triggers that indicate the close of one phase and the beginning of another.
  4. 6. - Plotting in the individual deliverables indicates what physically needs to be completed in order to meet a milestone, to say that one phase is finished and the next is ready to start. For example, once Operations has completed the 'concept blueprint', Marketing the 'target market analysis', and Sponsorship the 'target sponsors list', we can say the Concept Design milestone has been reached, and we can begin sourcing resources.
  5. 8. 3. Valuable as they are in content, deliverables are simply the end results of all the heavy lifting that went into them. While seeing when the deliverables are due is critical to planning, we also need to see what is required to create them. That's where work streams com in: They are the task lists of things to do that each role follows in order to know what to do to get the deliverables done. Mapping the work streams completes this detailed timeline so we can see how long a project is going to take. In the case of E'week: 9 months.
  6. 10. For this year (2009) we used the following Project Plans: Startup Camp, Champagne Launch.
  7. 13. Please note ; everything in here is meant to be improved upon. Do so.