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Entrepreneur India 2013 brochure


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ENTREPRENEUR INDIA 2013 in its 3rd yearhas become the marquee entrepreneurship event on building enterprising entrepreneurs. The convention is designed for Business Owners, Women Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Enablers to provide the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem with a nurturing environment in which all could learn through the sharing of knowledge, experiences and information. The fabric of the Entrepreneur India 2013 conference is accordingly woven around 7 I’s (Inspire , Ideate , Individual , Incubate , Innovate , Invest , Internationalize) which are critical to the lifecycle from startup to becoming a world Class Organization. To know more visit:

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Entrepreneur India 2013 brochure

  1. 1. July 6 & 7, 2013Hotel Claridges, Surajkund, DelhiINDIA 2013GROW YOUR BUSINESS3rd National Convention on EntrepreneurshipAwards Conference ExhibitionInspireIdeateIndividualize IncubateInnovateInvestInternationalizethe7i’sofanentrepreneur
  2. 2. We live in times that are exciting and challenging forentrepreneurs. Confident individuals are taking up the pathof entrepreneurship with blockbuster vision and a hugeappetite for building growth and scale. They see growingopportunity in the expanding consumer market, andsimultaneously recognize the challenge of engaging with acustomer who is now expecting the best the world can offer.New age entrepreneurs are readying themselves to face therapidly shifting scenario that defies long-term projections,denies conventional knowledge and demands somethingnew every day.Today the crucial task is of bringing together a team of like-minded co-creators who will put flesh and blood to theenterprise envisioned. The business ecosystem in India is nowmature enough for people with the intellectual capital andskills to be valued more than plant and fixtures.Entrepreneurship is about developing that top mind thinkingto anticipate change and switch tracks when scenariosundergo paradigm shifts. The need for collaboration isunderscored as we are today in a similar situation to the sixwise men who are clutching one part of the elephant thatthey have experienced, know and understand. We need tobring all of them together to have more clarity of the totalityof the emerging reality.Entrepreneur India 2013 has emerged as the leading forum inthe country where entrepreneurs come to get forwardthinking on how to start and build enterprises that are readyfor transformative growth. Entrepreneur India 2013 presentsdiverse contexts, variety of insights and a heterogeneousgroup of experts and industry leaders and platform wherebusiness owners can understand and recognize businessopportunities that are emerging in our country.I invite you to be a part of Entrepreneur India 2013 and helpus put our collective wisdom together to create a newgrowth vision for an entrepreneur led India.An entrepreneur is more of acoach than a captain. It is notjust that one big cup; it is aboutachieving success match aftermatch, season after season,across the years. Entrepreneursbuild winning teams.Take Charge!Building an Entrepreneur MindsetGaurav Marya,Chairman, Franchise IndiaIT IS THE  NATURENATURE’STO PULL EVERYTHING DOWN( )LAW OF GRAVITYAND IT IS THE ENTREPRENEUR’SNATURE TO PUSHEVERYTHINGUP
  3. 3. WHEN THE RULESCHANGE,CHANGE THE GAMEIn its 13th year of growth Franchise India enhanced its bouquet of offerings by encouraging entrepreneurship and the spirit ofenterprise in India. One such initiate was Entrepreneur India 2011, the first edition of a forum for entrepreneurs. In the first yearitself Entrepreneur India summit attracted delegates from all across India who gathered to learn, unlearn and relearn various facetsof entrepreneurship. The convention is designed for business owners, women entrepreneurs, start-ups, students and enablers toprovide the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem with a nurturing environment in which all could learn through the sharing ofknowledge, experiences and information. The convention is designed on the theme of seven Is which are: Inspire, Ideate,Individualize, Incubate, Innovate, Invest and Internationalize. To celebrate entrepreneurs who have contributed extensively towardsthe growth of entrepreneurship in our country, Franchise India, also organizes the prestigious Entrepreneur India Awards alongwith the convention. The Awards give national recognition to the most inspiring entrepreneurial entities across the country in theirrespective sectors.ENTREPRENEUR INDIA 2011 & 2012 REWRITINGSUCCESS
  4. 4. InspireLookbeyondGoing into business simply because youwant to make money (profit) is far toomuch a price to pay as an entrepreneur.Entrepreneurship is not about submittingto the status quo (enjoying comfortability);its about challenging the status quo(creating change).A true entrepreneur has to be at the very core of thisrenegade, even though it means going against the norm.As an entrepreneur one needs to forecast what the futurewill hold. Rather than remaining inward, one needs tolook outward to have an extended sense of opportunity.As an entrepreneur you need to widen your canvass allthe time and need to question yourself constantly whatdoes it need now?Thinking beyond the line, the session willinspire entrepreneurs on the Businessthey were born to create♦ Forecasting♦ Creating new opportunities♦ Inspire your entrepreneurial spiritwith new inspiration♦ Look beyond the current andvisualise the future♦ Inspire the next♦ The Forecasting Period &Forecasting Revenue Growth♦ Cross-Pollinate for IdeasTHE “AWAKENEDENTREPRENEUR”:DISCOVERINGTHE BUSINESSYOU WERE BORNTO CREATE."You do notrequire an invitation tomake profits."Dhirubhai H. Ambani
  5. 5. Are you an action-oriented individual or Do you take things as they come by?Do you strategise to create alternative ways to succeed? Do you like brining astructure in place? Do you prioritize and then act?It is important to know yourself to figure out what you enjoy and what youre good at and hire people whoare good at what you lack. Your success traits might be operations, or developing new business models, orhaving tie-ups. Remember, self awareness is one cornerstone of effective leadership. Understanding whatyoure really good at doing is the first step to becoming an entrepreneur. Recognize your niche by payingattention to your skills, experiences and aptitudes. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, likesand dislikes, you will identify and attract the businesses which will be a good fit.IndividualizeKnowyourselfIdeateWhat sit worth♦ What is the Return on idea from Individualperspective?♦ Where to look for the next big idea?♦ The myth of the Golden Idea: Audaciousoptimism vs. Conservative reality♦ Avoiding the situation of "perfection paralysis" inIdea execution♦ From ideas to IPOs♦ Even the best ideas can fail - "Bouncing BackEvery idea has potential. It needs elevatedcapability at the entrepreneurs end to shift theobsession with the idea into an obsession withthe execution of the idea.There is also a serious need to evaluate if these ideas be integratedinto your existing businesses or do you need to develop a separateoutfit for it. Evaluating an ideas potential would determine thedirection you take it into. Building a great idea to a great productshould eventually transpire to make money in the shortesttimeframe. Just because the Idea looks smart on paper doesntmean its the right next idea for your business.♦ How to utilise your best assets as an entrepreneur♦ Are you a serial entrepreneur?♦ Do operations excite you?♦ Are you an idea man?♦ Are you a growth oriented person?♦ How much risk you can tolerate?THE BOSSOF ENTERPRISE “I”:ENTERPRISE OWNERSHIPSTARTS AFTERWE TAKE CHARGE.FROM IDEATO IDEAL:FAST-TRACKINGTHE RIGHTIDEA TO THEIDEAL ENTERPRISE.
  6. 6. IncubateA startupconglomerateTo develop a new business the idea need not beyours, but you can partake its profits and itspains by incubating such an idea in yourenterprise.Buying on the idea of others and developing them into abusiness is one thought many entrepreneurs are toying withthese days. These leading entrepreneurs have several years ofexperience and the know-how of what it takes to create abusiness. The companies are scaled up within the premises of theentrepreneur. Such companies become aggregators of productsor services with revenue share tie-ups with start-ups. Can yoursbe an internal incubation company encouraging entrepreneurs?♦ Screen opportunities: Differentiating betweenStart-up idea vs. corporate idea♦ What it takes to incubate small companies internally♦ Role as an Evangeliser♦ Exit options♦ How it differs from being an Angel♦ Finding strategic partner for incubateecompanies♦ Incubator business and accelerator business♦ Incubation model to help intrapreneurs turnentrepreneursTHE INVESTORENTREPRENEUR:TO BUILD ASTART-UPCONGLOMERATE,INCUBATE IDEASFORWARDTHINKERS:ENTREPRENEURS @EVERYDAYINNOVATIONAlmost nothing successful was designed to be that way.Either it accidentally became a masterpiece or it was theresult of constant revision and change. DisruptiveTechnology is the fuel for new start-ups, but if bigbusinesses have to become bigger, Innovation needs totranspire around everyday products and services.The economics of innovation have changed. Devising newefficiencies to everyday things calls for efficiency led innovation.Once you have reached a certain benchmark success in your presententerprise, it is time to revisit areas where theres actually aninnovation shortfall in the marketplace resonating with yourcurrent line of business. Being one step ahead in todays marketplacecalls for Everyday Innovation!♦ Where Should Medium entrepreneurs bet big intochanging pace of innovation?♦ When does innovation yield efficiency?♦ Everyday Innovation challenge: the innovation thathappens on the back of innovation♦ The Creativity Payback - Measuring the changethrough innovation dividend reapedThe Real worth!♦ How innovation factors into entrepreneurseveryday plansInnovateA new dayevery day
  7. 7. How you manage the business developingpeople, processes and partnerships. Withouta core reliance on capital, labour and processit is hard to imagine a continuation of agrowing business system.Once the business has found growth money the threeimportant aspects for business to invest are people,processes and partnerships and all three of them work incorrelation. One needs to have the right set of people towork through processes defined by business partnerships. Ifgreat people are not provided with right processes they willfail to perform. Similarly, if the right people are not lookingafter your JV partnerships it will not get any returns. Sameway, fine processes without proficient people will not takethe business anywhere.Only when you invest across all the three verticals you canget optimum productivity. Before you finalise your nextbusiness strategy ask yourself, have I invested in people,processes and partnership.♦ Putting together an optimum team- Readying people by blending their skillsfor problem solving rather than trouble shooting♦ Marrying people with processes led systems♦ Progress with people, processes and partnerships♦ Basis of Integration - identification of synergies♦ Encouraging cross-fertilization betweenbusiness units, while preventingcross-contamination♦ Optimising people and processesto form partnershipsSomeonessittingintheshadetodaybecausesomeoneplantedatreealongtimeago.WarrenBuffettWHAT MAKESENTREPRENEURENTREPRENEURIAL:PEOPLE,PARTNERSHIPSAND PROCESSESInvestIn people, processes,partnership
  8. 8. ♦ How to penetrate new markets♦ Considering the right country♦ Operating successfulinternational ventures♦ Boosting trade relationship♦ Building global competitiveness♦ How to compete on a global stage♦ Brand & IP protectionInternationalizeGlobalSMEsTHE GLOBALENTREPRENEUR:GOING PLACES WITHGLOBAL PRODUCTSIn todays time, one needs to develop a global product in order toattract customers across the globe. The contribution of SMEs to theoverall economic growth and the GDP is significant across South Asia.The SME sector contributes 40 per cent to the countrys exports and this share wouldincrease to over 44 per cent by 2013 as per Industry reports. To get more businessone needs to build an international brand. While taking your business international,branding will play a major part as with this people perceive your product. One needsto build a new business plan to approach a new market. One needs to determine thecompetition before setting the strategies. Make sure you are aware of the laws whichimpact your product/service and your distribution. While taking your businessinternational, it is helpful to find a local resource to help you understand and enter anew foreign market. You also need to keep in mind the brand promise you createacross markets.CATALYSINGENTREPRENEURSHIP:A NEW VISION OF STATE-BUSINESS RELATIONSDoes the State have a role in the discourse of entrepreneurship and if so,what complexion does that role assume? Today India needs to bringtogether the government, academia, industry and regulators to evaluatethe present framework and how we can prosper an effective ecosystemto flourish entrepreneurship. As per a study conducted by the KauffmanFoundation, about a third of the US economy comes from companiesthat are less than 25-year-old. Encouraging entrepreneurship has a hugemultiplier effect on the economy. Using this as a benchmark, theopportunity for Indian entrepreneurs in enterprise creation and growthcannot further be rightly stated. Effective government policies promotebusiness development and reduce the risk inherent in entrepreneurshipi.e. the hunter spirit to use money to make money.♦ How much priority doesthe government lay onentrepreneurship?♦ Current Regulatory Regimes♦ Present policies encourageor discourage entrepreneurs♦ Performance of recentreformsThe key areas of discussion areIndian companies willneed to establishthemselves overseas...boundaries are becomingglobal and barriersare coming down.Ratan Tata
  9. 9. RAISINGCAPITAL:NEW RULES INAN OLD GAMEThough it would be nice to move slowly in order to build asolid business foundation but on the other hand, no onecan really afford such a luxury.Speed is a critical component of business success; whichwill be limited without external capital. Right from thecurrent stage of your business to how much it will cost toget the money to choosing a path to follow needs to beaddressed for the growth ecosystem♦ How investor networks operate and howthey put deals together♦ Traditional Finance & Cooperative finance (AngelInvestors), venture capital, and business supportnetworks A View from Both Sides♦ Winning Strategies from Prominent Private EquityInvestors on Capital flows♦ What approach of scaling up do PE firmsseek in a venture♦ What PE company brings to the table as an investorWhen and How would PE company wants to take an exitTECH ENABLEDTECHNOLOGY CALLSFOR LEARNING ANDUN-LEARNINGREWIRED YOUTH:THE POWER ENGINESOF CHANGEAs a rollicking sermon on reinvention andreinvigoration in the business world, the session delveson two sides of the entrepreneurial coin - Initiating aBusiness Innovation or furthering the legacy of abusiness empire.Both will have their highs and lows as they fight to findtheir place under the sun. The session finds thecommonalities in the struggle to create your ownidentity.♦ Does Firm Origin Matter When InitiatingA Scale Drive?♦ Inherit or Initiate or Both♦ Constraints in levels of risk taking, team-building and global ambition♦ Starting young; afresh vs. the experienceaid Whats Gotta Give!HALF THE WORLD:WOMEN ANDENTREPRENEURSHIPIN THE MODERN WORLDHow women get mainstreaming and ride the modernwave of entrepreneurship is the next new to India.As India progresses further we need to understand wherewe are headed in helping women led ventures? How co-operative is the government and the fundingenvironment for women. On the other side, are we justmaking a noise around women entrepreneurship or arethey in for a bigger challenge.♦ Making way for both "craftsmen" and "opportunistic"women entrepreneurs♦ Mompreneurs in Business The time is now!Vision, Leadership & EntrepreneurshipThe Women way♦ How can women lead the next decade inentrepreneurship?♦ Are investors excited about women-led ventures?Its not technology that powers the Internet its people andthe connections they make. Entrepreneurs can draw onresources and structures to exploit emerging technology forleveraging business opportunities, oriented towards agility inorganizational networks and in business diversification.There is also an equal if not greater value to drive technologyenabled collaboration inside the organization with employeesand business partners.♦ Empowering your enterprise with the cloud♦ Best practices to reach enterprise efficiency♦ How IT can maximize the potential besides reducing cost♦ IT enabling productivity♦ The next decade of technology in business
  10. 10. WHOSHOULDATTENDStart-upsWomenEntrepreneursTechnologyEntrepreneursEmergingEntrepreneursYoungEntrepreneursBusinessStudentsTechnologyCompaniesSMEsBusinessSuppliersIntrapreneursTO ATTENDCONFERENCECall+91 9312687253Email: conf@entrepreneurindia.orgTO NOMINATEYOURSELF FOR AWARDSCall +91 9310055559E-Mail:
  11. 11. AGENDAAT A GLANCESession 1: THE AWAKENED ENTREPRENEURDISCOVERING THE BUSINESS YOU WERE BORN TO CREATEFORECASTINGCreating new opportunitiesInspire your entrepreneurial spirit with new inspirationLook beyond the current and visualise the futureInspire the nextThe Forecasting Period & Forecasting Revenue GrowthCross-Pollinate for IdeasSession 2: FROM IDEA TO IDEAL ENTREPRENEURFAST-TRACKING THE RIGHT IDEA TO THE IDEAL ENTERPRISE· What is the Return on idea from Individual perspective?· Where to look for the next big idea?· The myth of the Golden Idea: Audacious optimism vs.Conservative reality· Avoiding the situation of "perfection paralysis" in Idea execution· From ideas to IPOs· Even the best ideas can fail - "Bouncing BackSession 3: THE BOSS OF ENTERPRISE IENTERPRISE OWNERSHIP STARTS AFTER WE TAKE CHARGE· How to utilise your best assets as an entrepreneur· Are you a serial entrepreneur?· Do operations excite you?· Are you an idea man?· Are you a growth oriented person?· How much risk you can tolerate?Session 4: THE INVESTOR ENTREPRENEURBUILDING A CONGLOMERATE, INCUBATING BUSINESSES· Screen opportunities: Differentiating between Start-upidea vs. corporate idea· What it takes to incubate small companies internally· Role as an Evangeliser· Exit options· How it differs from being an Angel· Finding strategic partner for incubate companies· Incubator business and accelerator business· Incubation model to help intrapreneurs turn entrepreneursSession 5: WHAT MAKES THE ENTREPRENEURENTREPRENEURIALPEOPLE, PARTNERSHIPS AND PROCESSES· Putting together an optimum team -Readying people byblending their skills for problem solving rather thantrouble shooting· Marrying people with processes led systems· Progress with people, processes and partnerships· Basis of Integration -identification of synergies· Encouraging cross-fertilization between business units,while preventing cross-contamination· Optimising people and processes to form partnershipsSession 6: FORWARD THINKERSENTREPRENEURS @ EVERYDAY INNOVATION· Where Should Medium entrepreneurs bet big into changingpace of innovation?· When does innovation yield efficiency?· Everyday Innovation challenge: the innovation that happens onthe back of innovation· The Creativity Payback - Measuring the change throughinnovation dividend reaped The Real worth!· How innovation factors into entrepreneurs everyday plansSession 7: THE GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURGOING PLACES WITH GLOBAL PRODUCTS· How to penetrate new markets· Considering the right country· Operating successful international ventures· Boosting trade relationship· Building global competitiveness· How to compete on a global stage· Brand& IP protectionSession 8: CATALYSING ENTREPRENEURSHIPA NEW VISION OF STATE-BUSINESS RELATIONS· How much priority does the government lay onentrepreneurship?· Current Regulatory Regimes· Present policies encourage or discourage entrepreneurs· Performance of recent reformsSession 9: REWIRED YOUTHTHE POWER ENGINES OF CHANGE· Does Firm Origin Matter When Initiating A Scale Drive?· Inherit or Initiate or Both· Constraints in levels of risk taking, team-building andglobal ambition· Starting young; afresh vs. the experience aid Whats Gotta Give!Session 10: HALF THE WORLDWOMEN AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE MODERN WORLD· Making way for both "craftsmen" and "opportunistic"women entrepreneurs· Mompreneurs in Business The time is now!· Vision, Leadership & Entrepreneurship The Women way· How can women lead the next decade in entrepreneurship?· Are investors excited about women-led ventures?Session 11: RAISING CAPITALNEW RULES IN AN OLD GAME· How investor networks operate and how they put deals together· Traditional Finance & Cooperative finance (Angel Investors),venture capital, and business support networksA View from Both Sides· Winning Strategies from Prominent Private Equity Investorson Capital flows· What approach of scaling up do PE firms seek in a venture· What PE company brings to the table as an investor· When and How would PE company wants to take an exitSession 12: TECH ENABLEDTECHNOLOGY CALLS FOR LEARNING AND UN-LEARNING· Empowering your enterprise with the cloud· Best practices to reach enterprise efficiency· How IT can maximize the potential besides reducing cost· IT enabling productivity· The next decade of technology in business
  12. 12. THEPITCHROOM“HOW-TO”  WORKSHOPSHaving an effective strategy is only half of the winning game.How well does your organization execute? Is everyonefocused on meeting the right production targets, qualitystandards, sales goals, or profitability targets? How can youget the whole organization pulling in the same direction?Designing a knowledge transfer processFocus and refine your leadership skillsRecognize the value of succession planning in each verticalincluding hiring and retaining top talentMeasuring HR performanceBUILDING A DISTINCT COMPANY CULTUREWHERE HR MEETS ENTERPRISE 2.0TAKE CHARGE!THE SELF-DISCOVERY WORKSHOPBest Practices in Earmarking and QuantifyingMarketing BudgetsLean Marketing 101- How Social Media and StartupBusiness ConnectBetting big on PRSEO and Google Rankings made easyNEW-AGE MARKETINGPartnerships are the champion of InternationalizationWorkforce recruitment practices in International centersHow to keep a finger on the pulse of internationalmarkets consumption trendsQuality assurance in distant markets - Implementationof overseas audits and learningsGOING INTERNATIONAL:HOW & WHYBoost Productivity, Save Money & Increase SecurityManaging your business virtuallySqueezing the maximum from your current softwareMoving your business to the cloudOvercoming IT challengesTECHNOLOGY 2.0Determining the franchise feasibility of your business ideaCreating a successful blueprint for incorporatingfranchise system into your current business modelUnderstanding step-by-step procedure to franchiseyour businessPlanning and drafting marketing and rollout strategyImplementing an effective franchise recruitment processFRANCHISING MASTERCLASSTake Charge! The Self-Discovery Workshop gives you acomprehensive understanding and a deep insight on what ittakes to build a successful enterprise. The workshop willinvite you to discover your strengths and deal with yourweaknesses by studying the Entrepreneur Mindset Strategies.Key TakeawaysAn entrepreneur mindset5 key Entrepreneur Mindset StrategiesStrategies on how to develop ideasThe Pitch Room invites small businessowners for a two-day entrepreneurialextravaganza! Get to meet the potentialinvestors and pitch your ideas and build amutually beneficial partnership.Together with the headline panels, there will also be workshop sessionsthat will address entrepreneurial challenges in key enterprise areas and willgive tangible solutions to everyday workplace challenges of entrepreneurs.These exclusive sponsored workshops will delve upon the inhibiting areasof entrepreneurs.HR WorkshopTechnology workshopGoing International WorkshopFranchising & businessdevelopment workshopTake charge! WorkshopMarketing WorkshopCustomer Experience workshopLegal & Taxation WorkshopSocial Media WorkshopPE workshopFinance & funding workshopPitch Elevator workshopE-commerce workshopBusiness Planning workshopMentoring workshopAdvertising & Media buyingworkshop
  13. 13. · Banks, financial bodies &NBFCs· Technology solutionsproviders· Supply chain /Logistics firms· Credit Rating andFactoring companies· Real Estate Developers,Office Solution providers· Telecom solutionproviders· Incubators & Accelerators· Security Solutionproviders· HR Solution providers· Trade Bodies· Marketing and socialmedia agencies· Law, accounting, auditand tax firms· Leadership Schools andUniversities· Angels, VC, PE firms· PR & AdvertisingagenciesWHOSHOULD EXHIBIT?· Generate new leads, research new trends,launch new products, position yourbusiness profile and build brand equityacross industriesExpose your business concepts andservices to new markets, business buyers,partners, distribution channels, and keydecision makers.Furnish coaching, training and mentoringstart-up entrepreneurs, during their start-up stage to further professionaldevelopment and to promote bestbusiness practices for tomorrowscelebrated entrepreneurs.BENEFITSTO EXHIBITFLOORPLANIts a great time to showcase your products/services to theworld of entrepreneurs and get increased exposure for yourbusiness. Besides running the two-day entrepreneur excellenceconference, Entrepreneur India 2013 gives you a chance topartner this growth story. We invite you to unveil your productsto the world of entrepreneurs and business leaders.EXHIBITIONMain ShowAreaEntranceGateGateMainEntranceEntranceEntrance144x3123x3104x383x364x343x34x394x3113x373x353x333x314x3155x2164x2 2133x3
  14. 14. AwardsEntrepreneur India Awards is billed as Indias most prestigious awardsfor entrepreneurship. The awards recognize and facilitate Achievers,Innovators and Suppliers who have contributed significantly towardsthe development of entrepreneurship in India.July 6, 2013Hotel Claridges, Surajkund, DelhiKnowledge PartnerSELECTIONPROCESSEach applicant would be required to fill in a Self-Nomination form andsend it to us by June 20, 2013.Only companies, firms or businesses registered, based in India can applyAny organization / entrepreneur /allied sector can apply. Each applicantcan apply for one or multiple categoriesSelf- Nomination forms should be sent along with the prescribed fee toFranchise India. The nominees in each category will be presented to thefinal jury for determination of winners.Evaluation would be done in two phases. In select cases, online pollingwould also be conducted to support the jurys decision.Entrepreneur India Advisors would be the Knowledge Partner for awards.Information received will be treated confidential and will not be used forany purpose except for determining the winners of the awards.Incomplete questionnaire in any manner will disqualify a participantfrom participating in the awards.Right to permit participation and cancel/change award category isreserved with Awards management.NOMINATION&EVALUATIONFinalists and winners are selected fromall eligible nominations, by an eminentpanel of judges.01 Receipt of nominationsScrutiny of nominations02Selection of winners andfinalists by independent jury03Announcement of winners on6th July at gala awards ceremony04
  15. 15. Franchise India presents the countrys most prestigious awards in the Entrepreneur community.The awards aim to recognize and felicitate Achievers, Innovators and Suppliers, who have contributed significantly towards thedevelopment of entrepreneurship in India.AWARDS CATEGORYInnovative Start-up of the YearA business owner / founder of an organization, who hasdeveloped a unique business model and has made remarkableprogress in the initial period of starting the business.(Organisation should be between 1 year old and lessthan 5 years)Entrepreneur of the Year (Consumer Business)A business owner or founder of an organization offering /retailing consumer products or services to the consumerdirectlyDynamic Entrepreneur of the Year (BusinessTransformation)A business owner or founder of an organization, who has led theprogressive change in adopting an effective business model orset up a new mark in the industryEntrepreneur of the Year (Innovation inTechnology)A business owner or founder of an organization whose businessis into IT products or services (hardware/software)Professional Entrepreneur of the YearAn employee of an organization, who has demonstratedleadership and taken the business growth to a scalable size.Entrepreneur of the Year (Innovation in FinancialServices)A business owner /founder who is into providing financial andrelated servicesSocial Entrepreneur of the YearFounder/owner of an organization in a business that directly orindirectly creates social awareness/ improvement.Creative Entrepreneur of the YearFounder/owner of an organization in the business of productdesign and design services.Young Entrepreneur of the YearA business owner who has achieved significantly in hisentrepreneurial venture at a young age (must be less than 28years of age or less as on June 30, 2013)Serial Entrepreneur of the YearEntrepreneur for creating and demonstrating multiple venturessuccessfully- from business ideation, implementing it throughnew venture , creating value for stakeholders, having floated IPOor raised external capital at a later stage ; demonstratingexceptional success and has the will and spirit to do it all again.Entrepreneur of the YearA business owner who has achieved remarkable success in hisentrepreneurial ventureWoman Entrepreneur of the YearA business owner (woman) who has achieved remarkablesuccess in her entrepreneurial ventureLifetime AchievementApplicant / nominee should have had outstandingachievements and should also have contributed significantlytowards the socio-economic growth over a period of time.Family Entrepreneur of the YearEstablished entrepreneur from family run business, who hasbeen able to take the business to a scalable heightAcharya of the Year / Business Mentor of the YearIndividual, may or may not have been an entrepreneur, butcontributed in significant and visible manner and having playedan exceptional role in guiding, leading and influencing a wardsproject /businessEntrepreneur of the Year in Trading BusinessA business owner or founder of an organization who is intoTrading / distribution of product/ services in the class of(Franchisee/Distributor/Dealer/Area Developer/Retailer/Wholesaler or C&F /Broker)Entrepreneur of the Year in Service BusinessThe 10 Awards will be given to business owners or foundersOf an organization offering Consumer or Business services(BPO/Travel/SCM &Logistics/Cleaning /Financial /Training/SAS& IT services/Security/Recruitment& HR/MoneyServices)Entrepreneur of the Year in ManufacturingBusinessThe 12 Awards will be given to business owners or founders inManufacturing business who have implemented innovativeapproach toEnsure sustenance and continuous improvement inlean manufacturing process In the below categories(FMCG/Consumer Durables/construction material/technology/ Export/ Automotive & Ancillary/Healthcare/Engineering/ Printing/ Plastics & Polymers/LeatherGoods/Textile)
  16. 16. FROMENTRE-PRENEURTO ICONEntrepreneurship is more than a frame of mind or way of thinking.Entrepreneurship can be a way of doing business whether it bestarting one, sustaining one, or making one grow. The Holy Grail ofEntrepreneurship is building businesses and getting businesses togrow and develop.Entrepreneur India 2013 event is aimed athelping entrepreneurs and owner managersand Professionals in India to harness anddevelop their entrepreneurial ambitions. If youwish to use more of the entrepreneurial spirit,join the league!Book a stall at ExhibitionCan my brand get more exposureamongst entrepreneur community?Network at ConferenceHow can I network with emerging companiesfor my services?Call +91 9320082949Call +91 8595350505Plan a workshopCan I present my products to a set of business owners?Call +91 9312687253I am a SupplierParticipate at PitchI wish to raise money formy project.Learn at WorkshopHow should I ramp up sales?Email: editor@franchiseindia.comCall +91 9312687253WomenEntrepreneurs
  17. 17. Attend ConferenceHow should I reignitemy entrepreneurial focus?Nominate for AwardsI hope I getEntrepreneur of the Year Award.Call +91 9312687253Call +91 9310055559BusinessOwnersAttend WorkshopHow should I write abusiness plan?Nominate for AwardsI wish I get Innovative start-upof the Year Award.Call +91 9312687253Call +91 9555555433I am a Start-upAttend WorkshopI need a Mentorto take my idea forward.Attend ConferenceHow can I start a business?Call +91 9312687253Call +91 8595350505Business Students
  18. 18. MEDIA COVERAGE2011 & 2012 WINNERS2011 2012Entrepreneur of the Year(Manufacturing)Mr. Dr Velu- Founder-Trivitron groupEntrepreneur of the year(Innovation in technology)Ankur Bhatia-ExecutiveDirector-AmadeusEntrepreneur of the Year(Innovation in Financial andBusiness Services)Subhash Chand Aggarwal,Chairman & MD, SMC GroupEntrepreneur of the Year (ConsumerBusiness)Dr Mukesh Batra- Founder -Batras positive health clinicAcharya of the year/BusinessMentor of the YearHimanshu Johar , Director ,Lloyds VentureSocial Entrepreneur of the YearMs Moon Sharma, CEO,Tara ProjectsCreative Entrepreneur of the YearSabbas Joseph, Founder,Wizcraft Intl EntertainmentYoung Entrepreneur of the YearDhruv Galgotia- CEO-GalgotiasUniversityDynamic Entrepreneur of the YearMr. Sundeep Malhotra-CEO- TV18Home Shopping NetworkProfessional Entrepreneurof the YearMs. Pearl Uppal - CEOwww.fashionandyou.comInnovative Start Up of the YearHarinder Takhar-CEO-One97Communications LtdEmerging Entrepreneur of the yearYogesh Lakhani- founder-BrightAdvertising Co.Woman Entrepreneur of the YearMrs Veena Kumaravel, Founder,Naturals Unisex Salon & SpaLifetime AchievementPawan Jain , CMD, SafeexpressEntrepreneur of the YearShantanu Prakash- Founder-Educomp Solutions LtdInnovataive startup-upof the yearNetworkers HomeEntrepreneur of the year(trading)Indian Home Variations &Distributions LLPEntrepreneur of the year(consumer business)DTDC Courier andCargo LtdEntrepreneur of the year(manufacturing)Rossari Biotech LtdDynamic entrepreneur of theyear (business transformation)Ferns N Petals Pvt. Ltd.Entrepreneur of the year(innovation in technology)ApnaCircle.comProfessional entrepreneurof the yearDr Lal Pathlabs Pvt Ltd.Entrepreneur of the year(innovation in financial andbusiness services)Investors Clinic InfratechPvt. Ltd.Social entrepreneurof the yearAce Experiences AsiaPrivate LimitedCreative entrepreneurof the yearMagppieYoung entrepreneurof the yearMetropolis Healthcare ltd.Serial entrepreneurof the yearFashion and YouEntrepreneur of the yearSu-Kam Power System Ltd.Women entrepreneurof the yearShahnaz HerbalsLife time achivementLuxorFamily entrepreneurof the yearMetro Shoes Ltd.Acharya of the year (businessmentor)Remax Cybiz Centre
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