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Hci 1 #senorsenoritas


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This is the presentation group from senorsenoritas about Human Computer Interaction.

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Hci 1 #senorsenoritas

  1. 1. WHAT is HCI ?
  2. 2. Difference between HCI and UI • Human Computer Interaction(HCI) is kind of a method for human or users to interact with computers meanwhile User Interface(UI) is the layout/ medium where the interactions can be done.
  3. 3. Why HCI is important? • To make better qualities in life. • To create technologies that fits with users’ compabilities and easier for them. • Improve the productivity of technology applications. • Knowing the right method to interact with computers. (ergonomic) • To develop better applications made by ourselves and upgrade the technologies in Malaysia and even the world.
  4. 4. …Past, Present and Future…
  5. 5. …What about Future?...