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How to choose the best packers and movers

This presentation describes about the factors to be considered while choosing packers and movers. For reliable packing and moving services visit

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How to choose the best packers and movers

  1. 1. Introduction  Preparing for relocation of your home or office can be time consuming and frustrating because there are many things to get done  There are additional factors to consider if your family is moving with you, like school admissions, transfer certificates and new neighbors  Having checklists helps, but it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything, and no number of checklists will prevent the loss or damage of items during the move  The chance of goods being stolen is also a concern
  2. 2. Steps to make relocation easy The relocation process can be made less difficult if you break it up into three sections:  Packaging and loading  Transportation  Unloading and unpacking  It can be made entirely stress-free if you hire a packing and moving company to do it for you  In Dubai, there are moving companies in every locality, claiming to use well trained staff and professional practices
  3. 3. Things to remember while choosing a moving company You need to keep the following criteria in mind while choosing a moving company: o The experience of the company o Feedback from previous customers o Certification and/or adherence to any regulatory board o Proper documentation of transporting items across international borders o Pricing and transportation rates o Hiring the right moving and packing company can be the deciding factor in stress-free relocations
  4. 4. Things to remember while choosing a moving company  Always beware of companies that provide low cost packages as they may use illegal practices or untrained staff to compensate for low costs  As a consumer, perform a proper study on the services and pricing of shortlisted companies before hiring them  Having a company with a positive user rating also helps because you can be sure that the previous customers have got good service
  5. 5. Advantages  Reputable moving companies take care of almost all your moving requirements, from safely packaging all the goods in your home or office, to unpacking and placing the goods at the appropriate locations in your new home or office  The packers and movers will even help you transfer your motor vehicle to another location if required  Gives a clear picture of what services are going to be provided and at what price, thereby preventing disputes at the end of the relocation process
  6. 6. Conclusion  A relocation process need not be stressful when you have a good relocation service provider beside you  They will take care of the burden of moving and allow you to focus on what’s important: taking care of your family’s needs and ensuring that you’re comfortably settled in your new neighborhood  For reliable packers and movers in Dubai, visit