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LGBT history month research lesson 2017


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LGBT history month artist research lesson

Published in: Education
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LGBT history month research lesson 2017

  1. 1. LGBT Artists February marks LGBT history month in 2017 This is a great opportunity to recognise the fantastic impact of LGBT artists on our visual culture
  2. 2. LGBT history month artist research lesson • Objective: to produce a ten-slide powerpoint group presentation about one artist Work in groups of three, making sure that everyone contributes and participates You will need to present your work to the class Research into the artist and their work should be thorough and high quality (no copying from the internet!) Consider how your presentation looks – the presentation should be designed to reflect the work of the artist
  3. 3. LGBT history month artist research lesson • Your group will be allocated one of the following visual artists… 1. Andy Warhol 2. David Hockney 3. Frida Kahlo 4. Anya Gallaccio 5. Cy Twombly 6. Keith Harring 7. Marlow Moss 8. Ellsworth Kelly 9. Hannah Hoch 10. Isaac Julien Use the information on your artist sheet to get you started…
  4. 4. LGBT history month artist research lesson • How we will structure your time working as a group: o 15 minutes researching your artist individually (make notes of what you find out, the best websites for your artist and key artworks you might want to include) o 10 minutes working in your group to plan how you will put together your presentation (share research, allocate jobs and responsibilities, make sure that everyone contributes and no one is left with nothing to do at any time) o 25 minutes put together your presentation (this is not long! be ready to present your work next lesson…)
  5. 5. LGBT history month artist research lesson • Elements to include in your artist presentation: Artist’s name and dates Where the artist was/is from Influences on the artists work Materials used Subjects that interest the artist Examples of the artists work (with the title and date of the work) Thinkaboutpresentingyourartistresearch inawaywhichsuitstheartist’swork Always use your own words – do not copy from the internet!
  6. 6. Useful weblinks for your research: • • • t-history • • •
  7. 7. LGBT history month artist research lesson • Feedback on the presentations – Each person in the audience should come up with WARM and COOL feedback on the presentation Focus your feedback on positive elements of the group’s work… e.g. “It was interesting that you…” “You worked well as a group because…” “I found the presentation engaging because…” Be specific! Focus your feedback on where the group can improve… e.g. “I wasn’t sure about…” “Your group work could be improved by…” “`Your presentation could be developed further by…” Be specific! Be ready to share your feedback!
  8. 8. We have learnt about some of the many LGBT artists who have contributed to our visual culture. Do you think their sexuality is a significant factor that we should learn about? Can you explain your thoughts? Is this the same for all these artists?