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This Talk was given at the Integrated Media Association conference in Austin as a precursor to SXSW #ima, #swsx. How we define success, impact and growth should have great bearing on our strategic operations. The nature of storytelling and engagement is changing right before our eyes and offers great opportunity to build depth and breadth of reach and relationships with the people formerly known as the audience. An overview framework and philosophy is presented followed by case studies.

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  • Good afternoon, thank you for that generous introduction.Im here today to talk about PRI’s metrics soup for our Growth soulKey to how we look at metrics, is to first address to what end. What are we trying to accomplish, what good are we trying to put into the world. Not simple questions.But I am excited to share some of PRI’s leading edge work to answer these questions.And, in the spirit of collaboration, please join us , we have a lot to learn from each other. And lets be crystal clear, our communities need us to dive in and dramatically increase our impact and grow. So lets do it!I also hope that there are aspects of what PRI is doing that you can take back to your own institutions and apply in your markets. So I will begin with a brief summary of PRI’s current strategic thinking about what IMPACT means to us, followed by how we look at stories as part of that impact and conclude with a two examples of initiatives that demonstrate how our view of impact and how we think about metrics come together.
  • First, For us IMPACT is the business model. How we define impact is transforming PRI’s strategy and operations.Our success in driving impact will support our term sustainability.So for any institution, we had to ask ourselves in today’s world, what do we mean by IMPACT?
  • For us, content plus engagement equals impact.
  • So lets take the first piece of the equation is Content.
  • Engagement means
  • I’ve defined IMPACT, how we view stories and engagement, and shortly will be diving into examples of what we have measured.But before I do, I wanted to underscore how these POVs on IMPACT, STORIES and ENGAGMENT, affect our strategy and what we are doing each day operationally. Well, introducing..In many ways you can look at PRI’s history in three major phases, PURE distribution business, when we introduced the co-production model to public media, in the mid 1990s which is when we intensively work with a few stations to produce full programs and now, PRI’s Collaborative Production Model.
  • So what metric categories does this translate into ….
  • State Integrity investigation was a joint partnership between PRI and two other public media organizations, Center for public Integrity and a group called Global Integrity. We created comprehensive report cards of the 50 state governments, rating them for the potential for corruption and then told stories and engaged people about the results.The success of the Investigation was the result of three organizations combining their complementary strengths for a single project and vision. Global Integrity provided a wealth of experience in research and data-gathering in the area of government transparency and accountability. The CPI brought a network of investigative journalists and important editorial leadership. And PRI contributed editorial expertise, leadership in web, social media and digital tools and its collaborative skills by selecting and working with a network of public radio station collaborators.In the end, PRI’s project goals were three-fold: contributing to the creation of a storytelling platform for government transparency and effectiveness, partnering with leading stations and other news players to tell local-national-and-international angles on these stories, and finally inspiring people to share the results with their family, friends, neighbors and the elected officials who have the power to change the way state government is working or not working.
  • Right after the release of the report cards, we tracked what influence we had on the broader press, and I’m happy to report public media lead this effort!What actions that state began to takeFor example:Noof stories, reach,How many people did things with the content.How many stations contributed stories.And what website traffic and social media conversations ensued
  • Over time, we have continued to track our impact but less time and effort is spent on tracking consumption, and more is focused on the continued Ripple Effects in the broader civic participation arenaSo as you can see here, measured passed, measures introduced, etc.
  • We also tracked what stations got involved as collaborators, as we believe strengthening our overall ecosystem as part of our impact. To be a station collaborator, stations had to sign up to report on the topic. They attended a Report Card Camp at PRI to prepare for the release, work on story ideas, etc.We heard from many of our partners who were thrilled to be no kidding leaders in their communities on this important topic. That’s a win-win.
  • And tracked the level of satisfaction..
  • The next very brief example I will share is that of Global Cancer, as this project is one where we focused on learning more about engagement people earlier on in the story creation process. This was deeply focused on learning more about where engagement, content and reach meet. It was a limited series of five stories on TW that was married inextricably with our engagement strategy.Our program TW decided to investigate Cancer in the Developing world. So PRI and TW working together, we began to build out our project.
  • We learned what was important. It raised issues and some insights for us, like people think Cancer in the developing world is hopeless and one of the reasons cited was that Cancer is not an infectious disease so it cant be prevented.
  • Before any story saw the air, we began byproviding value by releasing infographic maps and shared social media packages with stations, so people could compare cancer rates and types, around the world.
  • And by sharing infographicsthat illuminated that more people die of cancer in the developing world than …
  • We added more value:We found there were lots of pockets of people talking but no unifying way to collect them together, so we introduced a hashtag#globalcancer
  • And THEN we told a series of stories, one of which illuminated that a sizable percentage of cancer in the developing world is actually caused by viruses (much more so in the US), so it is at least partially “preventable”
  • We engaged listeners as conversationalists
  • We brought interested groups together
  • And we had impact, over a one week broadcast series on The World, we….2.5 million people were reached in broadcast on over 330 stations12,000 social mentions led to over 2,000,000 impressions of content related to our seriesOver 1 million pageviews were generated to articles/assets re the seriesOver 600 discreet conversations were tracked across social media mentioning global cancer.Over 50 organizations were connected and participated in spreading, and sharing the content.Saw Pickup of the content by other media organizations including BBC, local public radio stations, newspapers, bloggers.
  • I hope this has been helpful to have a glimpse into how PRI defines impact, view stories, engagement and metrics and new ways of working like the collaborative production model. Here are some key themes to take away as you consider impact, growth and metrics in your institutions….It is important to….
  • And finally, I hope you will also join us to develop the collaborative production model and its local, national and international impact.We are still learning and would love to learn with you to build on our mutual success and generate more collectiveimpact.Coming soon, We are really excited by two upcoming series….Rising Minds – looking at what’s working and what are the challenges in education using the US and a South African School as a lensAnd Global Nation a comprehensive and multi year initiative to tell stories and engage and understand the US through an immigrant perspective and making the local to global connection.Come see me or anyone else at PRI if you would like to get involved! Thanks.
  • Metrics soup for the growth soul alisa miller march 2013

    1. “Metrics Soup forthe Growth Soul”Alisa Miller CEO, PRI March 2013 Austin #IMA #SWSW
    2. Impact is the business model Alisa Miller, 2013
    3. Content + Engagement = IMPACTFor PRI, IMPACT Means:Successfully setting the media and/or public’sagenda based on PRI’s content and engagementinitiatives.Genuinely engaging people, connecting them toone another and affecting positive change in Social Justicepeople’s lives and the world. Science Alisa Miller, 2013
    4. Content leadershipFor PRI, Means:Identify and fulfill unmet content needs in the broadermedia landscape.Create assets and tools that help people andorganizations collaborate to shape, share and act onstories at a significant scale, AKA “Ripple Effects.”Foster new programming and provide an expansive Social Justicevalue-driven portfolio. Science Alisa Miller, 2013
    5. Commitment to Engagement For PRI, Means: Create Content Assets/Tools for Investigating Issues Together Treat Listeners as Content and Conversation Collaborators Make/Share Digital Storytelling and Social Media Assets Social Justice Science Alisa Miller, 2013
    6. The „good‟ ole days… Story me Time Goes Public Alisa Miller, 2013
    7. Then… Story me Time Goes Public Alisa Miller, 2013
    8. Now… Story me Goes Public Alisa Miller, 2013
    9. But there is more… Story me Goes Public “Engagement Window” Alisa Miller, 2013
    10. Now… Alisa Miller, 2013
    11. “Engagement Depth”… Make life changes Civic participation Organize and help Donate or buy Offer insight, contribute to content Comment Share Learn more ‘Consume’ Alisa Miller, 2013
    12. For PRI, what type(s) of„Engagement‟ is our focus?LearnOrganizeShareCo-Create Alisa Miller, 2013
    13. Our worldview impacts ourstrategic operations,Introducing… PRI’s Collaborative Production Model Social Justice Science Alisa Miller, 2013
    14. PRI‟s CollaborativeProduction1. Listen/add value early on2. Build and tell our stories – together3. Create/offer “ripple effects assets”4. Give tools to partners, organizations, public to engage5. Let go of your control freak but align incentives! Alisa Miller, 2013
    15. Metrics – Breadth/Depth• Reach • PRI Some • Beyond PRI are immediate,• Sharing others tracked over time• Conversations and Co-Creation• Connecting and Organizing• Satisfaction Measures • Partners and users • Recognition• Agenda Setting • Did we change or start a new conversation? • Influence more media coverage? • Did we help to improve society? Alisa Miller, 2013
    16. State Integrity Investigation Case Study #1 Alisa Miller, 2013
    17. State Integrity Investigation Alisa Miller, 2013
    18. Elements of the Investigation • Three lead partners • Risk index of 330 questions • 50 state reporters • 49 independent reviewers • 16 major station partners • Social properties (Tw, FB) • 5000+ social community • Web site • Public engagement Alisa Miller, 2013
    19. Impact 10 Days AfterRelease• 1000+ press stories• 12 million people • 50+ editorials (NYT,WP,CSM…) • State actions in SC, VA, GA, MI… • 1500+ report cards emailed to officials • 26+ public radio stations had stories • 160,000+ unique visitors to site Alisa Miller, 2013
    20. Impact ~1 Year After Release• 1300+ press stories • 17 million people • NYT, ABC News, 23 public radio stations, etc. • Measures passed: DE, IA, ME, RI, SC • Measures introduced: CA, FL, GA, MI, OH, SC, ND • Campaigns for reform: NY, AR, HI, TX Alisa Miller, 2013
    21. PRI‟s Major Station Partners Alisa Miller, 2013
    22. „Thank You‟ from WLRN inMiami you for letting us be a part of this important “Thank project. It was an honor” - Dan Grech, News Director, WLRN-Miami Herald News • Front page in Miami Herald • Story in El Nuevo Herald • Six-part series on WLRN • Audio stories distributed to Florida public radio stations Alisa Miller, 2013
    23. Global Cancer Case Study #2 Alisa Miller, 2013
    24. Identified & listened to the community @BoingBoing @PIH F: 156,000 F: 175,000 @Dreamhampton F: 43,000 @LivestrongCEO F: 1,115,000 @TheBushCenter @PulitzerCeter F: 15,000 F: 15,000@ViewfromthecaveF: 10,000 @GAVIAlliance @AJStream F: 18,000 F: 66,000 @Livestrong @Hari F: 436,000 @BBCWorldService F: 9,000 F: 38,000 Alisa Miller, 2013
    25. What are the issues? Alisa Miller, 2013
    26. Added Value: Shared Maps Alisa Miller, 2013
    27. Added Value: Shared Infographics Alisa Miller, 2013
    28. Added Value: #hashtagged the topic#GlobalCancer 3,650 tweets Alisa Miller, 2013
    29. Added Value: Told Stories Alisa Miller, 2013
    30. Engaged: Spurred conversation Alisa Miller, 2013
    31. Engaged: Brought others together Research • Center for Global Development • Centre for Infectious Disease • Rwandan Minister of Health • GAVI Alliance • Global Health Delivery Partnership • Harvard Kennedy School • Human Rights Watch • Instituto Nacional de Cancerologica (Mexico) • Ivano-Frankivsk Hospice (Ukraine) • Johns Hopkins • Livestrong • Susan G. Komen • The Max Foundation • United Nations Foundation • World Health Organization Alisa Miller, 2013
    32. IMPACT–Reach/Conversation/Connection 2,500,000 >330 stations “12,000” 2,000,000 > 1,000,000 609 50+ Alisa Miller, 2013
    33. In Summary• Get clear on what IMPACT MEANS and the strategy, metrics and learnings will follow• Establish organization’s DEDICATION– i.e., what you do and measure is what you care about.• Experiment & collaborate to LEARN and don’t relegate those experiments to places that don’t matter• Double down on SUCCESS and learn from and discuss failure to build further impact & growth Alisa Miller, 2013
    34. What‟s nextPlease Join us!• GENERATE GROWTH and make big impact, locally, nationally, internationally.• LEARN TOGETHER and further develop the collaborative production model and metrics• COMING SOON: • Rising Minds, Launches next week! • Global Nation, Summer 2013 Alisa Miller, 2013