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Social Media Workshop - Mike Green


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Media Workshop - Mike Green

  1. 1. 60 seconds tounderstanding Social Media GREENINNOVATION
  2. 2. When people hearthe term “SocialMedia” theyinstantly thinkFacebook, Twitterand bloggingplatforms likeWordpress andBlogger. GREENINNOVATION
  3. 3. Amusement ParksThat’s sort of like hearing the term “Amusement Parks”and thinking just Disneyland and Disney World. Thereare a lot more amusement parks and a wide variety.In the world of socialmedia, there are hundreds ofplatforms and tools to accommodate whatever you canimagine! GREENINNOVATION
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD No, that’s not all.. Click here for 100 more. And in case you’re wondering, YES, there’s even more. GREENINNOVATION Source:
  5. 5. Maybe you just want to boosttraffic on your blog … GREENINNOVATION
  6. 6. Maybe you want to build an online communityfilled with people who have the same interests asyou … and the same last name as yours. GREENINNOVATION
  7. 7. Maybe you’re an educator or some otherindustry professional and want to connectwith others in your profession to shareinformation and develop networks … GREENINNOVATION
  8. 8. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneurwith an idea, or a business ownerseeking to monetize your onlinepresence … Social media can help you do it all and more. GREENINNOVATION
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD Whether your interests are simple or complex, big or small, the Social Media World is your friend.Fast Fact: In 2011, more than $1B was invested in startup media innovations.(Source: Center for Venture Research) GREENINNOVATION
  10. 10. WHO AM I? An enigmatic innovator. Digital Media Some say iconoclast. Storyteller. Entrepreneur. Expert. Innovations Award-WinningMediaInnovator EXPERT Award-winningJournalist 16yearsMediaExperience MaynardMediaInstitute (HarvardUniversity)CNNtraining DowJonesContentEditorNewsroomManager/DigitalMediaInnovator TechEntrepreneur MediaConsultant Marketing/PRConsultant MediaEntrepreneurMentor Co-founderTheAmerica21Project formerTalkRadioHost NewYorkTimes Leadership Academy Fellow PublicSpeaker National MediaContributor Quoted in Venture Capital Journal HuffingtonPost blogger be KNOWLEDGEABLE be DATA DRIVEN be RESULT-ORIENTED be CONNECTED
  11. 11. FREEINSIGHTDid you know you could instantly share anything on the web with your social networkplatforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) simultaneously at scheduled times, evenwhen you’re asleep? Did you know you could produce your own interview style TV program and interview any guest anywhere in the world with live audience video engagement online, on your FACEBOOK page? Contact Mike Green today.Great for schools, churches, business groups and cities. Easy to useplatform for mass audience Q&A with celebrities, business/politicalleaders, professional associations, conferences, etc. GREENINNOVATION
  12. 12. *Call immediately for best scheduling options.GREENINNOVATION A workshop on how social media can work for youFacilitator: Workshop: Basic Workshop:Mike Green 2.5 Hours Community Members Flexible time options General AudienceContact: Location: Educators Workshop:*(541) 730-2164 Any Professional Client covers travel Cost: Innovators Workshop:@amikegreen2 Affordable Business Owners / Call for quote Entrepreneurs
  13. 13. IT’S TIME tothinkoutsidethebox GREENINNOVATION