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National Campaign KickoffDear Friend,                        You’re invited be a part of a historic gathering at the Georg...
National Campaign KickoffWhat: The Saving America’s Black Boys (SABB) Solutions Summit is the kickoff event of ahistoric m...
National Campaign Kickoff                    SABB Solutions Summit Agenda (UPDATED)      TIME                        ACTIV...
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Saving America's Black Boys Solutions Summit - Austin Agenda


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Saving America's Black Boys Solutions Summit is a historic gathering of local, regional and national leaders and influencers to discuss the development of a Pipeline2Productivy framework that results in connecting disconnected youth to local and regional economic opportunity and catalyzes a national economic movement.

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Saving America's Black Boys Solutions Summit - Austin Agenda

  1. 1. AGENDA National Campaign Kickoff AGENDA Saving America’s Black Boys Solutions Summit Austin, Texas March 5, 2013 “We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. “… Now is the time to open the doors of opportunity to all of God’s children.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.©2013 SABB Campaign August 28, 1963
  2. 2. National Campaign KickoffDear Friend, You’re invited be a part of a historic gathering at the George Washington Carver Museum on March 5, 2013 of more than 100 of the region’s leaders and influencers across government, education, industry, community and the innovation ecosystem. Guests from around the nation will join Austin-area innovators, educators, policymakers, technology and economic development partners for an unprecedented discussion of the development of collaborative inclusive leadership that bridges the gap betweenAustin’s thriving innovation ecosystem and its most disconnected residents.The SABB Solutions Summit summit (9am – 5pm) is preceded by a SXSWeduConference panel presentation of Saving America’s Black Boys. That panel will alsopromote the summit and lead into an evening private dinner at the George WashingtonCarver Museum on March 4.The SXSW Conference is a not-to-be-missed two-week amalgamation of Education,Interactive (digital tech), Film and Music festivals rolled into one giant continuousconference that is known for the launch of big ideas (Bill Gates is keynote for theeducation conference), new technologies (Twitter and Foursquare were launched atSXSW) and international film and music acts (more than 132 feature films werescreened at the 2012 conference followed by more than 2,200 live performances).SXSW attracted more than 65,000 participants in its two-week run last year andcontributed more than $165M to the local Austin economy.Media: More than 3,000 accredited journalists from all over the world representingmedia organizations will be sanctioned by the SXSW conference.Sponsorship: Please consider supporting the Saving America’s Black Boys (SABB) AustinSolutions Summit through sponsorship of this event and/or the SABB national campaign.You’re invited to join the George Washington Carver Museum, City of Austin, Texas andthe Portland Development Commission in a historic and strategic collaboration that willhighlight your brand and connect it to a seminal moment in American history.Please direct your sponsor inquiries directly to me via phone or email. We appreciateyour support of the Saving America’s Black Boys (SABB) Campaign and look forward toseeing you in Austin.Mike GreenFounder of Saving America’s Black Boys (SABB) CampaignCo-founder, The America21 Project
  3. 3. National Campaign KickoffWhat: The Saving America’s Black Boys (SABB) Solutions Summit is the kickoff event of ahistoric messaging campaign established to catalyze a national economic movementacross America that results in the development of a 21st century economicinfrastructure to help save the nation’s Black boys, and the nation itself, from anepidemic of chronic academic failure and the loss of innovative entrepreneurial talent,ingenuity and creativity inherent in America’s Black Boys and girls that could otherwisestrengthen the global economic competitiveness of the nation.When / Where: The SABB Campaign will produce a full-day SABB Solutions Summit inAustin, Texas on March 5 at the George Washington Carver Museum.Attendees: The SABB Solutions Summit brings together the highest levels of leadershipand influence impacting America’s Black Boys, including: Pro Athletes, Entertainers,STEM Professionals, Corporate CEOs, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, Clergy,Investors, Philanthropists, K-12 and Higher Education Leaders, Policymakers and Media.University of Texas: Connecting to the University of Texas School of Business and theInstitute for Innovation, Creativity and Capital (IC2), the SABB Solutions Summit seeks tocatalyze discussion and introduce solution-oriented strategies among influencers acrossthe innovation ecosystem to address the economic imperative of preparing andequipping America’s Black boys to compete in the 21st century innovation economy.Economic Catalyst: The SABB Solutions Summit will serve as an initial networking andeducational opportunity, and catalyst for follow-on action in development ofpermanent infrastructure with a pipeline providing disconnected communities essentialaccess channels to economic networks in the local and regional Austin “Capital Area”innovation ecosystem — one of the most thriving innovation hubs in the United States.Who: The SABB National Campaign, established by Mike Green in partnership withGame Changerz, Inc. (501c3 organization founded by the wife of a pro athlete, TammaraMcDonald), and Top Flight LLC, attracts a growing collaborative of concerned thinkersand doers. Mike Green is a co-founder of The America21 Project, and was selected tospeak at SXSWedu 2013 on Saving America’s Black Boys. The SABB National Campaignstems from Mike’s Huffington Post series, 3 Ways to Save America’s Black Boys.Jermaine Dupri: Grammy award-winning music producer Jermaine Dupri will be on theSABB panel at SXSWedu and at the Austin SABB Solutions Summit.Robert Jones, 3-time Super Bowl Champion Robert Jones (Dallas Cowboys) is a localentrepreneur and supporter of the SABB Campaign in Austin.Other pro athletes and celebrity influencers join policymakers, educators and innovatorsfor this historic opportunity to catalyze a long overdue inclusive economic movement. CONTACT: Mike Green | | 541.730.2164
  4. 4. National Campaign Kickoff SABB Solutions Summit Agenda (UPDATED) TIME ACTIVITY PRESENTER 9am – 10am Registration 10am – 10:20am Welcome / Opening remarks Austin dignitaries / Jermaine Dupri / Sponsor Acknowledgements10:20am – 10:45am Summit Overview Mike Green / Game Changerz / Historic Economic Imperative Top Flight LLC 10:45am – 11am Networking Break 11am – 11:45am Austin Innovation Ecosystem / Panel TBD Successes & Challenges Moderator Mike Green 11:45am - noon Networking Break Noon – 12:45pm LUNCH 1pm – 2pm KEYNOTE: Johnathan Holifield See Feb 19 FORBES article on VP of Inclusive Competitiveness Johnathan Holifield NorTech 1:45pm – 2pm Networking Break 2pm – 2:45pm In the Field: Lessons Learned Portland Development Commission / Ideal Portland 2:45pm – 3pm Networking Break 3pm – 3:45pm Pipeline2ProductivityTM STEM Education, Tech Entrepreneurship, Capital 3:45pm – 4pm Networking Break 4pm – 4:30pm Arts & Innovation Jermaine Dupri Mike Green interview4:30pm – 4:45pm Call to Action Mike Green 4:45pm – 5pm Closing Remarks / Game Changerz / Sponsors Sponsor Recognition 5pm – 6pm Reception Game Changerz / Sponsors (agenda subject to change)