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Inside Innovations

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Inside Innovations: Tech Entrepreneurship for Inmates


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Can we reduce recidivism by educating inmates to be better entrepreneurs?

Most youth and young adults inside prison walls are serving time for illegal entrepreneurship. By the time they return to society technology has changed the landscape so much it is unrecognizable.

But what if we brought the fast-paced tech-based innovation landscape to the inmates inside the walls of every prison?

What if we introduced inmates to solution-oriented hackathons, coding schools, lean startup techniques?

What if inmates learned how to pitch ideas to investors, crowdfund and channel their talents, interests and passions toward connecting with new groups of people and new opportunities?

What if we got serious about educating inmates about entrepreneurship?

What if "Inside Innovations" were implemented in every state? Would the recidivism rate drop?

It did in Texas.

To less than 10%.

Ready to bring Inside Innovations to your region?

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Inside Innovations: Tech Entrepreneurship for Inmates

  1. 1. Inside Innovations CREATING PRODUCTIVITY, JOBS AND PROSPERITY THROUGH TECH INNOVATION Contact Mike Green for more information Problem: America’s inmate population is disconnected from society, ill-prepared for high-wage tech sector jobs and financially poor. Still, inmates are rich in ideas but have no training ground for cultivation of their entrepreneurial skills after completing requisite cognitive behavior programs. Solution: Develop a model infrastructure inside prison walls that cultivates entrepreneurial skills and equip soon-to-be-released inmates with a local tech-based innovation ecosystem that educates, empowers and provides access to resources needed to build 21st century enterprises. How It Works: 1. 2. 3. Hackathon Series: These turnkey events expose inmates to new technologies, diverse ideas, team-building and opportunities to become problem-solving innovators who monetize marketable solutions. They already exist, just not inside prison walls. Let’s change that. Startup School: This step-by-step codified curricula will educate inmates on how to start and successfully run tech-based enterprises in a 21st century business environment. PluggedIn: This online/offline networking platform will produce events that introduce former inmates to local tech innovation ecosystems and a community of resources.