Making money honestly


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there are many ways to make money on its way in your home based business. The first is to find somebody that you trust that has been successful in making money online. The three most important factors in making money online is having a desire for success, a willingness to learn, and the most important taking action.

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Making money honestly

  1. 1. Before I start I want to say: I owe this article to Amar and Preeti who are 2 very honest people that make money on the Internet the honest way and have taught me so much. They are the 2 most wonderful people you would ever know even though we're miles away we are right next door. I hope you find someone like I did. Most people who actually succeeded to turn the Internet into their primary source for long-term income have used the same keys to success. I've summarized all the factors that can convert almost any average person to a successful web entrepreneur. This list includes the personal ingredients and the characteristic components of probably every successful web entrepreneur out there. If you want to be successful at your internet home business quest, here is what it takes. *The Desire for Success, Have a Dream You'll need high levels of motivation, a passionate inner desire to succeed, a strong urge to achieve great things and a burning ambition to make it all work. Having a passion for success, a vision for a prosperous and happy future, is where it all starts. I owned a mobile home dealership that was ranked 267th out of 271 dealerships and everybody laughed at me. 5 years later we were 3rd in the state in sales. Nobody was laughing then. Just didn't know I had so many friends. So, have the desire and NEVER QUIT. *Willpower It's about being able to be stubborn (in a positive way), persistent and totally committed to your game plan. It's about overcoming temporary difficulties and frustrations, maintaining self-control, confronting weaknesses and resisting temptations - all in order to achieve the long-term goals. All of the above factors and perimeters are the components that lead a person to online success and prosperity. If you have these characteristics – great! If you don't (and most people don't have them all) – grow them, it's doable. Every successful home based moneymaker on the internet, started as a novice, a clueless beginner with nothing but dreams, aspirations and a true hunger for success. *Overcoming Fears You'll need to overcome personal fears and anxieties, which prevent people from making life-changing decisions. It requires being courageous enough to make unorthodox decisions, face changes, take certain risks and sometimes, walk into uncharted waters. *Passion for Business It's the desire to start your own business, become your own boss and reach financial independence, freedom and success. It's the entrepreneurial spirit within you and the constant aspiration to run your own prosperous business, make it bloom and leave your mark. *Willingness to Learn It's about being able to focus and learn new material, concepts and models, all by yourself. It's the aspiration to ever expand your knowledge, expertise and skills, in order to improve, polish and fine-tune your performance and business results.
  2. 2. *Optimism You'll need to be optimistic, hopeful and have faith in yourself and in your ability to make it all work, eventually. It's about keeping a positive mindset and always seeing your glass as half-full, not half-empty, while constantly striving to fill the other half. It's also about not letting temporary failures or hardships, take you off course or affect your strategic decisions. *Taking Action It's about being able to accept decisions and move from the theoretical world of thoughts and ideas, to the world of concrete action. It's the willingness to try and test new ways, ideas and strategies. It means constantly making the effort, investing considerable time, resources and giving all you've got in order to ensure that you meet your long terms goals. *Patience, Patience, Patience It's about being patient and knowing that although results take both time and perseverance, they do come to those who put up the work and practice self-discipline,and having 2 people like I do that also have the patience to teach you. It's the ability to maintain the course calmly and steadily, even when results are not immediate. *Acknowledge Your Not Ready, But Work to Fix It Successful web entrepreneurs already know how to make money. You don't! Find one you trust like I did and LISTEN. Accept this fact, but aspire to close the knowledge gap between you and them. It will take huge efforts and a lot of time, but this is the only way to achieve your goal and start earning serious money. The more you know, the better tools you'll have to pull it off. *Adopt a Reasonable, Gradual Game Plan Walk before you run. Start with small, relatively easy and very achievable steps, before you start with the more complex and ambitious endeavors. Use your experience with the easier, risk free opportunities as a platform to learn the nuts and bolts of the online money making industry, in order to become a professional. After you’ve accumulated more experience, expertise and confidence, you'll feel more ripe and ready to proceed to more advanced strategies. *Take Action! Even during your learning period, start taking action. Don't be afraid to ask for help, I do everyday. You just have to find the person you trust. Balance between educating yourself and participating online money making activities. You will gain experience, confidence and even start getting paid - receiving your first checks through the mail. Those initial checks will provide you with more fuel to double your efforts. *Don't Buy Expensive Products A lot of beginners buy expensive products and business kits, while they're still taking their first steps.
  3. 3. This is a big mistake. There's no justification to buy anything which costs $1,000, $500 or even $47. Allocating $50-$200 to buy good educating e books is a wise move, but don't go beyond this, until you've gained meaningful experience. *Don't Quit Your Day Job, Yet The beauty of online business is that you don't have to leave your job in order to take your first steps online. It can be done simultaneously, while you're still working as an employee. If everything works as you've planned, great! You can kiss your day job goodbye and work from home full time, permanently. However, if you don't do well, you still have a reliable source for income, until you figure out how to make it all work. Think BIG, Dream BIG, act small. What are you going to do today? Every program on this website is approved and tested. Pick one that fits you and take this opportunity to take action and start making money online.