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A webquest about voluntourism


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This webquest was created by a team of teachers from Istituto Istruzione Superiore "Renato Guttuso" for the Erasmus plus project "ENGLISH FOR HOSPITALITY"

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A webquest about voluntourism

  1. 1. Voluntourism A webquest
  2. 2. Introduction  Your Tourism and Hospitality testbook does not offer information about a new kind of tourism, called voluntourism, that is a recent and interesting phenomenon both of the mass and niche markets.  It would be useful for you to know how it works both as a subject topic and as a choice for your life.  So I would like you analyze the benefits and pitfalls of volunteering placements abroad and to find out how such trips are organized and what kind of people can be interested in them.
  3. 3. Task  Your assignement is to create a presentation to share the information you have learned about voluntourism. You can work in groups of four people  Your presentation must be 2 pages/4 slides long.  It must include pictures, graphics and text  It must be interesting to look at
  4. 4. Process  Students will go to the links provided by the teacher as resources  Students will take notes of any interesting information to include in their presentation.  Students will create their presentation, using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Presentation, explaining what voluntourism is, what are the pros and cons of doing volunteer work abroad, what kind of organizations provide these trips and to what extent is it on yhe increase growing.
  5. 5. Additional resources 1/2  What is voluntourism?  Associations who provide volunteer trips and their organization grants/  Voluntourism and the global trade market voluntourism-market/
  6. 6. Additional resources 2/2  Reasons to vounteer abroad  Reasons not to volunteer
  7. 7. Conclusion  Imagine that you have the opportunity to speak with the committee that decides what material gets published in your Tourism and Hospitality textbook.  With your presentation you could reason that volunteering placements abroad area subject that should be included in a textbook, because it could be interesting for future tour operators and travel agents.  Furthermore, after evaluating pros and cons of that kind of tourism, you can choose whether you would consider it as an experience you would have yourself and whether you think it is more useful for the volunteers themselves or for the people in need.
  8. 8. Evaluation Task 1 BEGINNING DEVELOPING ACCOMPLISHED Quality and organization of information 1 3 6 OVERALL AESTHETICS 1 2 3 Communication skills 1 3 6
  9. 9. Teacher’s notes This work has various aspects of interest for young students. It could be assigned to fifth years students. Indeed, the selected topic, apart from filling a gap in knowledge, can improve productive habits of the mind, because it concerns very important issues linked to tourism activities in the third world. Thus it can help students:  to be open-minded,  to know something useful for their own lives,  to evaluate actions from different points of view,  to be accurate, to take a position and to be sensitive towards others Moreover, this topic will engage students intensevely because by having different points of view it does not allow for immediate answers and solutions.