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Using Social Media to Rank Link Popularity


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Social Sourced Content is an approach to rank web links based on social media popularity, taking advantage of metrics such as reach, viral score and interaction rate. This method challenges traditional link ranking and promotes relevant content, shared on social media in real-time.

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Using Social Media to Rank Link Popularity

  1. 1. S O C I A L S O U R C E D C O N T E N T H A R V E S T I N G A N D O P T I M I Z I N G F O R Y O U R B R A N D
  2. 2. T H E C O M M O N P R O B L E M • Brands are having difficulty finding daily fresh and relevant content • Building content plans are becoming a guessing game with no guaranteed response rate • Traditional ways of discovering content on the web is not scaleable
  3. 3. W H AT I F Y O U C O U L D H AV E . . Proven popular and relevant content that already has a high share and interaction rate, delivered in semi-realtime to an app of your choice?
  4. 4. H E R E ’ S S O M E T H I N G T O C O N S I D E R • Social media is also full of social junk • How do we filter the massive amount of posts? • So how do we harvest it? • How do we gather only what’s relevant and proven to be engaging to a brand?
  5. 5. H O W D O W E TA K E F U L L A D VA N TA G E O F S O C I A L M E D I A C O N T E N T ?
  6. 6. W E D E V E L O P E D A S Y S T E M T H AT C A N . . • Rank social media posts based on interaction, engagement and influence • Extract relevant links, titles and articles based on pre-defined keywords • Calculate sentiment in Bahasa Indonesia of article content • Present the top ranked links on a dashboard, ready for publishing • Feed links and content to partner applications via API • Do all of the above in Bahasa Indonesia
  7. 7. F U N N E L S O C I A L M E D I A I N T O U S A B L E C O N T E N T Normalize Data Social Media Landscape Social Channels Keyword Filters Popularity Metrics Custom Filters Usable Content Language Filters
  8. 8. M E T H O D O L O G Y
  9. 9. C O N T E N T T H AT I N C R E A S E S E N G A G E M E N T Social Media Content Calendar In-App News Feeds Corporate Pages Encourage Engagement Email/Distribution Lists • industry standard for each channel I S T H E C O M M O N G O A L SOCIAL SOURCED CONTENT
  10. 10. E N G A G E M E N T B A S E D R A N K I N G Old ways of content ranking Social Ranking • Too Broad • Channel or Site Based • Mostly views or impression based • Proprietary rank algorithms • Subjective & Keyword Centric • Page or Post Based • Ranked by interaction • Open and public rank algorithms
  11. 11. P O P U L A R I T Y M E T R I C S Twitter Facebook Forums Tumblr Youtube Interaction Retweets
 Replies Likes Comment Thread Posts Reblogs Post Likes Likes Comments Influence Viral Reach
 Author Klout Friend Count Thread Starter Followers Author Subscription Base Impact Total Reach Sentiment Shares Total Threads Created By Starter Total Reach Video Views Video Shares I N D U S T RY S TA N D A R D F O R E A C H C H A N N E L
  12. 12. 2 . 5 B I L L I O N * P O T E N T I A L P U B L I S H E R S W O R L D W I D E • Virtually anyone on social media becomes an instant publisher • Social Sourced Content eliminates the traditional opt- in publishing paradigm • Publisher/Source management becomes a thing of the past *combined Facebook & Twitter users globally. Source:
  13. 13. I M P L E M E N TAT I O N
  14. 14. A U T O M AT E D C U R AT I O N P R O C E S S Define keywords,topics or categories Search selected social media platforms Normalize streams and calculate metrics Extract and expand links Semi Real-TimeSetup Short listed Links Hourly Loop while new content exists H A R V E S T I N G & R A N K I N G
  15. 15. M A N U A L C U R AT I O N P U B L I S H I N G F O R S O C I A L & C O N T E N T T E A M S Social Sourced Links Manual Curation by Content Team Aggregators, Ads, Banners Email or Distribution Lists Content & Publishing Dashboard Owned Channels Owned RSS Feeds
  16. 16. C O N T E N T A P I F O R M O B I L E A P P O R D I G I TA L PA R T N E R S Social Sourced Links by Keywords or Categories Date rules, exceptions, accounts & filters defined by client Partner Applications SonarContentAPI Partner Content Request Trending Articles Content PULL based API architecture for partner applications
  17. 17. C O N T E N T D A S H B O A R D S O C I A L LY E N G A G E D C O N T E N T D E L I V E R E D I N S E M I - R E A LT I M E We’ve used “Coca-Cola” as a keyword This post has obviously gone viral Promote the positive, 
 tackle the negative Chances are, if 79 people have already engaged, your audience will too Publish what you like to your own social media accounts
  18. 18. S U B S C R I P T I O N M O D E L Starter Medium Heavy Keywords 10 50 100 Volume Up To 100 Links/Day Up To 300 Links/Day Up To 500 Links/Day Languages 1 1 3 Sources Twitter Twitter, Facebook, Blogs Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Tumblr, Online Media Sentiment No Yes Yes Entities No No Yes Api No No Yes Publishing Tools Yes Yes Yes V O L U M E B A S E D D E L I V E RY
  19. 19. W W W. S O N A R P L AT F O R M . C O M / S O C I A L F E E D F O R M O R E I N F O , V I S I T