Cameron - the bermuda triangle mysteries


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Cameron - the bermuda triangle mysteries

  1. 1. THE BERMUDA TRIANGLEBY: Cameron Haroldsen
  2. 2. The Bermuda Triangle is located from 25degrees 45N., 80 degrees 15 W. MiamiFlorida 18 degrees 29N 66 degrees 48 W.Puerto Rico 32 degrees 18N 64 degrees 48W. Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. 3. There are lots of theories in the worldabout the Bermuda Triangle. Some arepretty well explained, some are crazy.
  4. 4. one of the first theories of the bermudatriangle is the great city of Atlantis, whichsank beneath the sea thousands of yearsago. Some people think it is under the islandof Bermuda.
  5. 5. Other people think it is powerful energy.Long ago. men from space dropped a powersupply into the area of the bermuda trianglewaters. Any ships or planes would beaffected by it.
  6. 6. A lot of people think its the gulf stream.The gulf stream is a stream of warm waterthat goes through the bermuda triangle thatmight affect machinery.
  7. 7. The Sargasso Sea is another myth. It isone of the seas in the Bermuda Triangle thatapparently has no wind.
  8. 8. Aliens, ufos, are other theories. Its said thatthey come through the bermuda triangle andabduct people. For tests or something,that iswhy no one is on the ships when we findthem.
  9. 9. My personal theory is magnetism. It issaid that there is a giant magnet in theground making the compasses malfunction,which causes them to get lost or crash!
  10. 10. The first ship and crew to go into theBermuda Triangle was the Santa Maria withthe crew of Christopher Columbus, (40crewmen) with the ships Pinta and Ninaholding 20 and 30 crewmen. He went in theBermuda Triangle Sargasso Sea on Sundaythe 23rd of September, 1492.
  11. 11. There were a lot of boats that wentmissing in the Bermuda Triangle. "Fishingboats, military boats, even cruise ships". Themost famous boat or ship that went missingin the Bermuda Triangle is the USS.CYCLOPS. A ship built for World War 2launched May 7th, 1910.
  12. 12. Other famous missing boats are:
  13. 13. 1.The Sea VentureThe Sea Venture was actually very famousback in its time. It was the first boat thatbrought settlers to the island Bermuda.
  14. 14. 2. The Cristobal Colon.The Cristobal Colon was famous for being one of the mostlargest boats that sank in bermuda waters. It was 499 feet longand three decks high, it could held 344 passengers when it sunk.
  15. 15. 3. (And final boat) TheconstellationThe Constellation sunk on july 30th, 1943. It wassold to the directer of jaws and was in the movie.
  16. 16. There are so much missing planes justlike boats. The most famous missing flight isflight 19. A group of 5 navy torpedo bombersgoing on a practice mission. The famousflight 19 was launched on december 5th 1945from fort lauderdale. At the time of 2:10 PMeastern standard time which was 12:10.missing planes
  17. 17. There are a few ghost ships toosome are:
  18. 18. 1. The Mary CelesteThe Mary Celeste is one of the most famous ghostsships of them all.For one month the Mary Celeste wasmissing – merchants in Italy awaited their shipment ofcommercial alcohol. On December 5, 1872 the ship wasfound in near-perfect condition, drifting on the waves ofthe Strait of Gibraltar. All contents of the ship were onboard, including the cargo and the personal belongingsof the passengers. Everything remained intact, except,very strangely, no passenger – dead or alive. Lastsighting: November 5th 1872.
  19. 19. 2. The DEERINGThe Deering never reached Norfolk. Instead it was found off Cape Hatteras,North Carolina completely abandoned – no crew, no lifeboats. Somesuggest possible causes such as mutiny, piracy, hurricanes, or rum runners.However, the United States government felt uncomfortable that severalships, from many nations, had disappeared or were found wrecked in thisarea – the Bermuda Triangle. These occurrences were too suspicious andfrequent to be explained away by traditional causes. The government thuslaunched five separate investigations under different departments, butwhatever they found that may have illuminated some paranormal activitywas hidden from the public.
  20. 20. 3. The VALENCIAAs the crew members of the Valencia struggledto escape the sinking ship, they hastilydeployed six lifeboats. In the chaos, theyfrantically lowered three full of men, but onthe way down, each tipped, causing all themen to plunge into the water. Three of thelifeboats were successfully set onto thewater, but two subsequently capsized, and
  21. 21. so what do you think? atlantis, a powerfulenergy, the gulf stream, the Sargasso Sea,Aliens, or the magnetism? Or somethingmuch worse? Something much moremysterious?
  22. 22. THE ENDCREDITSMade: Cameron/ gifted studentDirector: Cameron HaroldsenAssignment from: Mrs./Vicky Rodriguezfinished: Yesterday/23rd of may ataround 9:20 PMMystery: The Bermuda TriangleTHE END