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Telling different stories: a storify for learning experiment


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We set out to learn more about how Storify can be used for learning. Three people volunteered to produce an account of their day at the MELSIG Nottingham Trent University event. Only two were attending!

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Telling different stories: a storify for learning experiment

  1. 1. Telling Different Stories Rebecca Sellars, Neil Withnell and Graham McElearney Digital Narratives (re)storying learning experiences for a digital age MELSIG, Nottingham Trent University, 8th January 2016
  2. 2. This was the Plan we created in Google Docs • To create three crafted accounts of the day. • Each person will not only gather, sift and select items to incorporate in their Storify, you will work as a journalist to address a question that you devise for yourself. This means on the day you are likely to directly ask people to take a photograph, video, ask them a question or two, etc. to help you find answers to your question. You might want to prime people beforehand as necessary or just see who responds or who you find on the day. • I will announce the activity in the introduction to the day. • Each Storify will incorporate Tweets and other media using the hashtag #melsigntu. tweets, images, video, audio, links and any other media and artefacts may be incorporated. You may identify materials ahead of the event that you know you want to share on the day or just incorporate in your Storify. • The Storify will be structured by your narrative which you will write into the Storify. This may begin with a question, quote, statement (etc). • The Storifies produced may be relatively short. They will be rich and informing.
  3. 3. How did it go? We discussed • What level of experience have you with social media and Storify? • What was your starting point? How well established was the focus of your narrative when you set out? • How did you ensure you got the content you needed? • What are your reflections on the range of media you included? • How pleased are you with creating a strong narrative? • Was your Storify too long or too short?
  4. 4. A day long experiment on how we can construct rich learning stories • People attending or connected to the day were asked to “Please 'feed‘”the experimentors with ‘content’: Rebecca Sellars (@becksell2001), Neil Withnell (@neilwithnell) and Graham McElearney (@GrahamMacca) • We regrouped at 15.15 in the afternoon to see how the experiment had gone. • Neil Withnell was connecting from Salford. Graham and Rebecca were at the event. (Unforntuantely the connection via Google Hangouts crashed during the feedback session). • Check the event page for more on what happened and what we learnt: