Bringing learning alive


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Dee Vyas and Nillan Fakira, Manchester Metropolitan University
presentation given at MELSIG, 14 April 2014
using the Aurasma app for augmented reality

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  • Dee & Nillan have worked in the Information technology field for over 50 years. TfSW workshop session to train staff to be productive and use technology for L&TAR – Introduced AR which gave number of different departments across our institution think differently on areas of marketing, promotion, Employability etc.Media creation – podcasts, institution wide platform, training in use of technologies. 6000+ learning podcasts uploaded.Textwall for feedback and student engagement.And many more..
  • First example, Easily accessible anytimeUse it for revising and revisionRe-enforce student learning in your teachingIt’s engaging and collaborativeIt’s just is.. Interesting and fun.This example was created in a short time using ipad to record the movie.
  • Those of us of a certain age group can be termed as Digital ImmigrantsWehave Digital nativesA term brand meant to explain the ability of students to interact with technology from the late 20th centuryWe live in a world where our senses are constantly stimulated by social media, video, pictures, sound and of course subliminally.Has this term now evolved into something else?Multi-social media creatersMulti-media developers
  • 1968Ivan Sutherland creates the first augmented reality system, which is also the first virtual reality system. It uses an optical see-through head-mounted display that is tracked by one of two different 6DOF trackers: a mechanical tracker and an ultrasonic tracker. Due to the limited processing power of computers at that time, only very simple wireframe drawings could be displayed in real time.Fast forward fourty years later and Robert Downey Jr talks to you about AR in a Esquire magazine – 2009 - has it appeared to become mainstream?The power of the mobile device improved since 2011, it is processing power ….. whereby it now is able to process, provide all your requirements instantaneously.Judy Bloxham, RSC Northwest‘as a real opportunity for institutions, not only as a way to market and promote themselves, but as a way to communicate with learners and improve the student experience
  • We were excited and we became aware that Wetherspoon’s had used AurasmaWetherspoons – Unlock the Night app
  • First impressions are still crucial.
  • So the future, we are currently working with a number of departs to develop AR Dental TechnologyEngineeringFood TechnologyOpen Day appAccommodation
  • Bringing learning alive

    1. 1. Bringing Learning Alive
    2. 2. Dee Vyas Classroom Technology Teaching Advisor Manchester Metropolitan University Nillan Fakira Senior Application Development Officer Manchester Metropolitan University
    3. 3. Bringing Learning Alive In your Teaching Origami
    4. 4. ‘as a real opportunity for institutions, not only as a way to market and promote themselves, but as a way to communicate with learners and improve the student experience Judy Bloxham, RSC Northwest
    5. 5. Trigger + Overlay = Aura Augmented Reality terms:
    6. 6. “All about the finance which helped to explain it to my parents. It recapped everything I had spoken to the student ambassadors about.” “I found the student finance video very reassuring as I learnt that the university would be very helpful throughout the student finance application process.”
    7. 7. "You can definitely gain a better first impression of candidates using a combination of video and CV rather than their CV only, It's much more visual and allows you to get a broader assessment of the candidate.” Walter Hueber, Cammio.
    8. 8. CV Graduate Show Interview Exhibitions & Shows Showcase of Arch
    9. 9. Graduate Show Interview Email Showcase of Arch CV Exhibitions & Shows Twitter Tumblr Website
    10. 10. Picture of Bella’s CV
    11. 11. Bringing Learning Alive In your Teaching Types of Triangle
    12. 12. Thank you for listening Dee Vyas @deem131 Nillan Fakira @nillan