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Idealist March11


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Idealist March11

  1. 1. /idealist /idealist /idealist Send us your comments and questions! | #idealist
  2. 2. Started Idealist in 1995 90,000 organizations A million people every month
  3. 3. With all the resources we have now, how can we do more about all the problems we see around us?
  4. 4. We have so much
  5. 5. Electricity Books Artists IdeasMedicine People Parks Media Hospitals Ships Social Workers TV Teachers Universities Organizations Think Tanks Community Centers Business Satellites Engineers Cell Phones Music Libraries MuseumsStudents Goodwill Highways Fiber Optics Government Film Schools Internet Scientists
  6. 6. And yet...
  7. 7. Boredom Unemployment Poverty Water Scarcity War Homelessness A neighbor in need Failing Schools DeforestationRape Pollution AIDS Violence Racism Corruption Inequality Disease Exploitation Climate Change Waste Addiction Hunger Urban sprawl
  8. 8. Is this we can do?all
  9. 9. no!No!
  10. 10. It’s complicated
  11. 11. There are many of us
  12. 12. PHOTO: JAKE RAJS
  13. 13. And we want to do more about many things
  14. 14. PHOTO: JAKE RAJS better schools more whales clean air less poverty
  15. 15. And for each of these things, we have different ideas, opinions, interests
  16. 16. PHOTO: JAKE RAJS clean air
  17. 17. And we love our independence
  18. 18. On top of all that:
  19. 19. We don’t have a shared goal
  20. 20. All over the world there are 3 challenges that run across all issues and communities
  21. 21. A big gap between intention and action Our problems are connected, but we are not The world is full of good ideas that don’t spread quickly enough 1 2 3
  22. 22. .org
  23. 23. .edu .org
  24. 24. .edu .org .com
  25. 25. .edu .org .com .gov
  26. 26. .edu .com .gov .org
  27. 27. How do we move from knowing this to doing something about it?
  28. 28. By creating a network, a movement, an ecosystem that will:
  29. 29. Make it easier for people to move from intention to action Connect people, organizations, and resources in every possible way Find good ideas wherever they are, and spread them as widely as possible 1 2 3
  30. 30. Or in one sentence:
  31. 31. Help people everywhere imagine, connect, and act
  32. 32. How do we do this?
  33. 33. In every possible way
  34. 34. ACT ACT join us!
  35. 35. How do we start?
  36. 36. By inviting everyone who wants to connect these dots
  37. 37. What makes a Connector?
  38. 38. This picture sparks your imagination 1
  39. 39. .edu .com .gov .org
  40. 40. These values speak to you 2
  41. 41. Working with others, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect, we want to help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives
  42. 42. As a Connector, you are willing to put your personal agenda aside 3
  43. 43. What would Connectors do?
  44. 44. Raise their hand...
  45. 45. I’ll take this I’m here I’m here .edu I’m here
  46. 46. Meet...
  47. 47. Ask themselves 3 questions:
  48. 48. How can we make it easier for people to move from intention to action How can we better connect people, organizations, and resources? How can we push and pull good ideas from and into our community? 1 2 3
  49. 49. Starting from a checklist, create new ways for people to connect and act
  50. 50. Let's set up a bulletin board for our building .org Let's do a monthly breakfast for people in our field .com .edu Our school has never had a volunteer fair Our company should have a donation matching program
  51. 51. Goals Freedom and dignity for all More action, connections, ideas Values Goals Connectors Teams Tools & Tactics Values
  52. 52. Then, do more...
  53. 53. .org
  54. 54. search match I’d love to build a garden downstairs. track celebrate share support Jane like comment 3 H O U R S A G O 2 H O U R S A G O
  55. 55. Imagine a Group where people could share what they care about...
  56. 56. I want to... I’d love to...
  57. 57. And what’s getting in their way
  58. 58. I don’t have time, money, permission, a place to meet... I am afraid of failure, rejection, politics, meetings... I am alone. Who can I work with? I need more information, skills, knowledge... How do I start?
  59. 59. And then...
  60. 60. Help each other take one good step
  61. 61. connect refer .org bridgeencourage
  62. 62. How do we do this?
  63. 63. Teams Tools & TacticsConnectors
  64. 64. I’ll take this I’m here I’m here .edu I’m here
  65. 65. Teams Tools & TacticsConnectors Obstacles Intentions Groups Action
  66. 66. Push and pull good ideas from and into every community
  67. 67. That flyer worked well. We should share it. We could show outdoor movies, like they do in...
  68. 68. Ideas Groups Action
  69. 69. Gradually, build a network of trust among Connectors everywhere
  70. 70. You can count on me And me And me .org And me
  71. 71. Think what else they can contribute to the whole network
  72. 72. I have a spare room… .org We have a website, and could link to... .edu .com We are experts on... We send a monthly bill to thousands of people...
  73. 73. Share, learn, adapt, and share again...
  74. 74. We can do all this now
  75. 75. .edu .com .gov .org
  76. 76. And we can do it all over the world
  77. 77. Ideas Tools & TacticsTeamsConnectors Action Obstacles Intentions Groups
  78. 78. Will you join us?
  79. 79. There are four ways to get involved
  80. 80. Sign up as a Connector Take action wherever you are Make sure your organization is on Idealist Support the whole network
  81. 81. And by March 11, 2015…
  82. 82. Let’s do this
  83. 83. Thank you